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  1. Hey there! I've never done this before. Let's give it a try! I am looking for a babygirl with an extremely high submissive/slave side. Someone to be Daddy's little princess. She must be okay with the idea of moving things to RL one day. I would love a girl that loves playing games as much as I do. One that loves the kinky side of things as well as the vanilla side. I know it's asking a lot, it would seem, but I am looking for The Girl for me. My person. My muse. My partner in all things, crazy and sane. My open-minded *****ty girl with eyes only for her Daddy. I want a girl I can take care of. Be the person she needs most in her life. If you think you are that girl, please feel free to message me. If you are shy, you can always just tug on my sleeve to get my attention. I'd love it haha. So, in RL I am a female. I have both a male and female avatar as I am genderfluid. I am poly and I only date females in SL. I am huge into games and roleplaying. I would love to find someone interested in it too. I am big on open communication and my DFS farm. I run a half a sim babygirl Community, which you can totally play in. I love to voice...a lot. I will say now that there is a chance of my taking in two girls in my life to care for. This is my limit and this is something that I would enjoy. You would need to actually be open to this idea in case I decide to go down that road. I take care of my own. Meaning, my mum and her man live on land with me. We are extremely close. You would be allowed to live with me in my home if you choose to. I am strict, but loving. There would be rules and chores implemented. Honestly, I am just looking for someone that meshes well with my kind of crazy fun. Food is life. Talk to me. You can message me or send a notecard. Whatever you are comfortable with. Even if things don't go that direction, maybe you've made a friend! Never know. Also...My house is covered in pink and space themed stuff. So...that's a thing. o.o And if you think about treading mud into the house! I will drag you outside and spray you down with a water hose! Ooo or maybe toss you into the pool. That might be interesting haha.
  2. I will keep this short, sweet and simple. We, here at the Playhouse, are looking to hire! We are seeking DJ's, Hosts, Discussion leaders, Event planners, and Story time tellers. This is a tip only paid job. We are looking to build up our wonderful community and would like you to be a huge part of that. If interested, please message JasperMeadows Resident or MistyThompson Resident. Or feel free to come see the place! .: Babygirl Playhouse :. 18+ DDLG Community & Hangout
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