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  1. I've been building a cyberpunk themed tinkering area and I'm trying to find a garage or workshop style skybox or building. Preferably one with a grungy or sci-fi vibe, but at least an aesthetic that could work for such. I've flipped through the marketplace a bit but often makers will label things in non-intuitive ways so there may be ones I'm just not searching right to find that would work for this. I was hoping maybe someone out there had suggestions they could toss out. The lower the Land Impact the better and I'm not looking for anything huge but any suggestions are welcome.
  2. I'd like to create (or find) a toy giver that gives out half decent adult props (vibes, strapons, cuffs, etc) for those that need them. Was curious if anyone knew of a shop or maker who offers such things with the needed perms. There are lots of really low quality and really old ones on the MP and I'm filtering through them but figured I'd ask if anyone had a source.
  3. I've been looking for a quality mesh model of a bleeding heart flower; Example 1 Example 2 I've hunted but only found very old flat prims. I'm hoping someone out there may know of a more modern one. Potted or otherwise, full perm or otherwise. Any help is very much appreciated! ^_^
  4. Pretty much the thread title. I've been trying to find some nice three-person furniture (any furniture really; Beds, recliners, couches.. Adult or PG) with.. middling luck at best. Not really looking for anything fancy, don't really need something with 900 animations and a built in wifi toaster oven, just decent looking mesh models that have a few nice animations. Bonus if they offer FFF with FFM, though that seems even more rare. I've checked a couple places already, like Dutchie, I was hoping however that someone here might have looked for similar items and have some store suggestions.
  5. Met some spiffy people already, thank you all. Anyone else wants to say hi feel free
  6. I didn't expect such quick replies thank you all, messages sent~~
  7. Hey everyone~ I've been in SL a long time but sadly most of my friends have slowly stopped logging in over the years. Lately I've found I really don't have much to do. Not only that but it seems I'm really out of touch when it comes to places to go. SO I figured~~ why not give it a shot here? I'm really just looking for some spiffy peoples to change things up with and have a little fun. As for a lil about me; I love trance, chillstep, techno and all kinds of melodic music. Most of the clubs I used to go to have closed down but I'd love to get out to some new ones. I'm a big speculative fiction fan when it comes to books and films and (as an utterly hopeless romantic) have a huge soft spot for romance stories, even cheesy ones. I love fashion and design... I don't claim to be any good at either, but I still love them! hmm.. there's a lot of other things I could type but why not just send an IM instead if you've gotten this far? Sooo yeah~ If you wanna try a new club with a spiffy space-cadet, or just wanna chit chat, message me and we'll see what kind of trouble we can get into~ I'm usually around Wednesdays and Thursdays, then occasionally other days after 10pmish EST. TTFN~~
  8. I've been around a long time as well but most of my friends have long since moved on. So yeah, I'm in the same boat in that it's difficult to meet people in SL. Feel free to say hi sometime It'd be nice to have somefing to do other than tweak my outfits and I'm always up to chit chat. I often leave myself online while afk, but am usually around 10ish est, feel free to say hi sometime if you'd like
  9. Anyone know of a few good outlets for Prop furniture? I'm looking for things like wardrobes, closets, dressers, filler items, etc. I've found a few things from places like Primpossible. Trouble is I don't really need a thousand~ linden closet with 600+ animations I'm never going to use. Simple well made mesh props would be enough, or showers/tubs/sinks with a couple good animations for a decent price.
  10. I've been looking for what seems like ages for some new furniture. Livingroom/Bath/bedroom, but it seems like I either find high quality models with uninspired animations or great animations on unremarkable models. On the rare occasion I find something with a bit of both it's usually way over priced or very limited in design aesthetic. Anyone care to share their preferred shops? I'm especially interested in F/F animation sets.
  11. I've always liked hairstyles like this but finding quality versions of them in SL is.. difficult. I occasionally come across one now and then (Mina, Tameless and couple others have them that I've seen) but rarely are there many options. I included a couple google image links to examples just in case it's not clear what I'm referring too. Anyone have mesh hair vendors they know of that offer styles like this? Example 1 Example 2
  12. I've been sorting through the marketplace lately looking for latex/leather/other clothing, dresses (all styles) in particular, that are truly materials enabled and work with the Maitreya Lara body. That is to say they react to local lighting instead of having a fake "shine" baked into their textures. I've tried a few that claim to be materials enabled but the demos at least don't seem to have this feature (and I generally don't buy anything without a demo). Anyone have any suggestions for clothing vendors with this feature and work with this body?
  13. Just a reliable HUD, I have a lot of my own dances from various places.
  14. I used to use Henmations dance HUD but one day it just completely stopped working for no apparent reason, I logged in one day and the submenu just never pops up when clicked. I've gotten zero support from Henmations despite multiple attempts at contacting them so I'm looking for a new HUD that works. Unfortunately my googlefu has failed to find much in the way of reccomendations that aren't 3+ years old. So which ones do you use or which one would you reccomend?
  15. Anyone have any recomendations on rental locations? I'm looking for something relatively inexpensive (1,000L-1500L a monthish, though cheaper is better) but still nice with half decent prim/li allowance. I've found a couple places so far but they've either already been full, or only feature ground rentals and not skyboxes. Anyone know of good places to look?
  16. Looking for maitreya lara friendly tattoo store reccomendations, been browsing the market place for the past while and found a few I like but wondered if there were in-world stores that I might be missing. Looking for something floral with an asian aesthetic, possibly lotus blossoms. Perhaps an odd request but figured it couldn't hurt to ask.
  17. Hmm, I'll take a look, thanks!
  18. Been looking into mesh bodies and heads but shopping for them is a bit difficult since few if any seem to be sold on the marketplace. Anyone know of stores that sell mesh heads with asian features?
  19. Thanks so much all. I knew it might not be recognized as it has been almost two years. My teleport history is gone since I've changed computers since then. Really appreciate the help !
  20. I'm looking for an old Big Band/Live Music dance hall I've been to before. It's been quite some time since I've been and I cannot for the life of me remember the places name. I thought it might be Franks or Sweethearts but neither look similar. Might be a longshot but anyone happen to recognize the place by the screenshot?
  21. I've had mixed success using search terms on the MP to find products with the new lighting functionality, curious if anyone has any suggestions. Most interested in Dresses, boots, and latex/rubber clothing, but any and all suggestions would be welcome. I've found a couple things that use the new lighting system to allow for actual shine efffects based on the enviroments light source (instead of the old method of baking fake shine lines into the texture) but as I said I haven't had much success. any thoughts?
  22. I've had my current one for a couple years now, it's decent but I'm thinking about updating it. Trouble is I'm having a hard time finding anything. I tend to shop a lot on the MP and most of what I find there are Tutys, which to be honest I don't overly like. I'm hoping to find something with smooth, subdued animations. No obnoxious posing or constant fidgeting - something that could pass for natural movement when it comes to standing/walking. Since I'm just window shopping at the moment, I'm not worried about price - any and all recomendations are welcome.
  23. Thread title, I'm planning to 'propose' (partner) to my better half as a special surprise and am looking for the perfect ring. Something simple in design, preferably ruby, but quality in build. I've browsed a lot of the stuff I've been able to find on the store (JCNY, Earthstone, others) but haven't really found the right ring yet. Does anyone have any suggested boutiques that maybe aren't on the marketplace or perhaps I haven't stumbled across yet?
  24. I'm looking for someone with 3D modeling and texture skill to produce a custom sculpt or mesh Tree for my private use. It's a pretty basic shape (relatively speaking) and the textures requirments are not disimaler from a typical Palm tree (pre-existing textures may work). Photos are available for reference though photo-realism is not strictly neccisary (for reasons that will be apparent when you recieve them), payment is negotiable. Please contact me via IM or Notecard in SL if you are interested or leave a message here whichever is most convienient. The more quickly it could be ready the better, but time is also negotiable within reason.
  25. My partner and I are currently looking for a winter themed 1/4 - 1/2 Homestead to rent. She is going to be gone for a bit of time so I am currently looking for us, but have to admit I am a little out of my depth on this. I've been browsing the forums here for awhile but haven't really been finding anything. If anyone has any highly recommended land rental stores it would be greatly appreciated. we are looking for something with a minimum of 900 prims, reasonable privacy and a decent amount of creative freedom when it comes to what we like to build on the land (within reason).
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