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  1. I'm a basic member but this sounds like a good idea.

    The plan appears to be to make SL more like The Sims every day so that even the thickest newbies can cope with it.  Free avatar, clothes & accessories for all, free home and furniture only for premium.  Since only the thickest will want SL to be like The Sims they're likely to be stupid enough to pay for this starter stuff by going premium too.  If that helps pay for the world to exist it suits me!

    The only drawback I can see is that it's not really likely to bring more people into SL unless there's a thick interface for the think crowd that find dressing up and decorating a challenging reward, without all the complication of a virtual world.  Basic Mode in the viewer isn't an easier interface, it just eliminates most of the functionality, making it more frustrating for newbies as 'nothing works'.

  2. I've always thought it would be nice if LL did a bit more (anything!) with an international flavour, even if it's very localised.

    Bastille day, for instance, would give us all a chance to do French themes all over the place, just as an excuse for a makeover.

    Hmmm, I can think of someone who would be interested in 300 different types of cheese :-)


    Porky Gorky wrote:

    Not being American, I am not fully versed on what spring break entails...

    I'm so glad you said that first.  I looked in here to see if it said what it was about, then I was thinking "beachbonanza", what's that about?  In Spring!  Are they mad?

    Right, so it's some strange US teenage thing then.  Wonder it LL will ever consider their international residents and celebrate/promote/mention/notice a non-US event.

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