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  1. How hard is it? Are some comfortable with meeting in real life? Ive considered maybe using second life as a dating app like i use pleny of fish and okcupid I see so many people every day who have met through second life and who have married in the reals ... 25 female here single from the usa whats up lol
  2. contacts on my dashboard show offline as well. Not true out of so many im speaking to a few on skype and they are logged in just fine.
  3. beautifulbones1122 is the alt that is able to log in
  4. I'm expierencing the same issues but i have friends that can log in just fine, would this have anything to do with the grid status? or is it something personal and i should contact LL? i've tried different viewers and alts and i'm not able to log in one of my alts says (failure to load inventory) and it wont let me log in what should i do?
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