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  1. hi, please, can someone provide a link (address) to a cloud region? I'd like to check out how performance is in those places; Thanks in advance! 😃
  2. so, is the cloud already working all throught SL? sorry to hear those problems...
  3. the same lack of interest that we users could have with the past of the time, lack of resources, or changing circunstances in our life, etc...
  4. I can assure you that many people have turned down my invitations to SL due to the fact they had to download the viewer...not to mention registering an account.. I think they would attract more visitors if they would allow an streaming viewer of their own and also the possibility of exploring inworld as a guest also..
  5. why? is it difficult to develop? expensive?
  6. probably she is, a webmistress btw. Her attitude was unreasonable, but I am just saying how people reacted to invitation..
  7. I send the Sl link to a forum (a music fan club) and the webmaster calified my invitation as pirate and harmful software if I remember well, and they refused the invite for that reason
  8. Has anyone know if Sl has plans to implement an official web viewer? Perhaps it would be lighther and less demanding than the regular viewer...and now that they are migrating to the cloud... would it be more feasible? I've known they had a successful one back in 2005 -SL Go- but it was aborted.. I have invited many people to join SL and all have refused it because they had to download a viewer and they feared it could harm their Pc Thanks
  9. I am using the safe mode just to be able to use my pc and surf the net. The pc seems to have many problems that prevent it from starting correctly (seems to me that all the failures started since I was unable to upgrade windows update anymore (I have windows 7); I am not having it fixed cause I'm afraid of interacting too much due to the covid situation. The curious thing is that I am able to run SL in the web version (third party company) but I can only see avatars in stick fashion and is extremely laggy... I already contacted the lindn support and they said they are not supporting windows 7 anymore...
  10. thank you for your responses; yes i know there are a lot of things disabled in safe mode but I just had the hope to get it running with some trick someone could be aware of... In fact, I managed for example to get the sound running again, but I suppose the viewer involves more complex drivers to work properly I have windows 7 in my laptop and I've already tried all kind of restore steps with no success at all so I guess I am going to go through a forced SL vacation for the moment...
  11. Hello, Could anyone of you tell me if there is a way to launch the viewers in the safe mode of Windows? The reason is I am using that mode because I am afraid of taking the pc to fix it cause of the covid thing, so I try to avoid RL interaction as much as possible Hope you understand me and thanks for your help in advance :-) Kind regards
  12. Does anyone know if it is possible to open SL viewers in windows safe modo? I got a message about the gaphics but I can log in into speedlight viewer (web) and see the world... Please can someone remind me how to load captures here? thanks
  13. thanks for replying; it does not allow me to open the viewer whatsoever, so i cant access that info I am also in the safe mode cause i have pc start problems and apparently graphic issues and my normal laptop screen went black, I have to use my tv if i want to see anything, like surf internet for example..
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