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  1. You still annoying stalker. Stop spamming on my questions!
  2. Thank you very much for the answer! I wanted to use this particular rig, because the "eye" of this creature is very complex and some elements are uncomfortable for weight painting. I myself will not be able to repeat such a rig from scratch with the use of sl bones, so unfortunately so far I have to abandon this idea... So sorry... If there was some other way, for example, to add the missing bones to the existing rig - it would be just fine!
  3. EDIT 1: In general, I figured out the names! This is the chain I got: I took the names of the bones from the bento skeleton hierarchy - there was a richer choice in it. I "successfully" uploaded the model and even made an animation! Yay! But the model is highly distorted at the uploading stage with weights and joints enabled: What can be wrong? The rezzed model looks correct: This is how the animation of a distorted model looks like: And what to do with the names of the bones that I did not use? Do i need to add them? My bvh file turned out very short. And I also did not apply the rotation and scale in a blender to my model. Can any of this be the cause? EDIT 2: I placed the model at the origin along the x-axis, applied location, rotation and scale of the model and skeleton, it looks different but is still very distorted...
  4. Hello! I'm trying to figure out the hierarchy of bones names in the SL. Here is the hierarchy of the bones of my model: and SL default model: As you can see on one "branch" I have 4 "branches" (or parent and children - I'm not sure), and on the other there are five. There is no such thing on default SL model. I start with mPelvis as root, but I don’t know what to do next. please, help! What names should I give to my bones so that the download is successful?
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