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  1. Lindal.Kidd schrieb: Pink Linden stated that the shiny model they're looking at is Apple's iPhone apps, where Apple gets a 30% cut of sales.LL may never charge that much, but that is the golden goose that they are trying to catch. Yes, I remember that. But that was long ago in November or December. Seems that there are no news on that...
  2. They just nevere ever said something about it again? If they wait till everything seddled down, it will boil up again when they finally do it, right? Maybe they just dropped it like it's hot...
  3. Hi, I remember well the discussion about new fees to remove freebies from XStreet. See here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Managing_Freebies_on_Xstreet_SL_Roadmap_FAQ They say there We expect to enact these controls within the time window 30 - 90 days following this roadmap announcement on November 18th, 2009. When I read the fee schedule today (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Xstreet_fees and http://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=4) it says Xstreet does not charge merchants for standard item listings on the Marketplace website. What happened to the expectation? Does it mean that the freebie management is cancelled or postponed? Or is it already implemented and I just don't understand the fee schedule?
  4. Nuesha.India schrieb: Okay, so what sort of thing can an 14 year old girl send as proof of age? And won't it cost alot to send something from Britian to California. Could I take a picture of my Passport and send the picture via internet. I don't think my parents would allow me to send my actual passport. You could place it on a fax machine and send a fax.. there's a fax number. (At least you write in whole sentences)
  5. Is it possible to completely turn off this feature in 2.0 ? What would be the impact (besides that I can't do online banking from SL anymore, lol)?
  6. Linda.Spargel schrieb: Doris, as long as you don't interact with that prim (ie using the website on the prim) it can not connect to your computer and therefore just by looking at it nothing could be happening. How can I tell if there is a website displayed? I should know before I click on it if something can "happen" then.. If you're right, then I guess it is easy to create a website that mimics a harmless texture on a tempting-to-click-me object that then will cause something bad. Linda.Spargel schrieb: Using a website will give that website your IPaddress, otherwise it could not send any information back for you to view.It is already displayed before I click on it, right? So it knows my IP address beforehand or it can send information to me without knowing my IP address. ? Or did I miss something?
  7. Faubio.Alter schrieb: Frankly you should not be provided an answer to this question. It's none of your business. I hoped the answer to my question would have been that it is not possible, because I don't want someone to find out my ip number. But that is none of your business. Looks as if I avoid using media streams (which I rarely use), I can inhibit it. Does this change with viewer 2.0? I heard it can display websites on prims, can these websites find out my ip or do something harmful to my computer?
  8. I like that idea. I hope it will really work out! (Althouh I have some doubts) Anyway, I will try and help.. what should I do?
  9. Faubio.Alter schrieb: This is what you need to do:Open the statistics bar (view > statistics bar) and the network preferences (edit > preferences > network > maximum bandwidth slider) Tp to a SIM while the SIM is rezzing set the Bandwidth slide bar for the maximum kbps you can achieve in the statistics bar. This location should be near the maximum speed of your ISP service. You will need to find out your connection speed. This is very interesting. I tried it with the EMERALD viewer and here is what I observed: Bandwidth jumps up to 700 - 900 kbps, then sometimes goes back to 0 for some (1-2) seconds, then jumping up again to 700 Meanwhile, more things appear and grey things get colors. At some point, it goes down to 40-100 kbps. In the "Advanced" section of the statistics, I can see in the group network that "Texture" (which was taking up most the bandwidth until now) went back to zero. I think that would be ok, if all textures had been loaded.. but still many things are still grey! After some time (minutes), the texture starts again going up to 20 - 100 kbps. Now I am in the sim for minutes and I guess that's it - things that are grey now will stay grey. Then I did the same with the SL viewer (1.23) with no significant difference. Even though some things (walls, floors) are still missing, there is no bandwidth (for objects 9-18 kbps, textures 0) that indicates they are loading. As if they were forgotten. The SL-viewer maximum of the bandwith ruler is 1000 (for Emerald 5000). Anyway I never got bandwith close to the 5000 kbps of my ISP.I think the maximum for both is 1000. The LAG meter stays green-green-green all the time. I think you can just forget this thing. There is no packet loss at all. What can I do to force the forgotten things to load (I already cleared the cache)? Why are they forgotten?
  10. Faubio.Alter schrieb: Are you sure about that processor, a Pentium III? That processor barely squeezes by conforming to the minimum requirement to run SL. Most new PCs have dual core processors at least. I would suggest you find a helper with that lag problem. Someone inworld to help you. See "Device Manager" in Windows PCs for your PC hardware. This graphics card may not run on a PC with a Pentium III processor, Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 260/PCI/SSE2 Your right it should run better with lots less trouble but that's computing in 2010. Nooo.. it's what that stupid SL viewer is guessing.. How could windows rate a Pentium III with 7.4. out of 7.9 points?! Windows call it "Intel® Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz" and the Graphic Card runs very well.. specially on grey colors. You're right, I will ask a friend in-world. Thank you
  11. Kokoro.Fasching schrieb: What is your internet connection? Are you connectd via ethernet (wired), or wireless? It's a blue cable going thru the whole flat to a white box where a white cable goes to a grey box from where a black cable goes to the wall. The boxes they call router and splitter. The speedtest says I have 5867,51 kBit/s (716.25 kBytes/s) down and 624,53 kBit/s (76.24 kBytes/s) upoad. Nothing explains why the sims are mainly grey (it got worse since a few days), except that one of the boxes with the cables is grey too.. but I guess it's a coincidence. Do I get used to it? No, I don't log in so much any more
  12. Mickey.Vandeverre schrieb: If the above is true, in causing lag....what would fix it....create an av for storage only....and send the bulk of it to another av who just sits, and doesn't need to walk around? Is there some other kind of storage solution? But you can't store no-trans things in other avis. You can put them in a box and rez this box on your land. Then delete the things from your inventory. That will clean your inventory, and you'll lag with less things then. It will have the same effect on lag as if you'd dance in underwear around a fire: you will still have lag.
  13. Braden.Tedeschi schrieb: Is it bad FPS (frames per second), textures not appearing, you cannot move? FPS are ok. Everything is grey. I move like I walk thru a swamp. And I only have bad sex in SL. All the traffic-light lamps in this neat lag-o-meter are green, there is no packet loss.. SNAFU. I'm in SL for how many years.. 3? I always been told that lag is caused by my network connection, my graphic card, my cache. I cleaned my cache so many times my hard disk gets thin where the cache is stored. If you'd tell me I would have to stand up while playing to get rid of lag, I'd try. I have a new computer (windows 7, 64bit), windows rates the CPU with 7.4, graphic 7.2 (out of 7.9 points). Still I have lag. You know what? I think I should not have lag with this equipment, nor should I be bothered with cleaning my cache, choosing bandwitdh and whatever else they tell you to do and where you need to study computer science for. This should be a game for non computer savvys, it should run smoothely on any equipment that meets the requirements and the requirements should not be way up to high end machines. (I know you will ask, here it is: CPU: Intel Pentium III core (unknown model, 0.18 micron process) with internal L2 cache (2672 MHz) Memory: 6136 MB OS Version: Professional (Build 7600) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 260/PCI/SSE2 Windows Graphics Driver Version: 8.17.0011.9621 OpenGL Version: 3.2.0 is what SL says.. and lags) No, I don't think it has to do with your inventory.
  14. Thank you all for your help. I understand that it is only possible if the AV is the only one in the parcel (beside myself) and is listening to the music or watching the video stream. If it is against the TOS or not is not important as people who would do that don't give a fillintheblank on that. Also, the TOS are poorly enforced IMHO, but that's another topic. Seems that even if you know the IP-address, you still don't know the exact location of the AV's driver, but at least you get close. Once again, thanks to all. How do I close this?
  15. Hi, is it possible to find out which IP-address another AV has when logged in? (How ?) Let's say, a in-world script to enter an avi's name or so and it find out the IP address of the machine where the AV is loged in.
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