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  1. (\__/) (='.'=) This is Bunny. Copy and paste bunny (")_(") to help him gain world domination.
  2. I think you meant to type that the display is 17.3". If not then definitely not worth it. :smileytongue: I can get the same Asus slightly different model with all the same specs here in the US for about 700USD less so that does seem overpriced by US standards. But based on how my current Asus laptop performs and the specs on that machine it will handle SL at high settings quite well and much better than your current laptop. The G73's are also pretty light for a high end 17.3" laptop and significantly lighter than the G70 series.
  3. Yes, it has already been discussed here and some analysis is done in the thread of its impact on SL users.
  4. Dante Highmist wrote: Do your best research before buying outside of sl! don't get caught in a scam like I did. -Dante Highmist Also.... Don't invest in ponzi schemes..... Don't accept opportunities to make money from Nigerian exiled royalty.... Learn more about how to avoid ripoffs.....send $19.99 to PO Box........ :smileytongue:
  5. Kascha Matova wrote: How's this for a myth? After the obligatory No DNS to Any Browser Tab ordeal that I get every time I bring the computer up from sleep mode until I go to my router config page and click something, I decided to go over to pingtest.net and see what my line quality was after coming up with 10Mbps and 13Mbps speedtest results : LOL! Does F mean "Fine" or what? :smileyvery-happy: I get 0% packet loss, 12 ms for ping and 0ms for jitter. It sounds like TWC infrastructure for your location is poor. Move to the northeast coast? Just kidding. :smileytongue:
  6. Kascha Matova wrote: Dilbert Dilweg wrote: Why not go with Cable Internet? I guess not available in your area? The only ones who aren't capped is Time Warner Cable with their RoadRunner service. RoadRunner is garbage. I have it now, after having just left AT&T less than a month ago because I moved and they were going to take 3 weeks to activate my DSL when they didn't even have to come to my house. I'm paying $46/mo to TWC for supposedly up to 15Mbps bandwidth. To date, I have never Speedtested over 10, and I average around 4.5-5. Downloading Singularity viewer the other night, I was getting 43Kbps. Dialup speed. Cable is only worth it when nobody is home. Anywhere in the area. It's shared bandwidth, and since most people are home using the internet at the same time their neighbors are surfing and watching cable TV, the bandwidth rate plummets. The quality of cable depends on the quality of the infrastructure. Time Warner is notorious for oversaturating nodes in a lot of locations, but it does eventually improve its infrastructure for a location with more nodes. For about 3 months I had a serious drop in speed and called to complain about it several times. I told them it seemed like they were oversaturating nodes and that I would most likely switch to a competitor that was planning to expand into my area if they didn't remedy the problem. I imagine they got similar complaints from others and eventually must have added more nodes to my area because the speed shot back up. I live in one of the largest cities in the US and currently get anywhere from 16 to 21Mbps with TWC.
  7. I'm use a Zhao-II MB2.0.16 Mono AO Hud which has always been reliable. Recently I added two new stand AO's and edited the notecard for the hud to include them but the hud sends the following Script Warning/Error whenever one of the new AO's is supposed to activate.: Could not find animation 'AO Female-ST' (Could not find animation 'Female-ST TO')" and the hud channel chat says " ZHAO-II MB2.0.16[modern] MONO: Switching to stand 'AO Female-ST". The name of the AO as it appears in the properties window is AO Female-ST-52, and, like the rest of the AO's, that is how I named it in the notecard for the hud. Any idea why it wont recognize the AO? Thanks. Already checked all that but I did it again to make sure. I did cut and paste the names out of the properties box before as well but did that again. Still getting the same error messages.
  8. Deej Kasshiki wrote: Ceera Murakami wrote: .....Probably once LL released Mesh, the older viewers will become obsolete, and everyone will be forced to use a viewer that can see display names. We may be forced to use a v2 variant one day but that doesn't mean everyone will turn display names on...... I keep it turned off since it was buggy upon implementation and causing "???" to come up instead of user names or display names. I have no interest in turning it back on. I can only imagine how many new users left after viewing such a basic flaw under the impression that the whole platform is beta.
  9. Garden of DaVinci. An oldy but still a goody. Immersiva and the various host sims for Bryn Oh's projects. Honorable mention to the now no longer existing (on the SL Grid) Greenies.
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