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  1. Thank you for your wonderful answer, that makes me feel a lot better.. I felt it was smoke but I do not know all the ends and outs so was puzzled, could she do that? thank God she can't hugs!
  2. I "friend of my alts is mad at me and told her she has a weapon that was made ourside SL and she has in her inventory and SL can not see it, but if used she can erase my alts account and I would need a whole new ISP to get on sl with a new account I guess. Is this possible or is she blowing smoke? here is what she said:::all i do with problem people is hit one button on my hud and they dissapear and the whole ip is banned from sl lol. i got mine for 60k and was made off sl which cant be detected by sl lol so its also a good tool i dont just use it to use it.. because its very very complex.. and its effects are totally unreversable..
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