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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all! Is anyone who owns land in Whiskey Region having trouble teleporting into it? Myself and my tenants have tried. Even when I search my land and properties on the region I get a question mark in place of my photos with the caption "Information about this location is unavailable at this time, please try again later." Anyone else having this issue?
  2. Hi, I do a lot of Flickr surfing looking for great locations to do my photoshoots in, if the poster is kind enough to mention the location of where their photo was taken. However, whenever I try and TP to some of those map locations I get a message saying "location not found, or that I don't have permission to TP to that location". Why is that? It is a "group member only" location? If so how does one know what group to even join? Thanks.
  3. Hello, I am looking for some help regarding scripting. I have a personal RP HUD that I use for my SIM. And when I click on it, it opens up a list of places to teleport to on my SIM. But when I click on it, it opens up the viewers 'world map' to use to teleport. Any way I can not have it open up the viewers WM and just have it TP on the SIM? This is for multiple places on the SIM. Any help is appreciated. Script details: I am using touch face scripts. all in one, if touched within these coords on the texture it does THIS.
  4. So, as far as I know, there isn't any way in SL to have a teleport system that works where the destination, and/or departure point, are in motion. A Visual: A sphere-shaped arena, spectator seating in the center, in a shaped enclosed area, floating. The action, as it were, all around. Outside the sphere(outer face is transparent)is the classical seating arrangement for any arena, except in enclosed shapes and said shapes are in motion. To access said shapes, a teleport pad, linked system style. The problem:As far as I know, TP-ing requires static coordinates, on the X, Y, Z axis'. If a teleport pad is in motion, the only 2 outcomes I see are, 1)TP doesn't work, because the destination pad isn't at a given set of coordinates(timing *might* fix this, but super split second, given the imagined speed of rotation), the TP process isn't started, error message occurs etc. 2)TP is completed but traveler arrives where the pad *was*at moment TP started, but isn't arriving where the destination pad currently*is*. Unless there's something I'm missing, either in that there's a TP-follow hybrid script(arrive and as you rez in follow the pad so fully rezzed where the pad is), or maybe a TP-movelock hybrid(arrive and attach to arrival pad until fully rezzed/walk your avatar away) I'm at a loss as to how I can acquire a script to make this possible. Also whether it's worth making the arena exactly as I envision it. Please note: I have the very barest of knowledge of scripting; I know how to edit a rotation script to make it rotate on a different axis, or reverse the direction(clockwise to counter clockwise, vice-versa). I know barely anything else, my style of learning is copycat-ing so I'm very unlikely to ever stumble onto something new by myself.
  5. Hello everyone. I startet on second life three days ago and have allready experianced alot of worrying things in the game and all of this leads me to uninstalling the game on my third day. This makes me very sad, because i allready meet new people wich i have talket with all the time, when i have been online in the game and it hurts to quit the contact with them allready. Now i tell what i experianced and why i had to uninstall the game from Start to finish. On my first day i was exploring the world and somehow ended up in a place callt ''Canine Cove'' (mature place) explored thoses clubs/bars and walket out and wondered what was down the road from there, at the end of the road there was a house (This is the first time i see one of these black square's/boxes) When i get near this house i noticee a [black box/square] pupup for a mili scound up in the left conor of my screen. Inside the house i found a in-game computer wich i clicked on, when i cliked on it i noticed one of these black square boxes again and at this point i tought it was somepart of the secound life game and it was completely normal. On my secound day i was shoping in a mall named something like Alienmarket i cant remember the exact name, the reason i mention this is because my game crashed two times when i was inside one of these shopping malls The Third day is the Scary one. On the third day i'm together with one of my new in-game friends and we had to teleport to some place because i forgot to buy a thing for my dress the day before, i tell her to go to the place and send me a teleport because i dont know how to get to that place myself. I click on the teleport and exactly the same time as when i land there one of these black Square Boxes shows up in the left conor of my screen! and my anti-virus goes in full alarm mode telling me my computer is under Attack! and i look into it and see all red colors because its rated as a High Risk/major attempt at intrusion into my computer! I'm telling my in-game friend whats going on and logging off as fast as possible, shut down my computer and took a break. I dont know what to think of it, maybe it was just a freak accident i'm thinking. Maybe it was not related to Second Life i'm thinking. I'm wrong!. I come back online later and the same friend sends me a teleport to the exact same place as last time and BoOom [Black Square/Box] pupup in the left conor of my screen and my anti-virus program goes Warning your computer is under attack! all over again! I want to hear if you guys playing Second Life has had simmilar experiences, hope the people from Second Life will look into this I will try to download the game one more time and if something like this happens again i will quit the game for good
  6. Alright, so I've noticed something odd happening whenever I teleport to any location other than my "home". So let me paint a picture. So my avi has just landed on a lovely sim, to go dancing at a club called Muddy's. Everything begins to rez, and quite slowly as per the usual on my end of SL. I walk my avi towards the main entrance of Muddy's, avoiding the cheeto dust avi's that have yet to form actual bodies. I enter the club and take in the room, it's full of happily dancing avatars and great music to bop to. I make my way to the dancefloor, again I avoid all the cheeto dust particles so as not to bump or push someone. Almost as soon as I find a comfortable spot, my avi pops to another place at the club! Before I can even get my bearings I pop over to another spot! Bouncing around the club like a racket ball with. I don't touch my mouse, afraid that if I clicked something I'd lose my marbles and get logged out. I didn't want to get booted from the sim for all of that bouncing so I quickly hit home and left. I got home and took a step out of the landing path, my avatar popped outside the house suddenly! Not only is this occurring off on other sims but it's happening at home as well. I have taken great pains trying to figure out the problem myself and have come up with no relief. I wish to best this beast and get back to a sense of normalcy on SL. Any opinion is welcome and suggestions will be well received.
  7. I know someone posted something similar, and they got reply with a link to a speed test. So I took one. http://www.speedtest.net/result/7241761325 I keep getting logged out every time I try to teleport, and this NEVER happens to me. So what's going on? The server status says everything is fine, could it really be me or my ISP then?
  8. Okay, I know I was gone for a long time, but back in the day (LOL) the Map Link creator page worked. Now it doesn't seem to. The directions are pretty straight forward, but if I'm doing something wrong, I'd appreciate some guidance. Thanks!
  9. There was an archived post with a similar issue, but the users seemed to agree that it was a connection problem. I disagree. I play games with about 10~15mbps down speeds and my rig is pretty decent for high end gaming. I've played SecondLife on the same PC before, so I'm certain it's not my internet that is the problem. I'm able to log in and load up the last location I was in, and the objects rendered quickly. But every time I try to teleport, I get disconnected mid-way leaving me at the loading screen. So I'm not sure why it allowed me to load up at all? Has anyone experienced this? If so, what did you try? Serious answers will be appreciated.
  10. Hello readers, I came across something odd that I can't figure out. 3 weeks ago I connected my macbook via a thunderbolt ethernet cable. The connection was established and improved. I state the differences here: Wifi to regional server: 27 ping, 18,9 Download and 9,0 Upload Wifi to California server: 169 ping, 17,7 Download and 4.3 Upload Ethernet to regional server: 27 ping, 45,6 Download and 8.8 Upload Ethernet to California server: 168 ping, 37,4 Download and 4.6 Upload. Now my settings, problem and the things I've done so far. I run Singularity on high settings and all worked fine till 4 days ago. Each time I want to teleport I am being disconnected. I checked statistics and my fps is high but drops severely when around a lot of people. Partly this seems to be normal. My pocketless is not stable. Although usually at 0.00 it does sometimes go up to <1 I tried various viewers (firestorm, alchemy and singularity) and all have the same issue. Thinking it might be a bad set up of my Thunderbolt Ethernet I wiped all connections and created a new one. The problem remained. I changed servers, changed settings in the Singularity viewer, cleaned network.plist, rebooted router, updated my Mac and the viewers. The problem remained. Today I had a bright moment (they are rare..) and logged into Second Life using wifi again. Pooof issue gone. But of course at the cost of a lower network speed (see above). So knowing this I assume that there's something wrong with the connection between Thunderbolt Ethernet and the server(s) of LL. (Please LL open up a EU server too. *falls down on knees and begs) As you can imagine I prefer playing via Thunderbolt as it's speed is significant better. Am I overlooking something, maybe something simple? I'ld love to get some help or advice that can direct me into right direction. Please ask me for more information. EDIT: In case it might be important to know. I have my bandwidth setting adjusted to Download speed in California. So 3000. Also, when using Thunderbolt nothing is really saved. My last location is still the same no matter where I go after. My settings of the collar are not saved. And often information in the about land remains blank for a while. Changing clothes can, not always, take ages. All this is not when on wifi connection.
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