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  1. About 3-4 years ago my HS got badly attacked, land deformed to show a giant phallus and some swearing. Had 3 Lindens show up in response to my ticket. I had a sploder (pictured below) in my fishing area that became visible when the HS was reverted and not only did one of the Lindens comment that it was "a nice sploder", but he paid the $L10 required to play so they weren't clamping down on them then. .
  2. I'm a Brit so our equivalent to "Memorial Day" is "Armistice Day", a celebration of the ending of WWI. During that conflict a British poet named Laurence Binyon penned a poem called "For the Fallen" and part of it is read out at the Armistice Day Parades every November 11th or the closest Sunday to it. That part is known as the "Ode of Rememberance" and a smaller part of that really applies to ALL those who have died fighting for the freedom we tend to tacke for granted... They went with songs to the battle, they were young. Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow. They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted, They fell with their faces to the foe. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them.
  3. I got accused of being a "copybotter because, as Polenth mentioned I used to "inspect items made by others with the build too" but at the time I was teaching myself to build. As it was the item I was inspecting was laughably simple and rather poorly built when I looked closely so my reply about copying "this piece of (expletive deleted)" didn't go down too well with the accuser who also happened to be the creator, though I'm using "creator" very loosely. Ignore those that accuse you of copying stuff, you know you didn't and if you do have any "botted" items that's hardly your fault, nor do you need people in your SL who are so quick to hurl accusations, there's enough stress in RL without having to put up with it in here too.
  4. There have been text based SL access programs, even one that allowed you to move your av but I forget the names. It would be awful to use thogh, the whole point of SL is an ever changing 3D world and not just text.
  5. This is my usual avi, though I have been known to be a tiny ferret on occassion.
  6. I paid for the low lvl enhancements for a couple of items I had on the MP and found it made no difference in sales at all. My most profitable advertising, for buildings anyway, was done by giving items away in exchange for a small advertising board placed somewhere near where they were rezzed inworld. Wearable items I wore myself or gave away and in the case of more feminine stuff I gave those away too. Having your creations seen inworld s the easiest and best way to advertise without spending $L's. If somebody likes it enough they'll get in touch.
  7. MotorWorld is a decent enough track for a beginner, a couple of the corners can be tricky even at low speed for a novice rider, I speak from experience. Ocean + bike = OOPS! MLCC bikes may be a little more on the expensive side but you get what you pay for IMHO. You can always pick up freebie bikes if you want to ride at no cost, they mostly suck but they work and when one vanishes on a sim crossing it's no great loss.
  8. I've worked as a host, host manager and rock DJ as well as owning clubs and I have to agree with what you say Vaughn, most hosts seem to think their job entails spamming chat with gestures and firing off a greeting gesture or using an auto-greet HUD. Pathetic really. That's the main reason I rarely go near clubs inworld, it's hard to chat when the host fills local with junk gestures and begging messages. I'm most definitely with you on the notices being humorous, I've seen the same DJ in the same club have 15 people show for a set with an ordinary "DJ X is playiong, come on over" and over 50 when the notice has been funny. I think the humour piques the persons interest enough to make them TP over, with luck, and talent, the DJ and host will keep them entertained so they don't just TP right back out..
  9. There's lots of us Brits in SL but we seem to be good at blending in.
  10. I had to reply to this. I was Joint owner of a club in my 1st year of SL and we had a female DJ who I won't name but she sounded like a little girl, complete with lisp. I know from talking with her inworld and on Skype that she was actually in her 30's so you can't always judge age by voice alone. She did remark that telemarketers always ask to speak to her mum and dad so sounding really young can have good points.
  11. I've been having this same issue for about 6 months now, clearing cache didn't help but when I right clicked one of the still visible prims that was linked to the 'missing' ones they re-appeared. ETA Nobody else was seeing parts of the builds as missing and I've had the glitch on Firestorm, Phoenix and the official SL viewers.
  12. G&N Futures have many plots for sale from 512m upwards. We have many styles of home and location from landscaped beach front properties to houseboats and much more. Many of the plots have custom built houses included in the sale price. Prices negotiable on most plots. Why not visit the G&N Land Store at Wasabi Isle? We're sure to have something to suit your needs. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wasabi%20Isle/143/39/23
  13. If you simply MUST run SL on a lower spec PC then I'd suggest NOT running Windows as it's a total resource hog. Try Ubuntu or Debian Linux.
  14. I've also recieved e-mail to the account I use for SL. The leak is either from LL or whatever company LL uses to process European credit card transactions. The e-mail was adressed using the full name of the credit card holder kind enough to let me use her card. That card has NEVER been used in conjunction with my e-mail except with LL. Again, the mail was for an online gambling service. I never even visited any site of that type but it now seems I can gamble with someone elses data, and cash, just by buying $L's. Get this sorted out ASAp or take the 'S' from the 'HTTPS' address as it's blatantly NOT secure.!
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