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  1. So, here's my comparison with my two posts from last Wednesday (22nd July). As a recap, I had a horrible experience then, crashed at every sim boundary pretty much and even when taking precautions and with a script-light avatar. I was looking forward today to seeing with the same avatar how the improvements would change things. For reference: [12:17] Script info: 'Leonardis Ducatillon': [25/25] running scripts, 1460 KB allowed memory size limit, 0.049499 ms of CPU time consumed. I initially sailed from the Windlass boathouse to the Newport East Jetty in "Japan" in my Nacra. Sooooo sm
  2. Well, to answer your question, in the post above that I used my Ushuaia and then my BOSS 225 before going on to the Sea Boss.
  3. I had another go in the "Blake Sea - Arabian" area instead. Initial findings in the Sea Boss were better than in the post above. I made the Arabian/Indian/Beauforte/Cannonade Region boundary transitions without too much issue (minor rubberbanding aside at Arabian/Beauforte). However, Cannonade/Thunderer boundary proved one too much and I was flying high again, detached from the vehicle and locked in sitting position, eventually to end up standing at Cannonade/Thunderer border on the sea bed. Note in both this test and the previous one, my lagmeter was suggesting normal function, and
  4. I've just come from Aditi's version of "Blake Sea - Japan" and surrounding Regions, and my experience of sim-crossing was frankly speaking horrible. My avatar had fairly efficient scripts: [21/21] running scripts, 1296 KB allowed memory size limit, 0.043148 ms of CPU time consumed. In each case, I started at the Japan rez zone. 1st Attempt, in an Ushuaia: first sim crossing going from Japan to Irish was fine, but I became detached from my boat and on the sea floor at China. 2nd Attempt, in a BOSS 225 at around 20 knots, crossing at mid-sim level at 90 degrees - same issue at
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