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  1. I'm just inquiring are there any dancer jobs going, that are just for dance? I don't want to mix in the escort business I'd just want to dance and RP the real strip club feel. Just dancing, poles, lap dances. No sex. That's what I look for. Ty.
  2. I like this, would be better to have that choice. For example a club or what ever shuts down, their posts no longer relevant, should be able to delete a comment/post all together. People usually end up writing in the title please delete. - I know some might reply "this belongs to public now" heard it before. However, there are other forums take redit as an example, which enable this.
  3. Cheesecurd I don't see your comments as I have hidden/blocked them. Just incase you wasn't aware. When I say I don't look for drama, I mean it.
  4. Right well you're being blocked. In my view, and likely the right enforcement's, you are deemed so to them aswell. You know porn with this depiction is illegal EVEN, when it is completely just animated/graphics? That's a "fantasy" aswell. That is all. I refuse to continue to talk with you because simply, it isn't talking. It's aggression. I believe you are immorally wrong to RP this stuff, you wont change my mind period. You should of known with my OP I would never tell you you're accepted by me, so you walked into this on your own accord. So don't blame me for being against what you do when it is something that is illegal, cruel, mentally, psychically dangerous and even kills people in RL. I am in high doubt you have any experience in the real world to condone this "fantasy" in SL. I have lost someone to rape in RL, and even strangers grieved, had empathy for the person. Out of respect for people, you shouldn't be into this stuff here. If you're ignorant of that thats on you, don't expect someone like me who knows how these things effect people in the real world, to sympathize with you. As to me you do not deserve that you deserve to realize you're choices immoral. You deserve to learn from this and realize how disrespectful it is not just to survivors, to people who are no longer with us due to rape.
  5. BoM is already out, I think however, what you've just mentioned is much more important to get on top of.
  6. One more false accusation, I will be blocking as I am not here to argue but discuss a serious topic. I'm not here for drama so you want to create that I will block it out. This is exactly why I am anonymous as there is always a dog pile in discussions here. That is something else which needs sorting too. How toxic these forums are. Why we can't just try have empathy here, I don't understand. I know for a fact if I was to post in here on a completely different topic, a positive one. You'd hunt me down and become critical as I see this happen all the time. Why I don't use them normally. You don't just stereotype people that aren't in your "community forum clique" you do that to yourselves aswell.
  7. Maybe, if you would stop trying to assume the worst of me we would have a less defensive conversation about this.
  8. I didn't call you that, unless you are admitting you are into those things? If so that's even worse! As you've just stated you turn off the adult ranking. Unless, you have just misread what I said?
  9. I stand by what I say, but if you say it's ok to let this stuff slide then you are nieve.
  10. If anything, these things should be banned just out of respect for those effected. We wouldn't accept racism, homophobia and damn straight that's perfectly fine. So why are we technically mocking victims?! Why are we making these things "normal" and safe?! They are not!
  11. I am not trolling/tripping, you know what trolling even is? I know I can turn off adult but why assume I don't want anything to do with the adult side either? Again, this isn't a concern of an adult community. It's the content. I and MANY not just you, not just me, OTHERS are also effected. I avoid these things as much as possible. However I am requesting that there is a reconsideration of how much is let slide in these matters. It condones and normalizes these things. Some of these huds etc for it even have RL voice screams etc. Like HOW is that ok?! How is RP of spiking people with a date rape drug acceptable? How is a pacifier gag acceptable? How is a pose ball set for sex with animals ok? How is it ok to have discriptions even in the names of.places such as "horror rape asylum" "dark alley way rape" acceptable?! These situations have SERIOUS consequences in rl. People die from these situations in RL!!! Like I said earlier, the only reason I can see that people do defend it is as people use this as a way to get Linden's in SL. I mean why else would someone want to RP something that is complete evil unless they are servely disturbed and likely UNSAFE to be around?!? Like have I gone insane or what? Why are you defending such an evil matter?!?! Why are you defending any normalisation of these matters??
  12. Is there a chance of having rape RP, the b word as I have demonstrated is happening, more regulated? There's no benefit from them it only drives people away.
  13. I urge you in LL honestly to get into SL, MP and look around and what is going on. There's only so much us residents can do via reporting/flagging. The rape RP is particularly concerning as it's everywhere. People like myself who have trauma from that don't need it in our faces like this. (Everywhere metaphorically speaking)
  14. This is what I am talking about. MP is filled with this content. It's even in featured areas. But nothing is done.
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