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  1. Thank you for all the help everyone will let you know how it turns out.
  2. No I am not looking for a product. I am needing assistance with the script. Because I have the script, I am wanting to remove the opening of the map. I am just confused to finding what can I use to replace that. Detected TouchUV is saying texture. Would that work with imputing the cords into it? The texture is a MENU something like this: First Area Second Area Third Area and so on.. So when they touch the area needed it ports you. Is that possible? And I have the right forum.
  3. I don't want to use MapDestination, because that opens the map which I do not want to happen. I want them to wear the HUD, it opens up a menu. Click on the destination, and it teleport you there on the SIM. TeleportAgent requires a LM which I don't want to use. Because the script shouldn't need it.
  4. Hello, I am looking for some help regarding scripting. I have a personal RP HUD that I use for my SIM. And when I click on it, it opens up a list of places to teleport to on my SIM. But when I click on it, it opens up the viewers 'world map' to use to teleport. Any way I can not have it open up the viewers WM and just have it TP on the SIM? This is for multiple places on the SIM. Any help is appreciated. Script details: I am using touch face scripts. all in one, if touched within these coords on the texture it does THIS.
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