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  1. Oh wow it works now! I've decreased the vertex groups to only nessasary ones and now I can include weights.
  2. Yeah, it is. Have a look at them if you want: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ahmx3aht5bxuavn/Avatar Core Nova Devkits.zip?dl=0 (I'm using male body as armature).
  3. I will try to repeat whole rigging process and check the results. Gonna answer tomorrow.
  4. Thanks, I got closer to the final goal, but now, I cannot include weights for the mesh (see pic) Even though It's all properly rigged, weightpainted and exported, SL still doesn't let me to import it as intended.
  5. So I've been working on this sweatshirt. It's pretty much done (rigging, weightpainting, textures, etc.) My question is, How can I export this cloth piece as .dae without the use of Avastar? I've been trying to export it with different methods (always as collada), but in the end I've been receiving an empty .dae file or, in SL, an error message "missing level of detail".
  6. Tagar1k

    Want a free mesh?

    So yesterday, I've been practicing all day on how the clothing works. I think I got it? Nevermind, when importing this test piece of clothing into SL, it generates an error: Missing level of detail At least I've learned how rigging and weightpainting works
  7. Tagar1k

    Want a free mesh?

    I'm speechless. Can't say anything else but big and heartwarming thank you for your generosity! The thing is I am able to edit my posts, but the title can't be changed + is misleading (can't take more spots cuz of limited free time). @Aquila Kytorialready introduced me to it. I've applied to get access but haven't really touched this. Thanks for the tips 😁
  8. Tagar1k

    Want a free mesh?

    I'm sorry to announce that late, but I can't take any more request (at least for now). I wish I could update the title to be less confusing but it is what it is and it cannot be changed.
  9. Tagar1k

    Want a free mesh?

    @bigmoe WhitfieldUnfortunately, your request will not be made due to my lack of sculpting skills and no mesh reference points. I'm sorry for this reason.
  10. I'm unable to add you via Discord. I'll just leave my tag: Tagarik#5107
  11. Tagar1k

    Want a free mesh?

    Yes, it is, I've already started shaping it, and tomorrow I should be able to finish it. If you want to keep in touch, add me on Discord (Tagarik#5107) so we can avoid daily posting limit.
  12. Tagar1k

    Want a free mesh?

    Here's a bracelet mesh made for @Sean Heavy. Featuring custom LODs with ready to bake UV map. 4072 verts, 7904 tris. Lowest LOD is just a square located at the "connector" thingy. Time: 50 mins. Unfortunately I was very busy this weekend studying. Although, next week will be a bit chill so I might have time to finish your requests.
  13. Tagar1k

    Want a free mesh?

    You can as well make the model less detailed as well, since it's a background object + blades will be very high up (unless the deformation would be noticeable) but thanks for advice anyway
  14. Tagar1k

    Want a free mesh?

    I'll try to make all of the models before next monday
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