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  1. for normal second life viewer this is what i do

    1. ctrl+alt+shift+p and see your own parcel size first

    2. right click build and left click, select stretch, drag and align with your parcel size

    3. click object tab, go to position Z and put 2000

    4. ctrl+m to open map and location height [xx] [xx] [2050] and teleport

    you should be standing on the object, unless you are below your object and see yourself falling, lol

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  2. 1 hour ago, Leora Jacobus said:

    Sorry though I am in the Belligroups I'm afraid I muted all chat and notices ... like I do with ALL groups.

    Shouldn't something like that be announced in the Forum aswell ?? ... for instance in THIS thread?

    from what i see so far, theres never been a practice that they post belli event in forums, sorry that u miss out the party

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Leora Jacobus said:

    And what did I miss? Where has that been announced?

    u missed dj party of sassy, far, doc, rebel and hedy live sing, i didnt managed to stay whole night so i might missed a few

    its has been announce in a few times in belli groups, u didnt get any notification?

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  4. i'm still in my original house in bellisseria the day i moved in, i got it during the new release without using auto refresh, also a nice location to boot

    when i saw the victorian house in linden review i thought that was for premium plus, i happily told my friend i would abandon and upgrade but after knowing it's still 1024m2 , i decided to stay put because from the way i see it, it's like changing house rather than upgrading it

    the victorian theme is really tempting, but i got my premium membership extended [due to discount] than going for victorian house lol, since this is a big release, those who still without a house now this is a perfect chance for them to get one before it's too late

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  5. the theme is very beautiful and tempting, sadly i cant just abandon a trad that took me two weeks to get

    those who are premium and havent got their houses in bellisseria yet, nows their chance since this is a big release

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  6. yeah, u also fly like i did lol, can't imagine if theres little kids though, region crossing already lost my concentration halfway, by the time i saw it will be

    already too late to brake, the new area is fun to explore, while the lag is still at its minimum

    34 minutes ago, RacyAcey said:



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