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  1. Size and position is what I use. I am bad at maths though, so I sometimes forget to factor in rotational axis if I'm aligning two identical prims, like one facing horizontally, the other facing vertically.
  2. I'm having a similar problem with my uploaded textures disappearing and being replaced by blank grey. This isn't happening with all of my textures, and they're all .png, no compression(as SL compresses upon upload anyway I believe) None of my textures are more than 256 x 256 px. It's really frustrating, as I'm building a Spiritual Sanctuary/ Emotional Support/ Language Exchange destination eventually. The Monastary is my test facility for getting used to building in SL, as it will be the most prim heavy and detailed building on my future land, but textures are proving the hardest part to
  3. Hello SL members I've come back to this game after many years and am finding it hard to make some genuine in-game friends who aren't just looking for a romantic event. I reside in Kanada, but my family lineage is Russian and I was moved to this country very young. I like cats, Japanese animation, making objects, exploring, spiritual practices like meditation, walking, and painting. I have some social anxiety, so I wanted to come back to SL in the hopes I can meet some nice people to open up to who aren't so 'pushy', if that makes sense. The only friends I've met so far have been want
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