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  1. I have trouble using Discord; are you available on Facebook or Twitter?
  2. Is the tiara remake I requested still on the table? Please let me know; judging by the pictures in this thread, your other work is awesome!
  3. Hoping to hear from you again; even if I get turned down, I'd like to be kept up to date.
  4. Seperate objects -- not one face per individual stone, but still separate from their metal mountings so the texture doesn't "spill over" between them (that was causing the "soda-can metal" look in the marketplace item). Each general region of stones in this color-coded sample should keep its texture, shape, and placement except that the metal mountings and lower band around each stone become faces #7 and #8. Thank you again for considering my request; I appreciate your generous offer.
  5. Looking for a fullperm tiara similar to this one, but with more flexibility on coloring/texturing gems; I used "select face" correctly on the original, but still couldn't alter the faceted/mounted gems without applying the same change to the metal they're set in. (An emerald and pearl tiara? Classy. A tiara with emeralds set in green metal that looks as if it came from a soda can? Clownish.) If you could mesh something with better-defined separations between faces than the other vendor sells, I'd be extremely grateful.
  6. I have been trying to create some Unity Empire-compatible butter cookies for a series of Nordic food items that I plan to resell from an in-game location. (See the attached photo for details; the meme is the only place I could find isolated shots for free. unfortunately.) My building skills are limited to creating/manipulating prims with the game's own tools; adding sculpt-maps to prims; and running conversion programs which make prims into mesh models. That's why I'm posting a request here: If any of you can create a set of full-permission, sculpted-prim models of butter cookies for me to work from, I'll give you a 40% cut of the sales profit *plus* 1250L$ in advance fees. (I'll add the Unity Empire System's food script and package the customer version as transfer-only.) Please IM me if you have the ability, time, and interest needed for this project.
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