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  1. I was getting the sit target cursor when I hovered it over my object (when I had set a sit target, both my test prim and my actual item), AFIK that wouldn't happen if I was inside another prim and that other prim was interfering. Anyway using a script with llSitTarget in it got it working (once I remembered to set the script to running at least). But it's kind of odd to me that when I enabled the 'Sit on object' setting it worked as one would expect in a sandbox WITHOUT having to use the script with 'llSitTarget' to specify the offsets and rotation. I was able to just rez my item (again with 'Sit on object' enabled) and it worked! However when I went back to where I wanted to use it, once again it wouldn't work without having the 'llSitTarget' script in it. Major pain in the a**! Especially since I had to spend a lot of time trying to figure out the offsets and the rotation, whereas in the sandbox I didn't need to do any of that to have a functioning sit target, that's one reason I was wondering if it was a server code bug maybe.
  2. I'm going to guess you haven't built much in SL, because a basic prim cube freshly rezzed from the build menu is NOT too small to sit on, and as I stated I get the same problem when I rez a basic prim cube and set it as a sit target, with no other prims nearby even. I can right click and edit the item no problem, and without moving my cursor when I click on the item to sit on it I get the error message. If it were a problem with being in the bounding box of another prim then when I right click to edit it I would be editing the other prim not the one I want to sit on, but I have NO problem editing the prim I want to sit on at all.
  3. I have an item I wanted to set so that the default action is to sit on it, but when I set it that way and then try to sit on it I get the error message: "No room to sit here, try another spot" I have even tried adding in a couple of basic sit scripts (individually) that I had and still get the same error message. It even happens when I just rez a basic cube and try to make it 'sittable' I'm not sure what's going on, I know scripts aren't disabled in the location I'm in as all the other scripted items nearby me work just fine. It only seems to be affecting items I want to set as 'sit targets'. Anyone know a possible workaround? BTW - If I pickup the item and go to a sandbox and rez it there it works as it should, but when I rez it in the location I want to use it in it doesn't work. I don't know if this is a server bug or not but the server code version for the location I want to us it in is the name of the region is Oliana. If someone knows a workaround for this problem I'd be grateful if they'd share it with me. Thank you, Sarrah Windlow PS. - I put this in the Building & Texturing forum because the 'Sit on object' setting isn't a script in it's own right, but rather an option on the edit window to choose how the item is interacted with. So please don't flame me for putting it here, as it clearly doesn't belong in the scripting forum either. ETA: LOL, using a script works much better when you remember to set it to 'running' :P PROBLEM SOLVED!!!
  4. And have you considered that Viewer 2 wasn't conceived as simply a rewrite of the viewer with the intent of fixing bugs, it was a marketing ploy aimed at drawing in the 'browser idiots' who can't do anything on their computer unless it's in their web browser. So the comparison isn't really valid in this instance. I will however grant you that they do a better job of telling users about certain things than many of the MMO's, but by and large those same MMO's don't take years to fix the problems that exist in their game products, they know that if they did it would cost them subscribers. Let's also not forget that regardless of some similarities SL is NOT a game platform, it is a virtual world that is constantly evolving and is shaped by it's residents, and those residents have a right to expect quality service, but is it 'quality service' when there are bugs in the jira that have been there for many years now, or when they roll out new server code and it breaks several basic things just because they didn't bother to do adequate testing, or when they change search such that it drops listings for 1/3rd of it's resident businesses and take 9 months fixing it when they could have rolled it back to the old method until they got it fixed on the beta grid? Short answer, NO. You don't find those sort of problems afflicting MMO's like World of Warcraft and others, I know this from experience because I was a WoW player for even longer than I've been in SL. Is it so wrong to ask that they try to get their act together and start coordinating things better AND keep residents informed? I don't think so and I'll almost guarantee that most of the residents that have noticed the existing bugs and have sat patiently by waiting for them to be fixed would like to know that something is actually being done to fix the bugs. And what do they do now, they remove voting from the jira making it next to impossible for them to prioritize which bugs resident's want fixed first! Again you don't see this sort of behavior from the major MMO's, they actually embrace the input from their users for the most part. So yes I DO want to have my cake and eat it too! I do want to know if the service I spend money on is actually doing something to help improve my experience! I do want them to tell me if something they tried recently didn't work so that at least I KNOW they are at least doing SOMETHING!! It took them YEARS to 'fix' most of the TP failures and now what happens most of the time when a TP fails? YOU GET LOGGED OUT, instead of just sent back to where you started to try to TP from, do I consider this a 'fix'? NO, and most of the people I talk to in SL don't either, but yet we're stuck with it all because instead of rewriting the sections of code that deal with TP's they apply patch after patch after patch such that it makes the TP process take many times longer than it used to and as a result things 'timeout' and the server gives up on the TP! Once again I say that you don't see this sort of behavior from MMO's though much of the same sort of transfer occurs in the background in games like WoW when you are 'flying' to other places in the gaming world, again they know that if this sort of thing kept happening they'd lose subscribers, and I'll guarantee that SL has lost a great many residents because of the problems they either have not addressed yet or some of the ones that took them much longer than it should have taken them, like the whole search debaucle, or the problems with getting the marketplace up and running, do you have any idea how many content creators and business owners pulled out of SL because of these 2 MAJOR problems? I've heard tell it was close to 20% of all the businesses and content creators in SL! All because they couldn't be bothered to roll things back until they actually managed to fix things properly! So yeah I don't have much confidence in the programming teams abilities at this point which is one of the reasons I want to be kept informed about the progress (or even lack of) on fixing the numerous bugs that they introduce with each new viewer feature that nobody wanted in the first place! You may not like that fact but it's not up to you whether I want to be informed or not, nor is it up to you if anyone else wants to. People have made suggestion after suggestion after suggestion after suggestion after suggestion until they're blue in the face on some things that the SL programming team needs to do (and that LL as a whole should change in regards to SL) but in the last couple years all I've seen is things continue much the way they've always been done paying no attention whatsoever to those suggestions. So I for one am pretty much done offering' suggestions' I've done so in the past (I even had a ticket rejected that was started to help them to realize that there was a problem with the SL website itself!!). I'm done trying to coddle them and hold their hand. It's time they actually started doing the many things they've been promising to do over the last few years, and if you don't like that then tough luck, it's my opinion, one I'm free to express if I choose.
  5. You know I for one (of probably thousands of SL residents) would still like to have known that they WERE actually trying to do something about it, EVEN if it didn't work out, knowing something is better than knowing nothing in my book! I shouldn't have to go to office hours that are often scheduled at times when I am unable to be inworld just to find out that yes they are actually doing something instead of ignoring the problem. Regardless of whether it worked or not keeping residents 'in the loop' is what I'm talking about here, and SL has ALWAYS had a problem with doing that, and yet every so often they claim they're 'going to improve communication so that there is more transparency', and yet invariably they never truly do. I've been an SL resident for around 4 years now (counting my time on another AV before this one) and up until a couple years ago I was very happy with the way things were being handled, then what's his face took over and SL went to sh*t as far as I'm concerned, they shifted focus to trying to get businesses to use SL and essentially turned their backs on the average user for quite a while. Then Philip came back for a while and everyone thought it was like the return of the messiah and expected everything to go back to the way it was or better (even I wasn't that gullible), and now we get all these messages saying things are going to be addressed per user concerns instead of just big business and yet we still don't see the sort of transparency that has been promised to us time and time again since 'what's his face' left, so EXCUSE me for wanting them to actually live up to all the promises they've made over the last so many years, unlike most of them I'm actually inworld on a pretty regular basis and actually see the state of things in many locations including how group chat has gone down the toilet not slowly but as if someone pulled the flush lever one day and apparently never looked back. I see things breaking daily as they roll out new server code that only puts small patches on the underlying problems instead of actually rewriting the server code to eliminate the source of the problem. But regardless of that, I still say that 'Knowing is better than NOT knowing' EVEN if it does fail!! At least we'll know they are actually trying then!!
  6. The really messed up part about all of this is that until about a year and a half ago (maybe 2 years tops) group chat worked just fine, I never had posts just disappear, they always made it quickly into the chat window where others were just as quickly able to reply to them. And while I know that the number of residents online at any given time has increased a bit since then I don't think that's what's responsible for the current state of group chat, instead it's like someone flipped a switch on the server one day labeled 'group chat fu** ups on/off' to 'on', it just pretty much started acting up suddenly one day leaving me to think that something was changed in the code and now needs to be 'unchanged' in order to fix the problem.
  7. The fact that none of this information about the XMPP attempt ever made it to any of the official status updates is another indication of the communication problems that have been plaguing the SL staff for the last couple years now, if they really want to improve the lines of communication with residents then this sort of information should be provided as well. If they had bothered to release a notice stating that they had hit a minor roadblock but that other options were being pursued then people would at least know SOMETHING was being done. As things stand right now though with no (or extremely sparse) official updates on any of the problems with SL people are left to wonder if the programming staff is even bothering to do ANYTHING at all about the problems or if they're just choosing to ignore them hoping they'll go away while they work on adding even more features that nobody asked for or wanted.
  8. Over 6 months ago (somewhere around September of last year if I remember right actually) we were told there was a fix for the Group Chat lag problem being worked on. However Group Chat lag is still just as bad as ever and with Mesh going gridwide sometime in the coming months I think, wouldn't it make sense to have the Group Chat lag problem fixed first?? I mean it's only going to piss off people if they can't use Group Chat to get help for their mesh projects because their posts keep getting eaten by the server instead of actually making it through to people who might be able to help them while they're inworld. Prettying up the 'Join' process is all well and good but if the tools residents rely on to make their SL experience enjoyable aren't working what's the use? People are only going to join, then find out that all sorts of things are broken and then just end up leaving to go to another virtual world that doesn't have these problems (or just giving up on virtual worlds altogether maybe). Prioritizing things to do to improve SL still appears to be a VERY MAJOR problem for the SL staff, you need to get the underpinnings fixed before you go adding bling, this is just common sense, fix the basics then worry about making improvements, any decent programmer will tell you the same thing. Why is this concept so hard for the SL programming staff to grasp? Companies like Adobe and Autodesk and Microsoft all understand this, why not Linden Labs and Second Life?
  9. Just wondering, now that there's one less person working on Viewer 2, is there ever going to be any likelihood that those of us who actually prefer the old 1.xx style UI will ever see a bundled 1.xx style UI skin with ANY version of Viewer 2? I and many others were/are pretty disappointed that our preference for a UI that actually had things in locations that actually made sense has essentially been swept under the rug, I mean what's with the 'Me' menu, nearly every program written on just about nearly every operating system has a 'File' menu (Including most web browsers), so why call it 'Me' instead of a more familiar name like 'File' which would make it easier to navigate I believe. Why use obscure references when people are already familiar with common menu items like 'File', 'Edit', 'View', 'Bookmarks', 'Favorites', 'Tools', and many other COMMON names? If an individual with a supposed interest in UI design cannot realize the significance of using commonly recognized names for menu items then I really think they need to go back to school. It would also be nice to actually see lighter colored themes bundled with the viewer, I am well aware that studies claim that the darker themes are easier on the eyes (but in truth to many people they're also much more depressing too), but as a matter of personal preference shouldn't we get the option to choose for ourselves like we did on the old 1.xx series viewer?
  10. Count yourself lucky that you've only been waiting since before christmas, I started the process of cashing out a measely $19.27US (after the $1US fee) to my paypal account on the 8th of December, a week went by and no money showed up in my paypal account so I opened a ticket, another week went by before they told me it was supposedly denied by paypal due to 'technical' problems, they put the $19.27US back in my account and told me to try yet again, now a week later after trying again still no money in my paypal account. My paypal account is verified and my SL account trading limits are $2,500US per month so there shouldn't be any problems in theory, but it's still not working. ETA: Well about 3 hours after I made the above post in this thread (and about an hour after adding another complaint about how long this has been going on to my re-opened support ticket) the money FINALLY showed up in my paypal account, now I get to wait for it to transfer to my bank account from my paypal account, yippee more waiting. Next time I'll know to allow myself about a month safety margin before the day I would actually like to receive the money. Additionally the Linden that commented back on my ticket today told me that each payout is processed manually as they come in, god forbid they'd maybe set up some sort of filtering to flag 'questionable' transactions and allow the others to be processed automatically! That would probably make too much sense and as we all know they aren't any good at doing things that actually make sense.
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