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  1. Looking for a simple script to play a sound and animation simultaneously on a 1 minute interval for an object that you wear, without asking for permission. Not for something I"m selling, just something I'm making for my friends and I. Can anyone help?
  2. Hi there... i am in need of a texture modifiable preferred few pieces of clothing that will fit an alien avatar I have. The sizing is weird, so it probably needs to be custom fitted. I tried on some items for the kemono avatar and they nearly fit but my body is slightly bigger so it clipped at the back, some arm areas, and front of the shoulders a smidge. Here's a picture of my avatar, with the kemono item on so you can see. I just want a simple hoodie, preferably one that has an up option but i know the head is awkward. and a pair of simple jeans. sneakers would be awesome if that's possible
  3. Ok, I'm new to the Slink Hourglass body, I was previously in Maitreya for years. I just got HG today and omg my nails and toes look ridiculous! Please tell me I'm missing something and that this isn't just how they will look?!!!??! https://gyazo.com/ab85486d4643d1e4a471e06d6f19ac9c https://gyazo.com/5ddd3178627cd2778c3de2cc7be73654
  4. Interesting. For me, I don't really have a need for much layering on my body. Honestly, just skin and tattoos there. but the head was always something I wished for more layering ability with respect to skin + makeup + tattoo/decoration. I think I might just keep my parts the way they are for now until things progress some more. Seems this BoM function is still really new.
  5. Hmm. I've had Maitreya for like 4 years and I see not much has changed with it, which is a real shame. My avatar is out of date now, so now maybe I'll look into that Redux body. Funny how Slink was the first for mesh hands/feets and now it seems they're first with this BoM thing. What about heads? Is everyone on board with it in the head world? I have a Catwa now, but it's an older model of course so I'll be in the market for another of those as well.
  6. oh I've seen bakes on mesh mentioned. is that a new function for mesh things, like bento?
  7. Have been away from SL for a bit. What's the best or most popular right now for heads and bodies? What exciting newness have I missed?
  8. https://gyazo.com/de4d3c7325a2b424786e4ad769ad053a how is her group title flashing like that?? I have never seen this before.
  9. in case you can't see the link this is what i was referencing it looks like
  10. https://gyazo.com/145a6a54a978d8654ca09286627a45e5 Looks kind of like this, I thought I owned it but I don't or lost it. Thought maybe it was by Pilot but still not finding it. Its a wall tapestry/drape/hanging.
  11. I've been off SL for a while playing other games... so what's popular right now? Places, things, fun stuff, animations, gestures.... what fun have I been missing??
  12. well that was the purpose of my posting it here.... someone needs to make it and then I'll buy it!
  13. I have a friend who has a bit of social anxiety coupled with being in the process of transitioning FTM and is looking for places to go in SL in order to meet people. He is not good with just popping into a club, he can't go alone and I'm not very familiar with clubs and sims these days since I'm not into the club scene anymore and well I'm a lesbian so finding gay-male places is not really my specialty lol. I've tried finding him some groups to join because that is far easier for him to handle, he can chat up a storm with strangers when not face to face, but the groups are not very active from
  14. my own calling card... when i add it to a notecard it looks fine, has just my name. then when i save it, it changes to some broken version of a very old display name of mine and looks horrible how can i fix this?
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