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  1. Thank you for your response. I did try this just didn't look right to me, thought maybe there was another way. I'll keep trying.
  2. I have a quick question about making mesh clothing and the different mesh bodies. For example...Say I made a t-shirt style top for the Belleza bodies and Maitreya body. The top or mesh is going to lay different between each Belleza Bodies (Freya, Isis & Venus) and the Maitreya Body. However if I make different Mesh models that requires different Ambient Occlusion & Texture maps, then how can I make a universal HuD that can change the textures on all the tops if they are using different Texture Maps? I'm sorry if I'm not explaining well. I'm still just learning.
  3. Thank you so much! Good thing I like reading hehehe. =)
  4. Hello again, I have another problem was hoping someone could help me with. While making clothing in MD then exporting to .obj and importing into Blender if I try to make any part of the outfit transparent or lace the triangles or verticies or whatever are showing and looking just plan awful. I've attempted to raise the verts count to see if it will smooth it out but it makes it even worse. Any suggestions? P.S. I'm new to making clothing, I know very basics of blender but I'm a quick learner. Picture to show 
  5. Thank you for everyone's replies. It's fixed and looks great! 
  6. I don't know how to make test animations hehe. I'll research youtube. Thank you
  7. I went into Blender and deleted some of the inner skirt faces. Do you think this will work? Do you think it will look alright in world? Pictures to show 
  8. How do I delete occluded polygons? Do I do this in Blender or MD?
  9. How can I do that? I do have blender but only know a few basics like creating an AO Texture and rigging the mesh using Avastar
  10. So because I use MD there is no fix for me?
  11. Thank you. I'm going to see if anyone else has any suggestions before I make an alterations.
  12. Thank you for your reply. I tried making the inner skirt partial invisible but it made it worse. I really like the design of the inner skirt and top ruffle skirt and would really like to keep the design as is if possible. I'm using weighted bodysuits and don't know to much about manual weight painting.
  13. Including pictures to show. Pictures hard to see but you can see the black shadown popping threw the ruffle skirt part. 
  14. I was wondering if someone with Mesh Clothing experience could contact me. I created a mesh dress with sorta a dual skirt on the bottom. The inside skirt sometimes clips threw the outside skirt and because I used an Ambient Occulusion layer it's black shadow that's clipping threw. I've expereinced this a few times and also retextured or tried to fix it with texturing but wondering if there is a reason it does this and how to make it stop. Thank you!
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