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  1. I don't have it setup currently, but I used to have my own server here running Linux and MySQL fror some items I had in Second Life. I found my hard drive activity light blinking like mad on it one night, and when I checked the log, I found I was being hammered by something over in China. At that point, I tightened my firewall to only allow IP addresses from Linden Labs, and that halted the drive activity. Most of the drive activity probably from logging all those requests. It looks like in that scenario I'd have to change. Can you get the botnets in China to shutdown?
  2. Fascinating! I just tested this on the vendor systems I sell/make, and I am not seeing this bug for some reason.
  3. I don't trust computer sales people either, and I've been building my own computers for years. It may be that a Dell can accept a standard video card, as long as the motherboard has a compatible slot. However, you really do need a system that will run with a PCI Express 2.0 or 2.1 plus. Having a powerful computer, and especiailly a modern graphics card, makes a dramatic difference. Dell computers do have a lot of hardware issues, though: if you try to use a non-Dell power supply in a Dell, you will likely burn-out both the power supply and the motherboard. It seems that Dell uses the s
  4. No. The new owner will be require to pay the new tier rate, which I believe is $295 per month.
  5. I am having a variation on the asset server issue. I could not create a new notecard to send to someone. I had to re-log, and after waiting 20 mintues more for the inventory to finish loading my inventory, I suddenly was presented with a blank notecard.
  6. Not sure what is going on with the forums, as my earlier comment said it posted, but did not post. If your club has a megaprim floor, and your sim is on the main channel, then you likely have the same issue I'm seeing on my sim, and it relates to SVC-5880 (I think I have the number right). This started for me last week right after a rolling restart by LL, and I understand they are working on it. In my case, my space station has an 83-meter megaprim floor, and it interacts with my AV, making my AV go up and down. To try and do anything without going mad, I have to sit in a chair to do
  7. If the building has a megaprim floor, and it is on the main channel, then the issue is in the sim code. SVC-5880 I think it is. I have the issue here. It showed up with the last rolling restart.
  8. It is the reason why LL is removing SVC-5880 from the sims. I discovered the bouncing on my sim on Tuesday, and LL examined it closely. It seems to relate between physics, avatars, and some megaprims.
  9. If all of your parameters are numeric, you could use an llDialog and make a menu that looks like a 10-button numeric keypad. if you have multiple parameters to set, you could have 2 levels of llDialog: One to select which parameter that you want to set, followed by the numeric keypad to input the actual parameter.
  10. What I do is only a variation of what you are doing.... when I load my list, if I know I have to do some comparisons on certain entries, I try to force the entry in the list to be lower case using llToLower. Then, I usually will compare with a hardcoded lowercase string. Essentially, the reverse of what you are doing. Also, I will do an extra step of removing whitespace from the beginning and end of the word before I put it into the list.
  11. One thing i haven't seen mentioned: You could designate an ALT to be the receiver of your money and all of those payment dialogs. You would have to start with your ALT being the one distributing the vendors to the shop owners. Your ALT could stay offline for long periods of time, and you just log-on with your ALT when you need to do...accounting.
  12. I don't think I would like that. I mean, frequently, I find an updated version unintentionally less functional for me than an old version, and will generally continue to use the old version. Some products have an accumulation of customized settings, and the makers of those products offer a method of transferring that information to the new version. If your product has such functionality, you probably don't want it to do an llDie until that is complete, and verified. I just updated a product last week, and the update failed the first time for me, and I had to repeat the procedure. There ar
  13. Thanks. If I do find out anything, I will post it. What seems to be the answer, so far, is as Luc described, which, strangely enough, I already did in the course of looking around. I wasn't certain of some of the feeds, so I may have subscribed to more than I needed to. Using Firefox, I did find the RSS feed icon inside the address space, and I usually just ignore icons alone as so much decoration or advertising cluttering up the screen. I didn't think it was click-able. It seems to me that when the bottom-right of the page has a place to follow using Facebook and Twitter, that there shou
  14. Maybe I'm just dense, but I still have my RSS reader installed from before the "upgrade" was made to the "forums". I just want the single RSS feed that will subscribe me to all the forums, blogs, threads, etc that exist for Second Life. It doesn't seem to exist. Also, there isn't anything about RSS whatsoever on the Subscription & Bookmarks tab of My Profile, just stuff about email options.
  15. Where is the ALL RSS feed for ALL Blogs, Forum, Knowledge Base etc. combined? I've looked and used the search function, and can't find anything but feeds for a few individual items.
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