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  1. Sorry that was L$25/hr. However, since then I got paid and can say that rate should be L$50/hr Plus I am happy to look at a retainer for other work. Its early days for me. So I don't want to pay more then I am sure that I can afford, Between one day and the next it has already doubled (I got paid for some work).
  2. Okay I will message you on Second Life.
  3. I am looking for someone that can write good listings for the marketplace. The work is casual / as needed Starting pay is based on $25 / hr but by task. I would like to pay more. However, I have a small budget until things get going more (there will be additional work and pay rises (asap)). Other tasks that are frequently available include graphic design, and doing other marketing such as in-world or on social media. This job is perfect for someone who is a great writer, can write for SEO (or willing to learn) and is looking at getting started with their own SL business or just wants the experience and doesn't mind that they work is irregular. We also have a discord server where creators and others connect to hire each other to work on their products, collaborate and share info on any available work that comes up. The server has a shortage of people in the marketing area. Additionally I am a coach (and game producer) with experience in startups and so would be happy to provide some coaching for the successful applicant.
  4. Hi, Marciana I am looking for someone that can help with marketplace listings (writing, seo & photos. etc) . Also am interested in the teaching, photography and vlogging and blogging etc. It would be based on per hour but to start with per task. I work with another creator helping with their products as well as creating my own. I have big ambitions. I want to make a difference with my products and experiences that could change the face of second life. If you worked with me I would see you as more of a partner and support and coach you with your endeavors. As my SL income continues to grow I will be able to provide more work as well as give pay rises and employ more people. I am a Game Producer and have my own business startup called Your Future Games. Lets combine passions and synergize our creative skills.
  5. Are you still looking? If so please contact me inworld.
  6. This looks really interesting. Is it possible to visit or get access to this training on SL?
  7. Hi, I can do a wide range of tasks: Coaching, Planning, Game Design, Strategy, Training, Teaching, Project Management, HR, rapid prototypinh, Social Media, Writing, Community Management, Wordpress, Amateur Programming/hacking (C#, LSL, Javascript, Python, PHP), Amateur Art (Logos, 3D) etc. I wish to work flexibly as a consultant/contactor. I am also very open to having a patron. Either way the goal is to fund my Second Life passion which is to change Second Life from the inside (rather then expecting that Linden Labs will fix things). What would I actually do? Most Likely I would review your projects or businesses and work with you to improve them. I am a Solutionist and Entrepreneur. Pretty much everywhere I go in Second Life I see design flaws. I enjoy solving them or with coaching (and powerful questions) help you to find the solutions yourself. I have a particular interest in the synergy between Learning, Working and playing. Also in where Virtual Worlds and Reality Connects (real world value). I also want to get started teaching in SL. I am available for Teaching, Training, Speaking & Coaching. I have real world experience. I have also developed my own material e.g. Game Based Personalities / Communication Styles. I have also taught game development and english. Feel free to send me a message regarding your situation and what kind of payment you are offering. For Patrons/sponsors send me a message and we can discuss and agree on how funds will be spent. Working on Secondlife for me is a labor of love for the moment. So don't be afraid to make an offer. Get in early though as I will become ever more picky about the jobs I take as opportunities increase. Warm Regards, YourFutureCoach (swingkid)
  8. Awesome. This is the kindof thing I have been looking for since coming back to second life. I am a game producer btw.
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