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  1. Thanks for the quick reply Nalates. Since posting here the problem has become worse (2-5% packet loss everywhere I go) so I have raised a ticket with Linden. I ran another MTR to Neumoegen and once again it appears to be XOs network at fault.
  2. Over the last few days I've been experiencing 0.5-1% persistant packet loss on 1/3 of all regions visited, everywhere else is 0%. When I run WinMTR I can see the loss is occuring at one node in particular (hop 14) as seen below.  All UDP traffic appears to be routed through this IP address so it's odd that the packet loss is not present in all regions. I asked a friend to check the same regions and he's seeing 0% loss. Also seeing quite a few brief latency spikes on XO nodes. I've tried resetting/ rebooting my router and disabling HTTP pipelining in the viewer with no result. What could be causing this, network congestion or malfunction?
  3. Whirly, I can see this issue was raised back in March and appears to have persisted through to the latest client release, Second Life 3.7.20 (296094). I can confirm that this has not been a problem up until very recently as I could easily cam across to terrain on the opposite side of the region with a single click, or even the region adjacent.
  4. Hi, I've just noticed it is no longer possible to use Alt Gr + L click to center the camera on any piece of land that is further away that the draw distance setting. For example if the draw distance is set at 64m, I can't move and center the camera on land which is outside that radius - nothing happens when I click and sometimes the cursor jumps across the screen. However, this doesn't seem to be an issue when using Alt Gr to lock the camera onto prim/mesh objects, only land itself. Has anyone else noticed this and is there a way to override how far you can cam on land, without increasing draw distance?
  5. I'm seeing similar problems with textures remaining grey for extended periods of time or failing to load altogether. This relates to environment and avatar textures mostly but the world map also seems to be affected. It all started to go downhill from Sunday evening and persisted through to this morning.
  6. Since all these changes were made I am seeing grey absolutely everywhere, texture loading is extremely SLOW!!! This is with the latest official viewer which includes the new HTTP pipelining. The same also applies to world map textures, they aren't loading at all so I'm assuming these are delivered over HTTP also. I've had to turn off HTTP textures and revert back to good old fashioned UDP which seems a lot more reliable for me at the moment. Is anyone else having a similar experience or is it just me?
  7. I need someone to create a custom texture for an item of clothing. The mesh base I have is full perm and includes shadow maps, UV etc, so I have everything required for creation.
  8. I'm getting quite a few IM's go to email whilst inworld and it's getting really annoying. It can happen anywhere at any time and I'm not sure if it has something to do with my security software or whether the problem lies with the viewer/ server/ plugins or whatever. This sometimes occurs 2 or 3 times per day. I'm currently using official viewer release 3.7.6 (289164) and can't see anything listed on this issue in the release notes for any of the recent revisions. Does anyone else experience this frequently, or is it just me?
  9. Hi, I'm having an issue inworld where I'm constantly unable to properly view mine or anyone else's profile in world without having to relog. I see a padlock button in the top left hand corner of the profile window which leads me to the sign in page when clicked. It's almost as if I'm partially logged out of the service. I'm currently using viewer 3.7.6 (289164) which has been fine until yesterday when this first started happening. Has anyone else had similar issues?
  10. I have a few of Dura Dura hairstyles and none of them seem to come with alpha layers included. I will check the stores you mention and hopefully any I find will do the job. It is surprising that searching the marketplace turned up practically nothing though.
  11. I've been searching and searching and just can't find any alpha layers for the head. I have this hairstyle that shows a little skin on each side but resizing makes it too big. Also moving prims around makes it look wrong also. Does anyone know where I can find any or can someone make one for me as required?
  12. It was never a problem until the latest update but looks like a temporary fix is to delete transcripts. Still it's something which needs addressing as I've found out others are also experiencing this and quite often a relog is necessary to speed things up again.
  13. It's the other way round for me, 30+ fps in IM's and 0-5 fps in nearby chat LOL
  14. Okay it seems the extremely low frame rates and hangs were caused by an entirely different issue that I had overlooked. If I have the IM window open and have a few hours of (nearby chat) backlogged, my fps will plummet horrendously. So the more chat history the lower the frame rate, and you could image what that would be like in a busy club environment after a long night. Does anyone have any thoughts or similar experiences on this?
  15. Max heap size is currently set at 1.6GB........we are talking normal RAM aren't we? What is the recommended setting and best way to prevent the viewer from using the disk paged memory?
  16. Hi all, I have been using viewer 3.6.9 (282553) since it's release a week or so ago and can't help but notice how greedy it actually is. When I first log in it will average around 1.1GB then as soon as there are around 15 avatars nearby it will shoot up to a whopping 2.3GB RAM usage!! It's actually getting to the point where the viewer is unusable as my frame rate drops to about 1 and the screen going pitch black every 4 or 5 minutes as it freezes. I dare not look how much video RAM it's consuming.......it wouldn't actually surprise me if it was using the whole 3GB available. It's absolutely terrible and has me tearing my hair out! Has anyone else had any experiences like this with the latest release or do we know whether it's a reported issue?
  17. Since last week my Ping Sim figures have been jumping. Usually it ranges between 150ms and 200ms but recently it has regularly been hitting 500 and causing slight movement/ chat lag. I have a high speed internet connection 60mb down/ 12mb upload so it's not due to a slow connection. The problem seems to be more common in specific simulators but I have tried tracert via the windows command line and the latency never exceeds 150ms on any part of the route. However, there are two instances with tracert which show as "* * * Request timed out." just before it pings the simulator IP address at the end of the trace. Is this a tracer block or could the problem reside there?
  18. Sounds like another pointless feature that does more harm than good.
  19. Same issue here since viewer 3.4.4 and has persisted with 3.5.2. Not having any luck with a resolution..........it's likely to be bad cache handling as I've ruled out most other stuff through vigorous testing. Linden support don't seem helpful towards this issue either.
  20. Not sure what you mean by interest list changes, you mean the profile interest section? It's unusual because my gfx card has 1GB of texture memory available and an extra 1.7GB allocated by windows. Right now my tex memory in prefs is set to 512MB which is the maximum and also did as you suggested to increase the cache size. It's seems very unnecessary all this texture compression and decompression over and over when stood in the same spot with very little to load in the local environment anyway. I submitted a support ticket and they suggested the usual, re-install the viewer, clear all the App data files then power cycle my modem and router........none of which has helped the situation. I have heard many people saying how textures constantly reload on screen but I think this is where everything remains in view for them. Apparently this affects 3.4.4 onwards.
  21. I could be. It has been happening on my mesh jeans for the last few months. Sometimes have to reattach them to get the texture to reload correctly. Were your tops mesh, sculpt or baked on?
  22. I'm having having this annoying problem where if I turn to face away from any textured object(s) and turn back about 10-15 seconds later to look at them. They appear blurry and takes about 5-10 secs to completely sharpen again. I tested this in quite a small room with regular prims (no mesh or sculpts) and each time I cammed at something previously offscreen then this would constantly happen. It's like the textures aren't being properly cached/ stored in memory. My gfx drivers are up to date and I have a fast connection. Clearing the cache, re-installing and deleting all folders had no effect. This has been happening since viewer 3.4.4 and has persisted through to 3.5.1. Anyone else had this issue?
  23. Hi, I want a script that if someone clicks the object it is contained in will add them to the lands banlist (not deeded) and TP them home. I am happy to pay for someone to create the script
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