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  1. What helped me a lot is finding a mesh head where I could edit the mouth into a smiling one, the slider for the mouth corners! Some mesh heads have a mouth where the corners turn downwards a bit.. Otherwise my avatar would look a bit more grumpy hehe 😄 Thank you!! 🥰 I like your avatar as well! An elegant beauty 😇
  2. thank you so much!! ❤️ I am going for that friendly look 😇
  3. You can send me a message when you have the time!! (seeing you have made many friends already haha) I am also looking for friends and I don't judge
  4. I also have the aida head! in fact, I got it recently because I actually didn't really like any of the evolution heads. I think the only downside is that you can not find as much new make up/appliers as you would find for the evolution heads. And maybe the BOM layers and HUD.. Personally I think getting Aida is worth it even if it's older.
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