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  1. Yeah, i didn't find anything comparable where you get the same/simular specs for less then 2000 euro. And no point in negotiating though, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit is included, not sure where you read Vista .
  2. Prices here (Belgium) are indeed rather high compared to computers in for example the US. I Compared the Asus to some other laptops and find it rather reasonable compared to other simular laptops such as the ALIENWARE M17X 17" CORE I7-740QM/6/2X500/DUAL 2GB WIN7HP, wich sells here for 2599€ or 3729 USD haha.
  3. Greetings, Recently i've started thinking about purchasing a new laptop to replace my Latitude E6500. I came across the Asus 17,3" G73SW-TZ083V - i7 2630QM/8GB/1TB and so far i'm loving what i have seen and read about it. Since it's a high pricetag (1650 euro = 2365USD) i could use a few more third party thoughts though, never hurts :). Or if there is someone out there with this laptop, it would help even more. The specs of my current Latitude E6500 are the following: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8600 @ 2.40GHz (2394 MHz)Memory: 3571 MBOS Version: Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit
  4. Hello, For a project i'm planning i need a HUD scripted. I already made the design with all the possible buttons. It needs basics such as a show/hide option where the HUD buttons go off screen and become transparant. I already have some scripts for some buttons such as a button to open a website link and to join a group. Now the biggest challenge is that the HUD needs to be able to update automaticly when a person puts it on. Button textures might have to be updated, but also there teleport location. So i'll need an external server aswell. This is a paying job, all offers are welcome. Regards,
  5. Be sure to NOT give up a fake name where you have to enter your RL name, since this is against the TOS and if LL finds out, your risk being banned.
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