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  1. City of Heroes is a very silly and down right stupid comparison. I put money into that game but SL for some is a business and an investment that has a return on that investment. For example there is a literal real world millionaire that made their money from SL land speculation. Comparing that to a pay to play superhero computer game is beyond stupid. It is old but in my mind some kind of way to transistion between the two would be the best solution. Also ways to convert inventory over when possible. Say a content creator that is still current having the new version on the new platform and just getting a kind of redeliver box might be one way. I just want to see LL update there idea of customer service and update there integrity. The mess they created with skill games was a disaster that never needed to happen if they worked it out like they should have back in 2007
  2. LL has clearly stated in policy that games in which you do not pay to play are not within the scope of the skill game policies. You can wager something if your not paying anything so nothing is being risked. I advise against loopholes though but something like ad boards would be ok obviously as long as they are not designed to fuel the machines by the players etc
  3. If you look on the wiki it now says in the notes: " Linden Lab Official:Second Life Skill Gaming FAQ" "We are no longer accepting new applications to the Second Life Skill Gaming Program at this time. Accordingly, all links to the application have been disabled. Please check back here in the future for any updates." also on another page it says "The Skill Gaming Program is currently closed to new Operator and Creator applications. Pending applications submitted prior to April 1, 2015, will be reviewed and processed normally." If you applied and you they never even responded to you and you had to go through legal channels essentially you had to force them to respond and if you didn't do that they just took your money and made no action. This is typically considered to be a form of fraud and you should request your application fee and legal fees paid back given they would not respond. This has happened with skill game owners also where they applied and LL simply never responded ever. The situation now given game creators and owners can not apply is that the few businesses that remains (and they are businesses given they can make actual money) have no competitors newcompetiors can appear on the scene. Additionally game owners can't diversify there line up since nobody can apply. And lastly they would not approve a game operator like Jaded who has some of the more skill based games out there to approve while they allow PI games ie Foxy Furman to run effectively what is a slot machine tournament. His games are the least skill based than anything out there. They claim to be player versus player which the only way that is possible is if the players on any given machine everywhere on the grid were playing the exact same play fields including the random 50k in points that players get. His games might as well be full blown slot machines and really the pay out amount is actually determined by a random slot wheel. Lastly it is widely known that the owner lives in a state that skill games are not legal. LL has created a massive mess and a highly liable situation for themselves so they can continue to profit off of some very obvious games of chance. Solitaire is a great example of a game of skill in SL. Also this is a mess that should have been addressed back in 2007. LL made zero effort then to keep games within legal terms and they progressively allowed games to become more and more games of chance. More true games of skill fell to the side and really only a few still remain. Prax and Solitaire are two of the more obvious games of skill. They also allowed a hack of an attorney who should be disbarred to represent a large number of game owners and creators with a bizzare automated approach to the law. LL profited off of this insanity, they profited off of clearly illegal games including full games of chance when they knew they existed. I honestly don't think I can ever trust Linden Labs as making money at all cost is there MO even if it means they profit off of the law being bent to hell and there actions and inactions directly shaped the entire skill game industry since 2007.
  4. It doesn't have to be compatible to be a sequal. You only are saying its not a sequal but a parallel out of deniability that eventually The old SL will be phased out over time or possibly sold as a best case scenario. SL is too dated and needs a new foundation. I personally hope they will make a browser that can somehow acess both worlds seemlessly. If they don't I can't see old SL surviving for a very long time.
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