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  1. just realised im a whole 1 year late to this thread
  2. SL USERNAME: REBBBEECCAA PRIMARY POSITION YOU'RE MOST INTERESTED IN? (bartender, waiter/waitress): I would like to be a waitress. HOW DID YOU FIND THE VANDERBUILT?: I found it online. WHAT ROLE PLAY EXPERIENCE DO YOU HAVE?: I have been a waitress before. HAVE YOU EVER EMOTED?: No LIST ANY JOB EXPERIENCE: Waitressing, teaching HOW OFTEN ARE YOU INTENDING TO WORK?: Whenever available, i am free. WHAT TIMES OF DAY (in SL time) WILL YOU WORK??: 5:00 am SL time WHAT TIME ZONE ARE YOU IN?: UK, London. WHAT DAYS OF THE WEEK WILL YOU WORK?: Sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday.
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