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  1. I agree! I am happy to say i love playing SL and making money is just another amazing bonus from it! Thank you for the reply :)
  2. Hi there! I have been on second life for some time now. I have my own little shop that sells mostly tattoos but thought of branching out. However i felt a bit unsure since, id really like to make in real cash (nothing crazy, just some extra income would be nice!) however i just dont know if i 100% trust giving my information to second life to do so, especially being from the UK. So, is there any UK creators out there who can let me know how their experience with owning a shop and earning real money? It would be so helpful! Maybe letting me know their experience with problems if any, and if they themselves had worries. Thanks!
  3. Thanks a lot for all these comments btw, im happy to say its all good and done with! I can happily walk around without flashing my friends and the locals. Again thanks ^^ ❤️
  4. That could be a possibility! I might ask around and see if its the same for others, if not you may be correct ^^
  5. Thats super nice thank you!
  6. Haha sure did! I made 3 outfits and just thought thats what other people saw 😧
  7. So, im very very new to second life. A total noob. No experience with this site at all. When i first logged on, i noticed how many nude&sexy avatars i saw and kind of just thought it was the norm, it being a more adult site n all. But apparently (and what a relief) this isn't usually allowed in many rooms. Anyway to keep it short, i myself after 2 days finally got a decent - ish outfit,head,hair etc etc. However, that sadly didn't matter since after joining a chat room for newcomers i was quickly told to 'cover up.' Now i did have a bra/top on so i thought maybe she meant it was too sexy but nope. She informed me i was completely naked. And instead of actually helping she kept sending me patronising smiles..which sucked because i wasn't doing this on purpose x_x So to anyone out there reading this, how on earth do i fix this? I have the usual SL viewer and thats all i know..PLEASE HELP. I dont think i can walk around anymore knowing i could potentially be flashing half of second lifes players.
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