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  1. Aw I'm glad you got it sorted out in the end too! ♥
  2. Oh how typical haha, when I finally say something shortly after it works again. But oh well happy shopping to me!
  3. Hey Marketplace has been down for me for a while now, the page just wont load. I did check the SL status site and it does say that MP is being investigated for autofill issues. That's not the same as whats happening here though, if that's a part of fixing the other issue that's ok. I just thought I'd make someone aware incase it's another issue entirely.
  4. What you get upto in SL? I am returning from a break. I want to be inspired, and have fun in SL again, I'm just not sure what I want to do now though, I know I need some kittycats again haha. It's fun seeing what RPs, laughs, fun you all have. ♥
  5. Lets get something straight Sarah, you have multiple accounts you use, and have owned so many clinics I have lost count. If you truly want to work for another clinic you need to start fresh. Otherwise people are going to suspect you are attempting to poach/build your own guest/staff list. I think you've completely sabotaged your chances now though, being spiteful here advising other applicants not apply. Move on and learn from your mistake.
  6. Oh yes I checked that too thank you! It's back up again now still says the Authorization fail but I'm logged in woo! ~ p.s your avatar is beautiful ♥
  7. Should of added actually haha I'm happy to be trained and all if need be. I'm just looking for something fun to get into in SL mostly.
  8. Helloo, are there any RP jobs going? Please list below and I'll see which to apply for. Just nothing of an adult ranking, I mean family friendly RP. Thank yooooooooooooooou
  9. Hey I'm just checking in here to ask whose got some RP jobs? I'd like to apply. Just have something fun to do and earn a bit of L$ along the way. Some ideas what I'd be looking for: - Waitress and/or bar staff - Hotel staff - Resort staff - Nurse - School nurse - Maybe a teacher? Dunno. - I'd say police but I'd probably lag if I have to drive cars haha, if I don't have to drive lets do it that sounds so fun! - Fire Department (same thing with the truck) - Midwife See if your role I might not of included here works too if you want. Thank you! Just to add I understand for some those I've listed I might need training, I totally get that and will be more then happy to learn.
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