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  1. Yes it might be nice but... Some of my stuff is builders kits where the whole thing is on MP but individual bits are on display inworld for purchase for anyone who just wants a couple of pieces and no - not in any vendors (as why double up prim count? I *could* use a multi item vendor but still and no I do not use any external). So if it happened automagically then *shrug* go for it. Not going to clutter up MP by having two versions of a kit (personal and OEM) plus each and every individual component. (one or two exceptions have been added for specific cases)

  2. Well more or less all of it, although most I do not make use of. Did a year at the old rate quarterly then when the offer to switch to a year I went for it. Took some juggling but stayed with it since. Its a nice incentive to keep making new stuff too. Plus, we have 3 in our little group which gives us a nice shared chunk in a quiet bit of mainland. If a certain corner becomes available, may add a fourth. Its a nice buffer. All my store stuff is on rented parcels so if that gets a bit tight can always move it back but for now - little messy sandbox where half finished junk can lie around until feel like working on it again. An annual is still a fair slice of budget but with timing can save up.

    Plus theres always a nice safe home to log in to. So yes, not totally enamoured of the idea that gets regurgitated that we should all be forced to log in to some heaving pit every time =^^=

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  3. Once upon a time there was something in t and c about price diff on MP vs inworld but that went away. And no I am not searching for it

    Besides, that 'discount' would make no sense as I sell mostly building stuff and what is on MP is usually kits, whereas inworld the individual parts are available for people to pick what they would like (its why I have inworld presence) so prices of course differ, with the MP kits generally cheaper if you want the whole kit and caboodle.

    (Old trick from meat space - we used to offer products with teeny differences for each of the big chains to side step any of that legislation on price comparison)

  4. I already happily use llEmail - when I want to and it is trivial and even to 'well known email addresses' ie mine and a few who asked to be notified (some of my stuff has the option for the owner to enter their own. No idea if any use it but still). Not even getting into the 'nomod' discussion - a lot of my stuff is full perm building kits.

    Echo the 'friday bright idea' theme - who came up with this in the first place and why did they not think of at least having a global opt-out?  (yeah can see who posted the wiki entry)

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  5. Not really worried even if it is a short term cashflow push - very sure it will be for some wondeful improvements =^^=  More serious, doubt if it will provide all that much anyway but its pretty standard for business - in a way.

    Even if available, still not biting. Not because of any long term worries (SL is more likely to be around in 3 years than I am) but because of these ongoing 'hints' about new premium levels. The last incentive I took was the switch/prepay for annual at 72 bucks, went from 3 months to annual even if it was a bit of a scrabble. Mostly because at the time the talk was of the 3 month going away. Worth it to me but not sure from the lab standpoint - they would have gotten 4 times whatever that rate would have been over the year *shrugs* Twice that as we had a plan to add another group member. Its cashflow after all.

    More its a bit 'mixed message' really.

    Oh and as to the original post - made plans for that eventuality a few years back. Any monies left at that point go away. Any stuff I make already lives locally.

  6. 1 hour ago, XETERNALXLIGHTX said:


    I see even at 2020 people still complain about spampires and trying to stop other people from join a game that a huge majority of sl is part of it



    Bolded part : please show your numbers for this - assertion.

    Unless you count wearing the g necklace years ago (may have, can't be bothered to remember) then nope - never have. Of course, you ( not U ) could mean that the majority are included against their knowledge 😃

    Nice attempt at an ad though. Still going to mute spampires without a seconds hesitation (those simply going about their business don't bother me)

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  7. 4 hours ago, Serena Howley said:

    Hi all


    This is my first post in the forum actually.

    I left SL in 2009 after about 2 years due to me moving abroad and taking with me only an old laptop that really couldn't handle the viewer.

    A few days ago I logged back with my current laptop - out of curiosity. I have to say OMG this has changed dramatically to the point that I am completely confused and feel so lost!

    First the avatars. What are Mesh avatars? What are mesh clothes, what is rigged vs non rigged mesh? What is bento? What are maitreya, Slink etc? I have my old avatar which I then decided to give up for one of the standard avatars you get as a newb. To be honest it's not a big loss because all my clothes and beautiful outfits from the past are prim heavy and don't really work anymore. I want to go buy new clothes but I'm confused about the mesh thing, I got some demos from shops but they don't fit and I understand things are non mod to make bigger etc (or i'd suck at it anyway)

    Second, sims. Where is everyone? Of course I didn't expect my old favourite hangout spots to still exist but I can't seem to find a lot of sims anymore bar the sex ones. Where are all the communities, the popular hangouts, it seems so empty, but maybe because I'm like a newbie again I suppose? When I left I had about 140 friends, I've only seen 1 logged in regularly, and I've also noticed that group members from groups i belong to had not logged in for years. Is SL dying somehow?

    Third, roleplay and meter based fighting. Is CCS dead? I've seen a few CCS called sims but are they really? My hud and meter return errors, where has this gone? Are people not really using SL for combat anymore? I saw bloodlines is still there though, damnit! lol 

    Anyway - it's like I'm lost, really, and gutted, so if anyone has any newbie documentation to explain avatars, all the new things like mesh etc vs the old school SL, and any other resources to bring me back to speed I'd really appreciate it, either in world or here, I'd be very grateful. Thank you for reading (my frustration)





    Welcome back. 20 years ago it was all the ´who moved my cheese´ lobbox :) 10 is 7 lifetimes here. Alive and kicking but honestly there are bits of the last 10 years I have trouble with. Go with Selene, Fritigern, KT and Cindy here =^^=

  8. 43 minutes ago, Luna Bliss said:

    I think Coffee knows her business better than you're imagining.

    And I also think it's time for you to leave the thread and let the serious merchants continue to discuss what concerns them.

    No doubt on point one.

    Is it OK if us  'not serious merchants' (however you define that) read along if we keep out traps shut? :)


  9. Right behind nuking from orbit with extra nukes to make sure it stays down. Now if we do away with all that AM/PM nonsense too and move  to the 24 hour clock (AKA 'grownup time'..). Found out about that when I was around 7 and never saw the point of anything else. Time zones are easy enough and lived/worked in enough to not see a problem. Oh and yes still refer to it as SLT.

    Actually, we should move to UNIX time mostly because it would knock off (never you mind how many) years off me. ( DOB  -158323500 =^^= )

  10. 4 hours ago, JUSTUS Palianta said:

    Much of what i have learned in Second Life is useless outside of Second Life.  I'm not sure why you are against in viewer tools.  

    Would have to respectfully disagree. A lot of what our little group  has learned either in or because of SL has had a lot of use outside SL even to other platforms and not restricted to mesh either

    And certainly not against better inworld tools - the more people getting the urge to make stuff the merrier =^^=

    On the subject of prim export to mesh up - my compromise is to have made a tonne of mesh equivalent bits that i sketch with inworld (low poly as possible, maps, multi faces etc) as I still find a lot of things easier to work with using the camming tools that I have used for a decade (yeah lazy me) then export to clean up and tweak - totally replace if I feel the need.  Not the most efficient workflow but suits my pace anyway

  11. What do I want to see? Well, as I am all for improving SL, even if it means redoing all my stuff and taking a hit on multi-scripts* as has been mentioned elsewhere, I will adapt to whatever comes down the pipe BUT I want full detailed lab-sourced documentation and guidelines, Lab sourced, not knocking the great advice given here in the forums by any means but I want the Lab to write it and sign ioff on it. Great recent example is the bacon mesh update - not my biz but detailed enough to work with. That was good to see.

    And please can we have back the text records of the  user groups involved (much as I would like to attend  I can't) like there used to be. Again, Inara does a stellar job but I want it official. And yes - text.

    *I try to stick to one script per where possible using the linked prim fast thingy but there are some missing bits - is why I had to resort to multi sound players for one.. Have tried to search through the jira to see if any movement but despite speaking several dialects of SQuirreL it is - frustrating.

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