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  1. MP listings that are specifying which item you are buying will be fine, so all the resales are acceptable unless it's a "buy a random item" situation. The goal is to eliminate the unknown. If the consumer knows precisely what item they will receive with zero uncertainty or "chance" involved, then it's LL-legal.
  2. Blind boxes... gumball machines.... the literal gacha machines of japan.... even trading card packs like pokemon and baseball cards.... there's not a single difference among them, ultimately, and I can't think of any place in the world that they're illegal for any age of purchaser. I get restricting literal gambling with L for L transactions like the old sploders and "slot machine" style games of original SL days... but this is a bit of a reach imo. I will say this though... gacha events have taken a sharp decline in quality over the last couple years anyway, so I suppose this is just as well. Maybe it will push designers back to creating good solid content, instead of fluff pieces no one wants. I will miss the chase though
  3. ohh yes! i remember now. I'm making a new one now and didn't have this saved. thanks for the reminder!
  4. script needed where you touch the object it's in and you get a dialog they can type into which then sends a little popup to the owner of the object. would be great to have a message privately to the user, perhaps a modifiable line in the script? this would be used for a live singer to receive requests. i'm sure this exists on mp or something but i don't know what to call it for searching lol. thanks!
  5. I use the alt button to focus on something and then the keyboard to move my view around. I recently installed firestorm on a new computer and I can't find the setting for this problem... whenever I'm sat on something, if I use alt+c to try rotating my camera angle downward, it just resets my camera to the default. I can't for the life of me find the setting for this. please help before I lose my mind!
  6. Omg thank you! I was in the firestorm support group chat last night asking the same question and the mod was so rude, repeatedly telling me that it wasn't possible to toggle the pg-up/dn buttons like that, and that I was obviously doing something wrong. Clearly they don't know as much as they think lol.
  7. I recently reinstalled my viewer (firestorm) and ever since I can no longer use pg-up to begin flying, nor can I use pg-down to end flying. They will only move me up/down respectively while flying, and when I'm standing and holding pg-up I will only jump. the F-key is the only keyboard shortcut I can use to begin/stop fly. This happens anywhere, even my own land/home. Any suggestions?
  8. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TETRA-Allure-top-Ivory/20358683
  9. Hello.. I'm trying to help my guy with a fun avatar he wants to put together and I'm having a hard time finding a skin/mod. We're looking for a german shepherd (or similarly patterned/colored) skin or mod, preferably BOM or applier for Legacy male body. The head doesnt really matter, we'll just buy whatever head it's created for since he doesn't have that yet. We're much starting with the skin and building from there with whatever is needed. I can't believe it's so hard to find! I would think this should be a really common color pattern but it's honestly not, unless I've just lost my mind and forgotten how to shop lol.
  10. This script is 100% perfect! Actually ended up being even better than anticipated since she can move the dialog boxes around on her screen and the old one did not. Thank you SO much again ❤️
  11. ohhhh thanks! thats perfect and it is so far working just fine! multiple dialogs have come in and i think we'll be ok. the real test will be a full performance.
  12. outstanding! thank you so much! I'll give this a try tonight!
  13. well the board is sitting right next to the singer on-stage. the concern is for people more than 20m from the stage. unless maybe it gives a warning when they try to do it and it says they're too far away. that would probably work too.
  14. well the board is sitting right next to the singer on-stage. the concern is for people more than 20m from the stage. unless maybe it gives a warning when they try to do it and it says they're too far away. that would probably work too.
  15. I'm making an info board for a live singer and want to allow others to touch a button on the board which pops up a message box they can type a song request into that will then appear on the singer's screen as a blue dialog. I've poked around the LSL library but it seems a lot of them are limited to 20m distance or I'm looking at the wrong things. Can someone help? thanks
  16. I'm not entirely sure, but i might have forgotten to say this is meant to be a hud not a rezzed object. if that makes any difference. like in this photo.. https://gyazo.com/7267b92c02fe42bd6e2e20a6da7dafcc
  17. actually this script is not working.... it might be something to do with the character count limitation. if there was a way to have it not ay "resident" on the names that might help. and add the line for the sitting/typing/etc status. then it might be perfect. my radar now shows the nearest 20 in the list, but this script shows only like 6 of 18 on-sim.
  18. i do want the state to show as well.... is it hard to add? i have no idea how. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS ❤️
  19. personal preference. i like the transparent list in my corner showing all the things mentioned. To my knowledge viewers dont have that; its just the "people" window which is big and obtrusive.
  20. Thanks! I will try this script later today. The radar is pretty basic so you would think it does exist... but it seems all the ones I find on MP are some combination of the features I want, but none have all of them.
  21. 1 - probably super easy and I"m probably just dumb for not seeing it on mp already.... but i want a sim-wide radar that has total count, standard names (not display), distance, if they're sat/typing/running/etc, and to show at least like 18-20 in the list. color of the text doesnt matter really. would be super great if it announced chat range enters but also not necessary since viewer settings can do that. here's a picture of what i'm after. my current one is part of a far bigger hud and I don't use a single thing in it, so i'm trying to cut down script use with a new radar. https://gyazo.com/ab083e32d0ac222ad964d3955dc26c23 2 - i'm trying to get an avatar-attached object to float/bob in the air but I'm failing miserably lol. i tried to put in a mp-bought script and when rezzed it will bob up and down like i want but once i add the object to my avatar center from inventory, it sits WAY off to the left of me, I cant reposition it (it bounces right back where it was) and it doesnt bob at all. maybe i need a special kind of script?
  22. Actually no one is able to, that I am aware of. I even set the land info to wipe out the landing point and chose "anywhere" in the routing dropdown, but still received the same error message of "unable to find a good teleport destination". I did just find a 2008 post similar to this and the response was that there was a problem with the region that LL had to resolve on their end. So it seems I may need to just submit a support request.
  23. Hmm... well I was thinking that our problem was related to the teleporting system we have set up in experiences, but now maybe it's not. Someone living in the sky can't use a LM to teleport down/elsewhere on the sim. We do have a landing point set but the dropdown for tp routing is set to anywhere. We can't figure out what's blocking it.
  24. If we have an experience setup on our region for simple things like avsitter and teleporting to various areas of the sim, would that block someone from using individual landmarks to move around the sim? IE: if i'm at building A and want to teleport to building D using a LM in my inventory. Or also in the people menu and I choose "teleport to" someone.
  25. I found one but that's not exactly it. that's a poofer, like an explosion of particles whereas I'm looking for string connection that is always there when you're near one another. thanks though!
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