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  1. I LOVE Catznip. it's easy to navigate, it is not overly complicated and it does what I need without 6000000 bells and whistles that I am absolutely never going to use to make me insane.
  2. This is not a theme that over all interests me but I will pop in to see what my fave stores are putting out because you never know... there is always that chance to be surprised.
  3. I have been reading all of this and have been a member since 2007 and a premium for a while and man oh man have I seen many a changes. For me the most frustrating this is while I loved my linden home.. I hated the layout... like it would be almost perfect but the placement of a staircase of a wall being cut short to make way for the worlds smallest restroom/kitchen would drive me batty because I could not get my home just how I wanted it... I loved not losing the LI against my prims but not being able to create as I liked... drove me to mainland. I have a lovely house and a nice 1024 but that 1024 took me forever to find because hello flat not weird shaped land (so many of us have been there) For me.. I'd be happy with more stipend each week and at LEAST a 2048.. because while I love the current home I found.... I keep finding homes I LOVE and its JUST a teeny bit over the 30/5/30.5 31/31 I can fit on my cube... yeah I have a near almost cube shaped piece on the mainland... so just something a bit bigger and I'd be happy... I don't need a space for some huge mansion or anything but at least a 2048.. heck even a 2560 or a 3072 would be rockstar depending on the price... just that little bit extra so I could have some furniture outside... or get that dream house that eludes me because while the inside is perfect it has that attached patio or balcony or what have you that is no mod so you can not remove it to make it fit as intended... I would also not be object to more group spots.... I always find myself playing pick and choose there.. but so far am making it work but in 6 months from now I know thats going to be an absolute nightmare. I would hope that it would not be astronomical since money is well its always an issue but I would not be object if the deal was right for a 50-60-75 increase range.. I would find a way to manage it it gave some good things not those what the heck is this stuff... so here is to hoping, waiting and watching.
  4. I can not get in either all I get error messages and check grid status among other things and i tried three different viewers -sigh- I am in everything else fine just second life is having a tantrum.
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