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  1. I'm so glad to see I'm not the only person who's been having issues with this as of late. @Samara SharkfinJust out of curiosity - was sending a ticket the only way this was resolved? If so, I'll have to go do that tonight. Either way, thank you so much for this workaround. I've been neglecting work on listings because I've been too annoyed by this little bug to do anything with them.
  2. To be fair to everyone who's posted since I went to bed, while the better half and I have shopped around on parts, there's still a lot that has yet to be learned as far as SL goes on my behalf and I didn't know about a lot of this. @Marianne LittleI'm pretty sure that if I sent a notecard and asked, the shape would be updated for 2.5, especially if the store was only established last year. There's a huge reason why I keep reminding my better half that trying demos first is important and this has been a reminder as to why I adore having the demos first, lmao, because of issues like this on
  3. See, the odd thing about this is is that the store was apparently established in 2020. Did the 2.5 update come out last year? If so, I could see if I could do so, though they don't have an in-world store, alas. I also looked and I do have Skyler 2.5, so that means I'm going to need to find a different head. Feck. Thank you for this information, though! This helps a LOT.
  4. I used the Skyler updating tool in the folder that came along with the head when I bought it earlier and it said it's up to date. Is there any way I can double check it to see if it's the 2.5 head? Because if it says it's up to date, then my assumption would be that it's 2.5? If not, then I'll have to find some way to fix that!
  5. Well, I've honestly never even known that there's sliders for making shapes. I've been using premade ones as has the hubby since we started on SL, so there's probably a lot we don't know about. If you think that playing with these sliders might help, I'd love to learn about them. But otherwise, I'll just have to chalk this up to a loss of money and see about finding another, better shape. All I'd like is to get one that has Skyler and Gianni going together and being friends which I'd hoped this one would be, but alas. Still, this is all useful information!
  6. The shape I bought was specifically designed for the Skyler Lelutka head with the Gianni body and came complete with a style card for how to make myself look like the avatar model from the sale item. I've been around long enough to know how to do a shape/head combo hunt, which is why it's very, very strange for me to find that this shape is deforming so badly. I've gone through and put in things such as the face base and brows, taken them off, applied the BOM, taken the BOM off, watched my husband do what he could for my body and so on and so forth. So the fact that neither he nor I could figu
  7. So, I'm rambling around to here because I need some help. I'm using a Gianni body with a Lelutka Skyler head and I bought myself a body/shape combo to go with it. Now, normally, that's not a very difficult thing to put together my headaches with getting a Lelutka head set up aside because I've been doing this a while and my spouse has gone through the pain of putting together a body for himself more than once with different shapes and skins, so we're pretty experienced in that. However, that's not the case here. When I put on this new shape, my face deforms. I've gone through my worn tab
  8. Oh that's actually good to know. I had read everything that I thought would work for this idea of mine, but I'll have to hunt around and see if the manuals are up because I had thought I had done that. But I'll poke around both systems; I have a favoritism for the Peanut collaring system, I admit, because it's the system that works with my spouse and it was a system that I picked up on very quickly so I'll comb through the website and see what comes up. I appreciate all of the advice and knowing that there's steps I'm missing. I was just wondering if there was like - a script kit or somet
  9. I honestly don't know if I am using the 'correct' set of scripts. I have done some reading around and saw that the group's split apart so I'm not sure which one would work better. Looking at the website, however, this is a script set I have downloaded. I have unzipped it but I'm trying to figure out where the scripts are at. I know enough to recognize potential scripts but not enough to be sure if I'm doing this right and I don't want to 'break' anything, so to speak. But I will consider the group and asking for aid if I can. I admit, I thought it was as simple as "here, take these script
  10. Hello again to the forums! I'm hoping I can get some help here; primarily, I'm looking to add in OpenCollar scripts into an item I own. I recently purchased a choke-chain collar that I am very, very fond of and I was hoping to add in the OpenCollar scripts into it to turn it into a proper collar with controls and all. Listen, I have roleplay needs-- I have done some looking around and reading on how to possibly add in the scripts that I want to work with this collar but I may not be doing something right. I'll have this collar rezzed, either worn or on the ground, I'll drag the scr
  11. I was afraid of that, so, so much. Why they can't make it so we could just upload an image key with a batch of gacha items from the same one... Ah well. Thank you!
  12. Allow me to apologize first off if this isn't where I should be posting this; I looked through the forums and thought this would perhaps be the best place to ask this question I have. Namely, primarily -- it's just this one question: Is there any way to add an image to a batch of items I'm putting up for sale? I'm a gacha reseller and the biggest pain I deal with is having to put an image on each and every listing in preparation individually. If there's a way for me to add an image to a batch of listings that all come from the same gacha, that would save me so much of a headache. I haven'
  13. I admit that right now I'm considering my own options and what I know of myself and my skillset in regards to beginning somewhere simple and building up my skillset, but I was thinking of the possible long-term for this process. I do know I want to start with jewelry and see what I can manage in that area, since I figure that jewelry would be a nice way to begin learning what Blender's capable of. Still, this is certainly useful to know since I'm not going to consider clothing just yet. I'm ambitious but I also know that I'm the kind of person who would, somehow, break the program if I tr
  14. Hello all, my first time posting in these forums and I'm hoping I can get some advice. Mostly ... should I get AvaStar with Blender? I grabbed Blender because, hi, I'm an ambitious soul who has an idea for designing an in-game Christmas gift for his husband and I've been doing some reading and research. I don't know if I'm going to ever try designing avatars and I found out that AvaStar is designed around that, though I may attempt that and animations down the line as I learn, but I have seen people saying that AvaStar is worth getting because it helps you avoid 'gotcha' moments with
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