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  1. ya will have to file a ticket, tried on Edge, Firefox, and Chrome and no go... even after numerous cache and cookies clears, on all three. thank you all for your help though!
  2. alas.. after 10mins at this.. no changes for me (and i cleared everything lol... cache, history, downloads, etc...)
  3. aha! i hadnt tried the log out part.. thank you, ill give it a shot.. if it doesnt work for me, ill post a reply, otherwise if all is well.. we are done here! again thank you for the response!
  4. Hiyas! hope everyone is enjoying their day/night! so i noticed as of two days ago, whenever i shop on MP (Marketplace) my maturity rating is set to general. I changed it back to G,M,A, clicked the link i wanted, got the page and the maturity rating had reset back to General. Anytime i change the page (click a link, do a search) the new page has General showing. (sorry for the winded post, wanted to make sure i was saying this issue right.) Browser cookies cleared, and still the same thing. Is this on my end? Is SL trying to tell me something about my shopping habits? are the cookies made with real butter or some "heart healthy" mix that will be the cause of a cancer 10 years from now? thanks for your time! Machen Savira
  5. thank you all for your help on this. I just wanted to insure i wasnt insane or that i am that popular enough to have someone watching me stand in one spot for hours on end (sarcasm). as Parhelion stated, none of them are labeled as a bot, and i have encountered a few that were so i started to have my doubts. and if the numbers are correct on that Gridsurvey list,.. "Monthly Tier Estimates - Private Estates c.US$2.970 Million, Mainland c.US$0.704 Million"... would explain why the hounds are out lookin for land...
  6. So youre telling me that someone, nearly 10 years ago, set up a bunch of bots to just TP to SIMs for the purpose of... i have never seen a brenden anywhere until a recently, especially at Ubers event (why go there), or Collaborate88, hell even Kustom9. These are locations that offer a bot nothing. regardless, i am not saying they arent someones idea of running around looking for land that is for sale or that some dead person left their computer on these many years later, and the bots have made it to every place i happen to hang out at ironically. thank you though for your input, i really am a little frazzled from this (yes, i know...WHY) and just wish said dead persons bots would respond to my IMs. /sniffles
  7. Greetings all, So i tried to contact an actual LL employee for this interesting discovery, but this is apparently not worth their time. I have been (and currently as of 20mins ago) stalked by a group of Brendens. (Brenden Hammand, Brenden Metaluna, Brenden Kaventipovic, Brenden Kaliopov, Brenden Chingseng, Brenden Caiben, +10more, etc) All of these profiles are 9yrs 11months old.. and all of them are blank, all of them have pre-mesh avi's with default (grey shirt/blue stripes) outfits. Where ever i have gone in the last 2 months, there has been a brenden showing up 10mins later. At a club, at a shopping event, at a live show, a @#$%^ sandbox ffs, for about 2mins, then they leave. All of these brendens have eventually shown up at my SIM (and promptly banned), only to have another (different last name) show up 15mins-ish later. I do not have any ex's interested in what i am doing, nor do i do, or have done anything shady in SL to warrant being stalked. Why does it bother me? Because of how it is happening. Maybe someone is hacking SL and taking advantage of name changing, i dont know? what i do know is that my "tickets" and other avenues of contacting LL have gone unnoticed or pushed aside. So hopefully this will get somewhere. Part of me hopes there is someone else experiencing this and its someone having fun at LL's expense and there might be answers, but i really hope no one is going through this themselves.
  8. ahhh good ol' rhetoric...! "here is a bandaid and a pat on the head, now go try to rez something..." ce ne sera jamais! ^.^
  9. Sooooo i have 3 groups (out of 28) that when group chat is initiated, there is horrible 2-5min lag delay between the time i hit return and the time it pops up. This also seems to happen when i group chat with a specific group of friends... (start our own chat). Is this on your end or mine? Do i need to contact the NSA and ask them to mind their own SL business and stop intercepting my chat? Have i angered the Linden gods with my habit of leaving items lying around in sandboxes? Is Linden Labs targetting me and these particular friends for any reason? Did i block too many whoreface, gesture spammers? It's not the SIM(s) im in, its not the "peak" hours, not the stoner rush... its as though, LL is using that LOVERLY chat system from AOL in the 90s! Ive tried official and popular viewers, same effect! le sigh... If there is any type of fix on my end, please do tell! Its like buying a baggy of "fun" and finding out its all stems and seeds... you want to throw a fit, but you need that "fix"...
  10. aha!! thanks leliel Mirihi.. that seem to work perfectly! ^.^
  11. hiyas! so for about 2 years ive been basically click and holding the left mouse button somewhere on my avi, and then moving her with the "w,a,s,d" keys... makes turnin easier, less clunky lookin and generally is smoother for me to get around! Well since this last update, i dont have that ability now... when i left click/hold on my avi, it brings up a "SL hand" for "moving" things inworld which inturn only pans my camera around.... personally i dont need this option since i use the ctrl+alt+mouse to perv accordingly. I saw nothing in options that looked as though this could be fixed. Any help is appreciated! ^.^
  12. im having the same issues also (V2), decided to try Kristens and it was doing the same thing on that viewer... /eyes.LL's.side of the world
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