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  1. The AnimTron :matte-motes-grin: but this engine is only available in VAW products not as a stand alone engine. Atleast for now
  2. Sounds to me your issue is more of a slow connection. You need atleast a DSL modem to use SL comfortably
  3. To own a homestead, you need to own a private island (Full Region) first then you can have a homestead adjacent to it.
  4. smacked computer lol
  5. Renegade Gray

    can not move

    This sounds more like a connection issue rather than memory. Either an extremely slow connection or wireless connection with very week signal. Try logging on directly into an empty sim to mitigate lag, try this sim name "Radar".
  6. If she sees herself, ask her to go in edit appearance mode and out, if this does not resolve it, she can make minor adjustments to her shape, which ofcourse requires modify perms on the shape. Good luck.
  7. Hey Snow, I would suggest contacting LL support about it, but as far as my experience with LL billing goes, if you want to move up in levels you need to use your payment info to purchase any small amount of L$ to trigger the billing cycle which every 30 days allows you to move up a level so long as you have either one of the Sell limit or Buy limit at 0 and you contact LL support requesting a trading limit review.
  8. VirWox's rate is better than Apez and it's instant BTW Apez is not completely gone, its being revived by someone else. Hopefully before I start getting gray hair :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  9. There is no way, unless you have full perms on them and you actually fully created them, I believe you can use "Second Inventory" which basically downloads your old account's inventory then uploads to your new account.
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