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  1. I DL'ed the SL viewer, but it lagged so badly it was just impossible. However i love the pic feed. Today I DL'ed the Firestorm Viewer however there was not an option to post to my SL pic feed only to Flickr. Is there a way to post these pics I am taking to the SL Profile pic feed that i take on Firestorm rather then to flickr??? Thanks, Angel
  2. I love spring in both worlds.. In SL it is time to pack away al the winter things and redo our sim for spring flowers and trees and the water is so0o0 pretty. sail boats and lots of fluffy clouds. As for romance sure Rhett and I have a big plan for this spring and we are excited abtt. So yeah spring in SL is wonderful.... romance and beauty abounds! Now in real I love it also... new wheat crops coming up and loads of calves being born everything on the farm renews and is reborn again.. the fruit trees are blooming with a promise of jams and canning ahead.. weeds are sprouting up reminding me i need to get ready to mow again and everything is just perfect to me.... but is something abt the smell in the springtime air that puts a smile on my face each day!! :smileyvery-happy:
  3. I know 2 guys in SL that use girls avis... One lies up a storm says he is a girl in real and we all know he isn't cause we know him but he does kinda look like a girl tho but not exactly... However he has caused more damage from his lies then I can count and he always gets busted .. Always.. sometimes it may take a couple months for a guy to figure out he is with another guy and then all heck breaks loose. Yet he comes to us in tears and all upset and etc when it is his fault for his lies. Now the other guy I know he is and has been in a relationship with one girl "real girl in real" but he is honest and we all know he is a guy in real playing a girl in SL and in the 5 1/2 years I have been in SL he has always been open and honest abt it that he is a guy ( he is always preggers.. has a closoet full of prim babies hahhahahaha). However no one gets upset and he is so0o0o sweet and I just adore him but he is totally honest. In my time at SL I guess I have been lucky and have always dated guys in SL that are guys in real... some super nice a few super scary and etc etc. I do talk on the phone or whatever to any guy I am in a relationship with. Rhett and I have been together almost a year now and he is who he says he is and what he says he is. So I guess in SL it is all the luck of the draw... or what I do..I never jump into a relationship of any kind in SL and I take my time to know the person I am with. I do not believe in instant relationships here of any kind so i honestly have never in all my years had that problem nor has it ever been an issue to me nor is it now. :smileyvery-happy: Do I care what a persons sex is here in SL vs their RL ...... not really what I care abt is that that people are honest and do not hide behind their avi to "trick or fool others" and that each resident make an effort to remember we are all humans behind the cartoons and not to intentionally be mean or cruel to others. Personally i do not get why this is such an issue since this is our world our imagination. :smileywink: PS:: If it matters I do not ask to know a persons real life but I find as i get to know someone we just kinda go there because we are forming what i call a friendship in SL it always s eems to happen I have no problem discussing my real as i am proud of it however I do not discuss my real with people i do not consider my friend.. I have a knack for figuring out those that are honest decent peoples pretty quickly. I guess that comes from being in the country and not thinking i am better then others. A great example of this is a met a person here in the forums that i call a friend in SL and they are totally great and even a nicer kinder person then i could have hoped they would have been and i think they are a total hero in a forum so full of plastic people and people with really scarry issues.. umm at least scarry to me :smileywink: Edited to add a PS
  4. Happy Easter to you Valerie and to everyone in SL!!!
  5. aww well here are you a few easter cupcakes so you can forget the ickky eggs :smileyhappy:
  6. Scylla Rhiadra wrote: But to argue, as you certainly seem to be, that really "we're all the same," and that there is no justification for a separate forum, because heterosexuals also get bullied and beaten up, represents a failure to recognize and acknowledge the unique problems and challenges faced by the LGBTI community -- problems and challenges that derive not from that community itself, but from the intolerance and homophobia of a society still dominated by the notion that heterosexuality is "normal" and homosexuality an aberration. We are not "all the same," because It is not a level playing field, not by a long shot. _________________________________________________________________________________________ I absolutely agree with you on all of your points and personally I think there should be a separate forum not hidden but one where people can easily post and reply in without a feeling of censorship or that being heterosexual will be the only topic addressed.. I do notice other then your well written threads and Storms heterosexual threads there are none that are for about the LGBTI community . I do hope this changes soon :smileyhappy:
  7. OK i am ready for Easter!!!! Bring on the bunnies and more eggsssssssssss :smileyvery-happy: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm odd looking bunny..... but this is SL and it is our imagination!!!!!
  8. Well I do not know your gender as I have never met you nor spoke to you on the phone as I have many here in SL. However if you are a guy in SL and in the forums ..great .. I am glad to meet you Mr.. Storm but honestly I do not agree with you at all regarding pixel pets. I have zero emotional attachment to pixel pets. So your assumption of "you quoted and agree with" is totally incorrect.. sorry As for me being a "pet" no I am just me I have been just me since I arrived in SL abt 5-6 years ago and I have no alts and have only used this one account for all these years. I figure if I screw up or do good I need to take responsibility for my actions not run off get a new account and start over. I do not do that "pet" stuff in SL however I have enjoyed reading abt it on the old forums but I do not think it is something I would participate in here in SL. As for me and twitter no I do not twitter. To me is a waste of time and life I set up an account under AngelHarmison1 but have never used it . I run a farm in real with real animals and real livestock so twitter is something that is silly to me sides I have fun here umm unless this is like twitter and you are confused also then you prolly have read me here in the forums. Just to clear it all up if you have read me in twitter it apparently is not me you are reading sorry.. but paranoia will destroy you .. so I have heard. So please let paranoia go with me I am not a twitterer anything I have written is right here in the forums :smileywink: I am not sure what you mean by:: ETA NVM, it was a rhetorical question, I know. but neat I hope you find what you are seeking in the way of a pet .. btw is a pleasure to write with you :smileyhappy: My best to you Angel
  9. Easy I am contributing to a creator/designers well being financially as many are friends of mine in SL. As far as pixel pets representing something to me not really they are adding to the landscape nothing more such as a bird in the sky over my sim does. As for my Lindens well I have a lot so I spend how I want to spend it.. Don't you??? The creators and designers enjoy the small amount of revenue they make from their wonderful creations surely you're not suggesting I should not spend my money with them???? Sorry Venus but I do not cultivate friends with a pixel... I do however with the person behind the avatar/pixels. I am not shallow enough to think the pixels/avatars people use here look like them or are them nor do I crush out on their pixels like many do here apparently. So to sum it up I do try to get to know the person BEHIND the pixels apparently unlike some.. possibly.. I don't know I can only assume .. then again I am just a country girl ~smiles and shrugs~. Btw this subject of friendships and marriage is a bit off topic from the OP and her/his attachment to pixel animals .. However if you would like to start another thread in this same sub forum for relationships in SL that do not involve pixel pets I am betting the farm many would enjoy it :smileyhappy: Looks over at you and smiles as I offer you a glass of sweet tea .. Do have some I think it will cool you off and you can even keep the mason jar as a small but sincerely meant gift . :smileyhappy: BTW I did look below the surface and it scared me.... pixel animals are pixel animals .. and real animals are real animals.. I form attachments to animals in real not in pixel form. If the OP is making comments abt another type of "pet" he needs to make that clear as it reads the 4 legged bow wow and meow kind of pixels.. If she/he had a deeper meaning they should have written it a bit more clearly so all of us "ordinary folks" got it :smileywink: For all you pet lovers IN REAL remember to spay or neuter your pet and give financially to your local pet shelters.
  10. 04-17-2011 09:18 AM - last edited on 04-17-2011 09:23 AM Um, we're talking scripted prim pets, right? lol No, I wouldn't coddle and nurture my prim pet, if I owned one. And I don't buy my computer birthday presents either. Are you not entirely comfortable with this whole "Identity and Relationships Forum" thing, Storm?______________________________________________________________________________________________ what she said also:::: How in the world do you bond with a pixel .. meaning how needy are you to feel affection for a pixel something that does not exist. I own many animals in SL and they are just that pixel pets. Btw they can only be perfect cause they are a scripted program, their behavior is what you or whom ever has your perms dictates it to be. The minute you put this "pet" in your inventory is shows that it is what it is .. Inventory of pixels in SL.. nothing more. So if your Sl pet is misbehaving possibly the person that has the perms is just blowing off steam and using the pixel animal to show their feelings. I leave the emotional feeling part for my animals in real... my 2 Black Mouthed Curs puppies, my 7 Siamese cats and 4 barn cats. However I do not extend that same emotion towards my cattle or any type of livestock. Sometimes it makes me wonder where peoples heads are at in SL... sighs. For all you pet lovers IN REAL remember to spay or neuter your pet and give financially to your local pet shelters.
  11. Wow this is just perfect Lexie and fast too!! I like the name Dresden suggested best but i can live with this and be happy too!! Yayyy for you!!!!! :smileyvery-happy:
  12. I think it falls under one if not both of these Community Standards rules. I do think the OP was treated poorly and the person that replied broke these... Intolerance Combating intolerance is a cornerstone of Second Life's Community Standards. Actions that marginalize, belittle, or defame individuals or groups inhibit the satisfying exchange of ideas and diminish the Second Life community as a whole. The use of derogatory or demeaning language or images in reference to another Resident's race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation is never allowed in Second Life. Harassment Given the myriad capabilities of Second Life, harassment can take many forms. Communicating or behaving in a manner which is offensively coarse, intimidating or threatening, constitutes unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors, or is otherwise likely to cause annoyance or alarm is Harassment.
  13. As I understand it is against Community standards Possibly of the "picards" rules also for being nice in the forums.. but I am not sure that rule applies to "The Picards" umm apparently not since it is there.. laffs I think people have to report it in order for it to be removed. I did read it an I felt sorry for the OP to be treated like that.. but "The Pickards and their associates" have their own rules we live by :smileywink:
  14. I never see them around now days. well a while ago ( as in a few years back) I did see Phillip standing in one place for several hours. :smileysad: Used to tho they were all over the grid esp. the first year or so after I joined SL.... it was really nice loads of fun and they were very connected to the residents back then. :smileyhappy:
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