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  1. City of Heroes is a very silly and down right stupid comparison. I put money into that game but SL for some is a business and an investment that has a return on that investment. For example there is a literal real world millionaire that made their money from SL land speculation. Comparing that to a pay to play superhero computer game is beyond stupid. It is old but in my mind some kind of way to transistion between the two would be the best solution. Also ways to convert inventory over when possible. Say a content creator that is still current having the new version on the new platform and ju
  2. LL has clearly stated in policy that games in which you do not pay to play are not within the scope of the skill game policies. You can wager something if your not paying anything so nothing is being risked. I advise against loopholes though but something like ad boards would be ok obviously as long as they are not designed to fuel the machines by the players etc
  3. If you look on the wiki it now says in the notes: " Linden Lab Official:Second Life Skill Gaming FAQ" "We are no longer accepting new applications to the Second Life Skill Gaming Program at this time. Accordingly, all links to the application have been disabled. Please check back here in the future for any updates." also on another page it says "The Skill Gaming Program is currently closed to new Operator and Creator applications. Pending applications submitted prior to April 1, 2015, will be reviewed and processed normally." If you applied and you they never even responded to you and you
  4. It doesn't have to be compatible to be a sequal. You only are saying its not a sequal but a parallel out of deniability that eventually The old SL will be phased out over time or possibly sold as a best case scenario. SL is too dated and needs a new foundation. I personally hope they will make a browser that can somehow acess both worlds seemlessly. If they don't I can't see old SL surviving for a very long time.
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