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  1. I've had people slander me six ways to sunday over the years. Any negative opinion about me is someone else's hang up, and not mine. The truth is, we all judge whether we admit to it or not. All we can do is make a solid effort to become more aware of it, and remember what it feels like when we ourselves are under the microscope. As far as making friends are concerned, I have no real advice to offer you there. I'm a loner with (almost) impossibly high standards. Those standards will not take a steep drop because others refuse to meet me in the middle.
  2. In my own personal experience, SL is probably not the best place to be if you even have a hint of depression. If I were you (and I'm not), I would get some sunshine and go talk with actual friends or family in the real world.
  3. Hi. In spite of outer appearances, you and I are perhaps not so dissimilar. I haven't had many pleasant experiences in terms of acquiring second life 'friends'. Most friend requests tend to be from people I've just met, who I later find out I have very little in common with. It's my experience that people offer friendship in SL as a matter of course and a polite way to end conversation. To me, friendship is so much more than that. It's generally not spontaneous and it's not something that can be requested. I guess I'm bit old-fashioned that way, but each to their own. Good luck in your quest, anyway.
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