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  1. Go Build->Pathfinding->Region objects (sort as you like)
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    Same issue since 2nd half of december here - happens only in Windows (8.1 x64 here) - linux doesnt have this issue - account is definitvely logged out, checked from other accounts and sl-website - mostly restart windows with clearing cache helps - doesnt matter if legacy V1 or v2 login server is set - happens with secondlife client and firestorm (6.0.2 and 6.3.2) and coolvl - login region doesnt matter (tried home, last location and some mainland regions) - happens in ADITI too
  3. [BiC]'s Multicast boards got their update/fix today since the formerly Magnum issue got rolled out yesterday to the main channel. Also the Icecast parser got updateted to the most recent version. Contact me with your purchase details for your update package. Best regards, Dianna Loxely [BiC]/Dunkelziffer CEO
  4. again some times have passed, anyways i want to share some informations Importing Collada meshes with rigging from Blender, DAZ, whatever into C4D works perfect. The problem ist the C4D Collada exporter. Even with the checked "export animations" checkbox all rigging information will lost (you can see by comparing file size) So here is my little solution for this problem: 1) Export from C4D to Autodesk FBX -> all rigging information stays intact 2) Convert the fbx file with the free Autodesk FBX-Converter tool to Collada 3) Import into SL, checking the "include skin weight" and "Include joint positions" checkboxes (that are not greyed out now) good thing aside, the converter fixes the different axes directions (standing Avatar in C4D -> standing avatar in SL) keep an eye at the avatar scaling, it cannot corrected with Export/Import scaling (its in the rigging) best suggestion, use real life sizes for your mesh in C4D (~180cm)
  5. Found a solution here: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7674 The link for the IP test have changed, its now https://secondlife.aditi.lindenlab.com/my/account/mesh-landing.php?
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