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  1. Body that i worn on photo is maitreya and i used extreme size as you see: lara version 4.1
  2. Giving wrong information does not help people. In these images taken with the gyazo I show you the head of Jenny (visible) with the body maitreya (visible) https://gyazo.com/ac818fe729a7d088ce9e2c66f59728f8 https://gyazo.com/e5d6110bd7581c216b8130b802bafcd7 https://gyazo.com/5b5aa67c79c473c2ed9075b876d5a650 Head Jenny with body maitreya body fat 8 Head Jenny wih body maitreya body fat 100 Head Jenny wih body maitreya body fat 100 neck trikness 74 and lenght 100 And now some abbreviated technical information,
  3. Hello, Vanity Fair What you show is the neck size, it is not a seam. However the HUD is fixed on the sold version and not on the demo. We named this part "Neck size" and Now you can turn off the neck .So you can widely spread this news on your blog :). Neck size exists to connect the mesh head with the second life body. It is not necessary on bodymesh, if the creator of the body has respected the canons of sl. Even if the body mesh creator has not respected it, the body will be provided with a fitting neck, you can use that. https://gyazo.com/e661bcab73a49e1832bef3638eb591e4 Jenny w
  4. We can speack of hand too? This rig of hand not is good. I can make joint position, yes.... in this mode when creators of animation use basic skeleton of second life my hand move good...yes. Too bad we can only have one joint position for the same bones(if i undderstood) yes... but...As we put rings and nails?
  5. If Creators seek changes is because they know well their costumers and they know that if the mechanism does not verge possible perfection of sl, costumers will complain and creators can not lose face. They want all for their costumers, but this not is possible.Now we have this situation:the animations will work great on mesh heads without slider and sliders will work fine on heads without facial animation(or very little). To costumers the choice, according to their preferences. However no one can have the same head that he or she created with apparence on avatar of system, this must be clear
  6. Sincerely Bento project for avatars human mesh, not only useless, but also harmful. As you say the vast majority of the avatars are human. A) FACE Linden has entered the slide to the deformation of the face, and instead each animation of the face depends on the morphology of the face = is not appropriate any changes to the face by the costumers, even minimal, otherwise it will create the animation of the face of the "MONSTERS" . Also two IDENTICAL faces, but with a different construction of the mesh (vertices and edge positioned differently in space) will not move in the same way. Furthermor
  7. To animate the hair so credible, as well as the skirts (they may not fit into the legs of the avatars) need to be created a complete and specific AO for THAT hair. I experienced the skirts 4 years ago using the collision volume. If instead you want to create hair for photos and small videos with firm avatar, you can use the bones of wings modifying it in edit mode. So you can create different pose with a single hair.
  8. Gael i think so , too. I must hack again system for my face animation. Now i start to study this. This the second after fitted mesh: NOT IS POSSIBLE USE THE SAME BONES FOR ANIMATION AND MORPH. Gael i make face animation since two years with only 8 bones, you think that project Bento born for facial animation, but the skeleton proposed tells us more.
  9. i have the same problem. At the end...what should I do to upload the mesh?
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