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  1. @Elinah Iredell, i think most of them have answered your questions, but just to say a few

    the old linden homes are being clustered together with no road, river and pedestrian path, the most annoying part would be run into ban lines when you tried to fly above your neighbor's house

    the new linden homes they have spaced out the houses and have access with either road, river and pedestrian path, if you happened to fly over someone house with a linden security orb, you have at least 15 seconds to move out, which is much more user friendly for any pilots out there

    and new linden homes have a beautiful unique landscape which you can travel around freely

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  2. @Nika Talaj, thanks but that's not my train, it's a gift from zz, she's very nice and gave a lot of gifts in bellisseria event's group, yeah i just like the surrounding nature,

    there's a spot rezz zone at sspe260, but i just rezz at campwick pier and use edit to move my train to railing lol

    i don't see any slrr rules, i also crash with other trains head on, though passing through it lol

    that's what happened when people hop into train without me realizing lol

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  3. On 8/26/2019 at 2:33 AM, roseelvira said:

    Yesterday was the worst!!!!!   I have had one or two ,,, i ejected them poof no problem as my home is not open to the public .  I was cleaning out inventory and bam, a person popped in sat in a chair and refused to leave ,,, i tried to eject, but it did not work! i kept clicking till i guess the time was up and he  was ejected but not far ,,,, i sent him a pleasant im   .... saying that my home was not open to the public ,,,,, and he may want to consider to im a person before popping in.    His reply was to f --k off ,,  , i replied  very kindly  wishing him well and blessing him with goodness  and he got nansty and called me a stupid american ,,,,  i replied that he was loved and hope he finds happiness ,,,, his replies  not ok and  do not want to go into it ,,, at this point  i feel no one needs to endure  the verbal abuse that comes with certain people ,,, i now feel there should not be any time allowed for them to just come in ,,,,, i was a bit confused why i could not eject him and then his verbal abuse and yes he did try to come back by that time i made sure i  was ready!!!!!  no one should have to put up with that nonsense.  i did file abuse report  ,,,

         i come to second life to destress from real life ,,,, and i felt like i was dealing with a bad teenager ,,,, ikr ,,,,  hoping ll can tweek the system  no entry period ,,,,, they can look all they want camming in from a distance  but stay off my floors i just mopped them,,,,, wink

    that was horrible, you are kind to him

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