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  1. Tiffy Vella wrote: I was quite proud to hear that we'd advanced our official thinking about how we label people in Aus. Then I realised that the third label is probably not really the most ideal solution. Shouldn't we just let people update their gender easily to represent who they are (according to who they identify as), and leave it at that? No further invasion of privacy or exposing labels needed. That would be the ideal for someone who is transsexual but this kind of compromise for pre-ops and non-ops is better than nothing. There are ways of ensuring recognition of traditional gender status for pre-op transsexuals that prevent abuse/misuse of such an option that are in practice in some jurisdictions, and perhaps some day other jurisdictions, including Australia, will recognize them.
  2. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: People who are happy being a "shemale" and wouldn't want it any other way -- which actually constitute the majority of trans women in societies that are accepting of a third gender, such as the Thai culture -- Please do not paint non-op MtF transgendered people with one broad brushstroke. While it is true that there are lots of MtF non-ops, those that categorically "wouldn't want it any other way" are not the majority. Most have medical or economic concerns/issues that prevent them/influence their decisions regarding undergoing vaginoplasty. If it was simple as waving a magic wand to get a set of fully functional sexual genetilia and reproductive system that conform to their gender identity most non-ops wouldn't hesitate to use that magic wand. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: ....any form of transsexuality other than this self-mutilation by proxy (no offense to those who desire this option).... It's a bit difficult to not take offense at that kind of characterization for SRS. It's kind of like saying "...any form of expression as an African American other than by being a house n****r..." It also reinforces the undesirable stereotype that post-op transexxuals are all sick people engaging in self-mutliation used by bigoted reactionary evangelical hatemongers. I understand that you are about as far as can be from that category of people but some thought in choosing your words would have been appreciated. :smileysad: Ishtara Rothschild wrote: ....societies that are accepting of a third gender, such as the Thai culture -- are still a taboo in the Western World..........In Germany, it is impossible to get a female name and passport unless one is willing to be..... Thai culture may be tolerant of transgendered MtF people but it is hardly accepting. Don't confuse a culture of tolerance and a healthcare system that is extremely accomodating to MtF SRS (Iran is accomodating to MtF SRS as well) as one that is accepting of transgendered people. In Thailand you may be tolerated but you're still largely considered a freak by much of the society, and you have zero legal recognition of your gender identity. Even after SRS you're still regarded as a ladyboy and cannot get legal recognition as a woman. As to Scylla's OP, it takes so little effort to acknowledge and respect the identity that most SL residents present for themselves that it's hard to fathom why some people go out of their way to do so. I generally interpret the actions of such people as the product of a pathology that's forged out of some combination of pettiness and intolerance.
  3. Dogboat Taurog wrote: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-14926598 of course having a recent photo of yourself on your passport would be a ridiculous idea lol Let me clarify since you clearly don't get it. The photo for transgendered people is recent. That's the problem. For example, if the photo of a person and the person themself presents as a woman e.g. Miriam Rivera: but the gender says "male" it gets the transgendered person immediately flagged and often leads to a very uncomfortable, invasive, humiliating experience. It is not trivial or funny. I go through it every year several times a year. Australia and most countries wont allow a transgendered person to have the gender with which they identify and present on any government issued ID such as a driver license or passport unless they have had sexual reassignment surgery. That generally cannot happen until they have lived as a their chosen gender, undergone HRT, and attended gender therapy counseling sessions for at least a year, after which they can only get the surgery after receiving a letter of recommendation from their therapist and have saved up 5 figures for the surgery (which is not covered by insurance in many cases). On top of that, some transgendered people cannot undergo SRS for medical related or economic reasons. There are also transgendered people within the spectrum who are not able to fulfill the criterion to get SRS and live their lives as a non-op. So that means most transgendered people have to live for years or indefinitely dealing with being harrassed and humiliated every time they go to the airport, get stopped for a traffic ticket, or go through some other kind of checkpoint. This legislation is an important step towards ameliorating that situation for transgendered people.
  4. Cal Kondo wrote: While the Firestorm beta and Cool are able to render mesh I think only V3 and Kirstens can upload mesh. Kirstens may no longer be available. Sadly, the KirstensViewer project is now closed. :smileysad:
  5. You have to upload direct from your computer. The bug I was talking about is that the profle pic only updates on the web profile and not the ingame profile.
  6. Looks like this is a bug with the profile picture update for V2 based viewers. I got that message once and then I was able to update but the profile from within the viewer still has the old profile pic. The updated profile pic does show up on the web browser profile though. So make that 2 bugs that are perhaps related to one another. It's not just me either. I've spoken with several residents encountering the same problem.
  7. Peewee Musytari wrote: Sounds to me like the owner is the problem. From what you described, she would have been banned from any other club long ago. This. Why on earth would an owner allow a serial troublemaker access to the club? Is she polishing his pole? :smileytongue:
  8. Canoro Philipp wrote: i agree. the user should be in control of his/her information. the user should have the right to hide its username if s/he desire and be known as s/he wish to be known. That's basically taking a position to advocate enabling residents to grief with anonymity, which is exactly why users should not be and are not in control of hiding their unique identifier for their account from other residents.
  9. Hanahhh wrote: ....i dont have another 200 bucks, and i wont give back my beloved skateboard that means a lot to me <3 >.> *hugs skateboard..* LOL. I doubt they would take it back anyway if you've already used it which I'm betting you already have. Just save the money up from your RL job and pay it back as you can. I'm assuming that you borrowed the money from a friend and not some thumbreakers with names like Tommy Tortellini and Vinnie Bagodonuts. As long as your friend sees that you are making an effort to pay it back over time you guys should be okay. Personally when I "lend" money to a friend I never expect to see it again. If I do, it;s a pleasant surprise, if not, it's water under the bridge.
  10. Peggy Paperdoll wrote: ....This is not your forum, this is not your playground, this is not the old Resident Answers that you and a few other thought were your personal kingdom. The world has changed. Linden Lab took back their forum.......the forum they owned from the very beginning.....  TITCR
  11. Deltango Vale wrote: ....You'd be surprised how much money is out there looking for somewhere to go. The problem is not raising money; the problem is getting around Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Twitter is the next generation of email. Twitter is email 2.0. More importantly, Twitter will be the feeder system into whichever company buys it. Therefore, it's not about money; it's about vision, leadership, intelligence and courage. I wouldn't be surprised because I know how much money is out there. Just because private equity firms and venture capital funds have capital call in abundance doesn't mean any of them are going to loosen the purse strings for just any business plan so the problem first and foremost is raising the money. Second Life may have a business plan that has produced relatively steady revenue but it only appeals to a limited demographic. As you noted it is stalled and shows no growth potential with the current business model. While Twitter could arguably provide a solution to that, one has to ask why on earth Twitter would ever consider entertaining letting the tail wag the dog. Its revenues are predicted to exceed Linden's revenue this year, and its valuation is 10 times that of Linden Research. Twitter is a Clydesdale in this case and Linden Research is not a cart, but a little red Radio Flyer wagon. It makes little sense, and no VC or PE firm is going to drop 10 figures in capital into a business like Linden Research under a misguided notion that Linden will somehow be able to negotiate an acquisition of Twitter. Similarly Twitter is never going to take an offer from Linden Research seriously until it has at least secured firm committments to fund the acquisition. It's far more likely that Twitter could raise the much lower capital requirement to acquire Linden Research, but I doubt it would have any interest in doing so. Further Twitter has shown only nominal interest in being acquired by much bigger companies like Google and Facebook. The fact that it shows such limited interest with big players like that which have a much greater potential to increase the value and success of the business gives Linden a slightly greater chance of negotiating an acquisition than you or I have of winning the next Mega Millions lottery.
  12. WADE1 Jya wrote: Dagmar Heideman wrote: Linden Lab doesn't have the capital to purchase Twitter and would never be able to raise the capital to do so. I'd be cautious to assume never. That's a mistake some people made talking to Bill Gates or Google peeps before they got their successes... assumptions they'd be later kicking themselves for as they were potential business partners :matte-motes-whistle: An analogy between Linden Research and Microsoft or Google doesn't hold water. By the time Microsoft was as old as Linden Reseach it had already gone public the prior year and Google even earlier. After over almost 12 years Linden has no plans to go public because it is not marketable enough to do so, and no one at Linden or its VC investors is kidding themselves that it will be in a position to do so in the foreseeable future. It's really not cautious at all to say it will never have the capital to purchase a company with a valuation of several billion dollars.
  13. Phil Deakins wrote:... If the computer was going to be on anyway... Which is why I said depending "how you normally would otherwise utilize your computer." You can speculate as to whether or not they were otherwise using their computer while afk camping but you have no way of knowing. They could very well only be on to camp while going about their RL away from the computer. I personally met a lot of campers that did this and many of the camping sites used to show how long each avatar had been camping. It strains credibility to claim that an avatar that shows over 12 consecutive hours of camping time is someone who is otherwise using their computer and I saw a lot of that at some of the largest camping locations.
  14. Linden Lab doesn't have the capital to purchase Twitter and would never be able to raise the capital to do so. That in turn provides the obvious answer that it should not buy Twitter since it would never be able to provide a business plan that would appeal to its current VC investors or any new VC investors to raise the funds to buy Twitter.
  15. There was nothing ever particularly helpful about camping. Getting the equivalent of a RL penny for sitting around for an hour is and as a waste of time, and depending on where you live, what kind of computer you use, and how you normally would otherwise utilize your computer, it can actually be a net loss in income. Many if not most campers were oblivious to this fact back when camping without restriction was allowed.
  16. Ishtara wrote:Unlike Facebook, Yahoo does not spy on me, it doesn't track my browsing habits.... Yahoo data mines. It does spy on you. It does track your browsing habits. It received the 2008 Innovation Award by the Association for Computing Machinery Special interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. Data mining is a a core component of its business plan. You can however, as you pointed out, preserve some sense of anonymity by not using your real name.
  17. Persephone Emerald wrote: ...Just because I want to protect my RL identity, that doesn't mean I'm trying to trick anyone or abuse my Facebook "privilege". I never share my RL information online with people I don't know in RL. It's not about tricking people. Data mining is a key element of Facebook's business model. If you don't provide RL information then you undermine their ability to datamine your identity and the company has little use for you.
  18. Has anyone "died" on you in some tragic manner right when things seemed to be getting really serious and you were perhaps going to meet in RL? Usually their "friend" or "relative" logs on to tell you about the tragic accident/suicide/disease that claimed their life. That's an internet/SL classic. :matte-motes-tongue:
  19. While that laptop will run SL, you are not going to get good performance from it because the graphics card is very middle of the road and not really meant for high end applications. You will probably have to keep graphics settings at medium or below to get ok frame rates. The RAM is also kind of low. Most high end laptops come with 8 to 16 MB of RAM now as well as an i7 quad core processor where each processor is capable of hyper-threading. If you are on a low budget, unless you absolutely have to have access to SL on a laptop, I would recommend you save your money for a much better desktop. You can get exponentially better bang for your buck and desktops can be upgraded in a myriad number of ways that a laptop cannot. I wouldn't recommend buying a laptop like that because it is already on the road to being obselete in a few years for anything as demanding as SL.
  20. What is your budget for the laptop?
  21. Randall Ahren wrote: Where do you think the Donald Trump of SL got her initial capital? I heard it was in escorting. Not from escorting. She worked as an escort for a brief time but most of her initial capital came from her shop sales and from flipping the land that hosted her shops. Anyone claiming that they got rich by doing virtual nookie in SL is full of it. The demand isn't great enough to price the services high enough for a person to get rich, especially when the internet is already flooded with cheap webcam sex. It would be hard enough to make enough money as a virtual escort to pay the rent and put food on the table in the escort's real life.
  22. It may run SL but you will be stuck with the same low end performance because, based on the published graphics benchmark tests of the of the ATI Radeon HD 4250, the graphics card will only meet the minimum recommended requirements to run SL. I wouldn't waste the money on a laptop like that. If you cannot afford more than $300 for a new computer you should stick with a desktop. You can get an exponentially better desktop computer for the same price and if your budget is that tight you can also upgrade it more than you can a laptop and at less expense. You would need to spend at 3 to 4 times that amoung to get a laptop that can run SL with high settings. The ideal one at Best Buy would be the ASUS G73SW but as you can see it is around $1300.
  23. Have you tried testing your connection? You can run a ping test at http://pingtest.net/ The quality of your connection can vary over time with the same ISP and if you get a low result from the ping test (packet loss, high ping time, and/or high variance), your connection to the grid will be unstable and cause lots of crashes. If you do get a low ping test result, contact your ISP provider and complain and ask that they fix the problem.
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