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  1. The Windows Development Viewer link appears to be broken.
  2. I believe it is allowed only if it's clearly stated in the land covenant/rental agreement that your chat on the parcel will be monitored.
  3. I'll test this when it accepts L$ or at least PayPal. I don't like to use CC's online except when absolutely necessary. PS: It would also be nice if we didn't have to register for the Advertising service and we could just login using our existing SL accounts.
  4. PhysX is a technology that allows for hardware acceleration of physics such as in games that support it. In Second Life, the only physics that your computer is in charge of processing are flexi prims such as what's used in hair and tails. Currently the Viewer does not support PhysX and there really isn't a need to since flexi prims are basic physics and aren't CPU demanding. If you don't play any games that do not utilize PhysX, then it'd be best just to sell your old card.
  5. Was that a griefer cage that appeared in the background around 1:13? :3 Also good tip. Having two kinds of clouds showing at the same time, Windlight and Particle clouds looks fairly odd.
  6. I was one of the first ones to start ranting about the limits. It's great that they loosened up the limit soon after that, but it's still very irritating that there's a limit in the first place. But of course, LL has a limitations fetish. Everything here has some kind of limit on it, whether you're writing up a support ticket or trying to send a group notice.
  7. I'm still not happy with the marketplace as it is right now. There are a lot of nice new features, but what about the existing features that are in SLX? Such as Item Discussions, PNG images, Unlimited Item Description Length, BB Code, unlimited image uploads and larger images. From what I've seen, SLM is primarily focused on adding new features instead of existing features. There are also many known bugs in SLM that have yet to be fixed such as WEB-2280.
  8. The massive number of accounts was the only reason I could think of as to why Linden Labs would not restrict display names based on existing User Names. But here's a conceptually simple plan to counter-act that. Disallow the use of active user-names as display names. For example, I could use the user-name of someone who hasn't logged in for two months as my display name, but not of someone who has logged in within two months. This would prevent people from attempting to impersonate active users in Second Life. Inactive users are less likely to be big targets and would more than likely have less acquaintances. PS: I think user-names should remain the same way they have been. First name can be anything, but the last name must be chosen from a list. This will prevent anyone from attempting to impersonate on a greater level.
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