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  1. Hallo peeps- /me bops in and checks the Thread- yup, still beating!
  2. I'd pop in! Hello peoples - hope everyone is doing well and a happy mommy's day to all the mommies out there- whether to human or fur or feathered or fin or leathered babes! Sorry I don't make it a habit to keep dropping by- but promise I won't Ignore this for long ♥
  3. Happy Friday Eve oh Thread Denizens! Hope there are fun plans for the weekend- I intend to spend it in a lazy state barring little things like food.. I do however have an art show to participate in- but it is in my home grid or I would give you all an LM. hope everyone is enjoying their day and here is a little something for the munchies -
  4. So re the Death thing- a real hmm kind of question. Should we allow death to "come as a thief in the Night"? Or - "take arms against a sea of troubles.."? I admit, I do not know- Sometimes I feel I am committing suicide on the instalment plan- but still, I want to see what happens next- I would hope I ha d time to get my debts settled and my affairs in order- maybe I would peek... Re silly- I'm with Elora- baby goats for the win! Loved the party, Mo- thanks for arranging it all - it was a blast As for looks- I have the same skin and mildly modded body since 2008. I cannot fathom the attraction of mesh bodies- they could never be "me". I want to look at me and really look like me-
  5. Hello guys- there- all caught up. Man - tax season!! Been working Saturdays for a couple months now. I'm tired but wallet is temporarily happy- Almost over now. Am looking forward to the party on the 22nd! Hope everyone had a nice Easter- Well- back into the fray I go!
  6. Woohoo!! Sharing the info Can't wait to see the old peeps and the new ♥
  7. Oooh!! Major CONGRATS to Ghosty and Elora! You guys this is so awesome ♥ I remember your first virtual drives here on the thread and when you guys moved in together RL etc.. I m so hapy for you- much love
  8. Basically puffy hamburgers? Cloud flatten them and call them sliders!
  9. Thought I would supply a lite lunch in honor of Spring springing up all over
  10. And happy Monday? Let's hope we make it through to the other side...
  11. There- I am caught up- So very sorry about your cat friends, Lexxi. It is never over when you grieve for them that graced our lives. I hope there are other fur folk in your life at this time. So.. Saturday- laying in bed, sharing Thread happenings with my own sweet love, Hairy - who has not popped in here yet- he was never a part of original thread. Am thinking argh and stuff cause I have to get my body in gear and head out to work- it is stoopid tax season... Enjoy your day Threadians..
  12. OMG flipping god!!!! My favorite Vampiress Gotta love the Thread - where else to welcome the Undead...
  13. Well I am late but Oh Wow!!Our traditional breakfasts!! - I must find my Troll Cookies!!!
  14. And with that my friends- good night and good dreams- will catch round three tomorrow. 5 am comes early and it is past midnight- damn RL...
  15. Exactly Mac- that other place I mentioned, where I no longer reside, started going on about the face of insert grid name here- and basically censoring the hell out of anything- I imagine there is some degree of moderation and perhaps even censorship here. However that no longer matters to me since I can happily spout nonsense on my FB page all day and any one that is offended self-regulates by unfriending and wandering off of their own accord. Quite refreshing really
  16. Which is older? This is very confusing to me.. heck i even started thinking of making more than a cameo on SL if this was going to be going on...
  17. Wait- what? Another Undying Thread??? There can be only ONE!!!! (In fact, we have tried to resuscitate it several times- in SCII we made an attempt, in the old IW forum- which has also now been forcibly sanitized and finally destroyed- an attempt was made- never to any avail.) I do not know where another exists- I need to know where to lurk!!
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