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  1. I haven't been online much the past year but I noticed that the age verification system is self-certifying now so I finally did it. The odd thing is that Linden Lab already knew my age and had it on file (it automatically punched my birthday in on the age verification page). It raises a question in my mind, which is If they had this information all along (presumably from my payment information) then why wouldn't an account like mine be automatically age verified either before the switch to self-certification or after?
  2. I'm in charge of side dishes at my family gatherings. I basically volunteered for it to ensure I have something to eat since I generally don't eat meat and don't eat livestock at all. Nahm nahm nahm. This year I also bought the turkey and will be helping to cook it even though I'm not eating it. I wanted to support this small farm that raises Heritage Turkeys on open pastured land so even though it cost a lot more than the turkeys at the grocery store, to me it's a worthy cause. Pasture raised Heritage Turkeys, which is what people ate before the CAFO industry selectively breeded turke
  3. Perrie Juran wrote: ...The constitutionality is for the Appeals Courts to decide... Ugh. No it's not. A trial court can make a ruling on the Constitutionality of a law if it is not bound by precedent. In theory it can even make a ruling that goes against precedent but it will usually result in heavy criticisim of the judge by the apellate court and remand on appeal. In the Myspace case mentioned before it was the District Court, which is a trial court, that made the ruling setting aside the jury's misdemeanor conviction and one of the reasons Judge Wu set forth was a violation of due pro
  4. For those of you who rent homestead sims, what is your practice with regards to late payment of rent? Do you try to contact the tenant about it first or do you simply eject them and autoreturn all their stuff when it is past due? Does it matter if they've been in good standing for months? Also do you charge an entry/purchase fee and, if you do, how much incentive does that play in whether you try to contact the tenant first, i.e. if you have prospective tenants and therefore a chance to make more money by evicting the old tenant to collect more entry/purchase fee from the new tenant does tha
  5. wiked Anton wrote: i think these disclaimers are a warning... No you're giving stupid people far too much credit. They're just not very bright and think that they can circumvent ToS by placing idiotic and ineffectual disclaimers in their profile. They're not doing it so they can report people doing bad things. As Sy pointed out LL has access to everything so your not publishing or disclosing anything by referring them to chat logs in an abuse report. It's far more likely they are the people doing bad things which is why any fool that puts something like that in their profile generall
  6. AylaNeissa Magic wrote: ....So with bloodlines what is the big deal... It's annoying when they spam you continually with bite requests or when you get spammed with requests from multiple users. It's also idiotic to randomly send a bite request to a stranger. It's basically the ninja friend request spammer social retardation, only multiplied exponentially, which is why so many sims will auto ban anyone that requests a bite on the sim.
  7. Abby10 Lenroy wrote: That's what about 98% of the 99% think. They are good with their lifes and don't have anything to complain about. Yeah only it's not. At least 10% who are unemployed and looking for work would disagree with you. It's probably much greater than 10% given what unemployment statistics actually represent. Then there are those who are underemployed, and those making so little they have to use food stamps to make ends meet and put food on the table (approximately 20% of US households currently receive food stamps).
  8. Appleseed Ex Machina Appleseed Final Fantasy Advent Children Ghost In The Shell Princess Tutu
  9. Suella Ember wrote: ...The 1% rule the world. Always have... Yes we have. We do not tolerate the dissemination of this knowledge though so you would do well to watch your back. Everyone else ignore her post. It's just crazy talk! -Dagmar Heideman Acolyte of Derek Jeter and Tom Cruise, Overseers of the Illuminati (They're both well entrenched in the 1 percent and therefore rule the world with the rest of the Illuminati)
  10. Well if you never watched much television to begin with then that's not a really good metric for whether you are aging past the current norm in television but.... Yes the norm has changed. I disagree that the quality of television dramas, comedies and other traditional programming has declined but "reality" based television has taken over much of the market because it is much cheaper and gets ratings for commercial revenues. (They don't have to pay writers. They don't have to pay actors for most part and for those that do get paid they aren't obligated under collective bargaining agreement
  11. My understanding is that Linden Lab has always enforced restrictions against the use of Nazi symbols, and it relates to it wanting to be compliant with German laws, and to avoid a possible internet ban from Germany and similar countries. So while all this discussion about the value of allowing its depiction is interesting it is all moot.
  12. By continuing to slide into a massive decline where the majority of its citizens lifestyle will continue to deteriorate? We can follow the way of Spain in its imperial decline and become the sick nation of the western hemisphere or we can follow the example of the Brits and curb our unrealistic global ambitions and retain some semblance of stability and a place at the international table.
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