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  1. kattatonia Wickentower wrote: Oh, I'd say it hardly makes up for it. It's hidden so well that even if you know it is here you have to jump through several hoops to get to it. I go from my dashboard (where I am signed in) to Community then forums and suddenly find I am not signed in anymore. So I sign in and it sort of winks at me and says "oh yeah, you were signed in, weren't you." so it shows me as signed in again but also moves me back to blogs. So then I select forums again and I look for Offtopic which I have "floated" so it will be on top and it's a different (smaller) font and sho
  2. valerie Inshan wrote: Aaaaahhhhh! There you all are! :smileyvery-happy: I told you my boat was big enough and that we had enough food to survive!!! (I could not even finish my whiskas... :smileytongue:) Ahh, Valerie! Glad to see you, was getting a bit worried there for a minute. Didn't get chance to thank you before for providing the boat and the food, don't know how we'd have survived without it! In fact, I was almost too stuffed to crawl the last few yards!. Thanks to Quinn too, for the drinks and lighting!
  3. Hippie Bowman wrote: Hippie Finds his way to this thread! Whew! Was a rough ride getting here! Hippie settles in poolside, drink in hand! Peace! Yaay, welcome Hippie! Glad you made it safely! *clicks fingers in general direction of the high heeled waitress...* "See that guy there, near the pool?....yeah, long hair, chilled, yeah, that's him...keep his glass filled will you? Bourbon, diet coke....whatever...see that he gets it, okay?. Great, thanks!" *winks to Hippie*.
  4. Cerise Sorbet wrote: Jaen Albatros wrote: Cerise, I updated but I actually preferred the 'halo' thing....is it possible to go back to it? sorry. Done, you will get the halo back if you update now. I decided not to use the userstyles.org optional feature thing, bcause it is not compatible with the update feature. Instead, there is one new tiny style for the semitransparent background, "community.secondlife.com - make username readable". This can be installed (or not) independently of the others. Yaay, thank you, thank you, thank you Cerise! You are suuuuper cool!
  5. XiuLan Quan wrote: :smileyvery-happy: Well he IS cute! ~X~ Yep! I rather think the 'C' stands for 'Contributor'....as well as cute, of course!
  6. XiuLan Quan wrote: Why does Ags have two of those weeble wobble thingies on his badge and what does the "c" stand for? *Waves hello:smileytongue: ~X~ The 'C' stands for 'cute' and he has two coz he's greedy.
  7. Cerise Sorbet wrote: Jaen Albatros wrote: Cerise, I updated but I actually preferred the 'halo' thing....is it possible to go back to it? sorry. There is no really satisfying solution to that problem, is there? :smileysad: There is a feature on the userstyles site that can let features like this be optional at download time, I will add that next time, OK? Cool, you are so cool, thank you.
  8. Lula Svoboda wrote: This is my first post! I I just wanted to post here because I have always loved this thread and how it has survived. I love you all and keep up the good work! *kisses* Aww, that is so nice! Welcome to the forums Lula, hope you have fun here!
  9. Cerise wrote: Hi, there are a few tweaks in today's blue goo update, click the update thing in Stylish if you care about any of these. The white "Halo" shadow is gone on the usernames, replaced by a semitransparent white background. It is a little less kind to the badge images, but much easier to read the names. Some page number and statistics text was the wrong color. On some thread pages, long names collided with the sidebar when the font size was set to large. Now I plaster it over with a sidebar background [ that is what LL does too ]. Cerise, I updated but I actually preferred the
  10. Wilhiam Hydraconis wrote: Jaen Albatros wrote: Thanks to Venus, I am now able to post pics of the home I share with my Master in Gor. Jaen, if you upload pictures to use in posts you do have to keep them afterwards. All I see now in your collection of pictures when I visit your 'About' page are smilies. So remember : don't delete pictures you uploaded which you have used in postst or they will be deleted within the posts as well. Would like you to retry if you don't mind to have a look at this home you share. Are you okay Wilhiam? :smileysad: Thanks for this tip too,
  11. Sole wrote: Jaen Albatros wrote:This is a follow up thread (with humourous intent), aimed at the forumites who were 'there' meaning ' there' in the previous thread... Sole wrote: I was there ! I happily contributed to that thread (and I think no one can say that I lack of humour) but the spirit was totally different in my perception. I find there's an icy censorship wind now in SL Forums and as I'm substantially against all kind of censorship, I can but mourn over the new Forum, and especially the disappearance of GD. The very fact that some people rejoice on the way it has been
  12. Thanks to Venus, I am now able to post pics of the home I share with my Master in Gor. He owns the house, the platform is mine and I'm hoping I can learn to terraform it to make it a bit more interesting; we don't have many prims so it's a bit sparse. We love it nevertheless though. Kind of an odd mixture, an old, gothicky house on a beach, but hey, we're Gorean and we love the sea! The flags are 'His and hers', I love the flapping noise they make in the wind. View from front porch. The ship is actually a prim statue set against the screen. I made a little rock pool with plants and r
  13. Venus Petrov wrote: Jaen Albatros wrote: Wilhiam your house is gorgeous! Tried to upload some pics of my home but it keeps saying they are too big...? I don't understand why pics come out different sizes.. :smileymad: It may be because your images are .PNG. Make them .JPEG and they should work. Each image cannot be more than 500K. Ahh, that was it...Thank you Venus! )
  14. Sole wrote: Jaen Albatros wrote: Jaen Albatros stands at the prow of the great ship, hair (feathers) blowing back in the wind, one arm (wing) draped casually around WingedTraveller's shoulders (wings). Looking around at the happy forumites, some playing deck games, some chattering excitedly in groups, some talking seriously in a quiet corner, old friends and new, differences put aside/forgotten, banding together in this time of change, she smiles contentedly. Aahh, peace reigns at last! **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://i.ytimg.com/vi/saalGKY7ifU/default.jpg','vid':
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