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  1. Thank you for the introduction. Unfortunately my car project has way too many vertices (over 400k in total) and it would take me too long to optimize it for SL standards (and my L$ budget 😛). Instead, I will start with something smaller (like car accessories or rims) and build up my experience first. I will definitely use Aditi. Especially that I need to understand how the things work.
  2. Greetings everyone, I've recently found out about SL and saw an opportunity to share my 3D projects (and maybe get some revenue out of my work 😛) I am creating Ford Mustang (2015) with customizable body parts and interior. My question is: Do I need to individually export every car part as .dae/.obj or can I just export my project as a whole and then separate my objects in SL viewer? I also wanna ask if there are some groups/discord servers where I can directly contact with one issue without just spamming new threads on forums? PS. Here's a render of the car I was mentioni
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