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  1. Awesome JudeConnors, that was extremely eye awakening. Didn't realize that maybe the price was the issue not the request. Thank you for that. IRL, aye? Maybe you'd like to give me an estimate on what the project would cost? Maybe take it on yourself? Not ebenezer scrooge over here, wasn't trying to get one over. Would appreciate the expertise beyond belief.
  2. Thank you for that input definitely a valid response. I can agree, I know the general basics of scripting lsl htlm htp mysql but i def dont know the odds and the ends. I'm hoping that during the project i'll learn more. Also taking classes for lsl but its a slow class so wont be master lsl scripter for awhile. But i assure you I am committed to this project through and through and i'll be learning every aspect along the way even if i have to invest hours upon hours of research. This project is something i been wanting to do, and not just in second life. Second life just gave me the platform to do it.
  3. Hello, I am looking for an experienced scripter/web developer/builder to get my business going. I'm looking for a time frame of 30 days id like to see the finished product. I need a breedable system that has access to the web with accounts that can view and edit almost everything. (i have a php breedable system if you want to build off of it) I need the website developed and designed and secure with breedable info, forums, products, helpdesk/support ticket system, player profiles, stats, etc Breedables Created/mapped/scripted/animated/designed Foods Mesh Potions Home/Nest/Base 1 small/1 medium/1 large/1 xl crates with logo area and open close effect for shipping and carrying Themed Breedable Vendor Stall and a few other odds and ends. Please send me a message with you name, email address, a link to resume/portfolio, list experience, and if you think you can do it with-in 30 days or not and i'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. I'm willing to pay L$20,000, at L$5,000 a week contingent upon progress. I will pay for upload fee's just document them well with screenshots. I also will pay for the website/host/server when you need me to so you can get started. All items will and should be original content and I will want all original files and licencing's.
  4. Looking for someone to build a breedable for me. I have the scripts and the php just need someone to make the object needed for the scripts. 2 Breedable Objects 2 Food Objects 1 Nest Object 1 HiberPrim Object 2-5 Medium-Large Crates I'm willing to pay a fair L$ amount, or we can work out a percentage of sales on the starter kits per purchase of flat rate 5%. Details of what designs I am seeking will be provided when chosen for the position. If interested please or know someone that is interested please get in contact with me via sl. Please send previous works to review as I don't want to buy a lemon.
  5. I've got the instructions!!!!! The creator had sent them over! Yay! Now does anybody know a good php host?
  6. I was reading the review's and two out of four have said that the creator will send instructions but i've had no luck. I really hope the 32 dollars i spent on it wasn't a waste. I know the lot of it works, cause i was able to make a cube a breedable but none of the server side stuff worked because i need help setting it up with instructions.
  7. Can anyone please show me where a tutorial for this system is? I've messaged the creator with no luck.
  8. I didn't add much details because i dont want it to be just my ideas i wanna make it a group project where we all contribute. No one will be sole owner of the stuff we do, it will be the teams. Can someone give me some ideas why this topic is getting viewed but not any bites. Any insight will help, even if the idea of what im suggesting is stupid or already done or just not a big enough fan base for collectibles, breedables, or card games. ANY INSIGHT WILL HELP.
  9. IF NOTHING ELSE CAN YOU GIVE YOUR ADVISE, TUTORIALS, INPUT, IDEAS, LINKS TO RESOURCES THAT CAN HELP ME, DATA, ETC ANYTHING REALLY WILL HELP! I WANT TO FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THIS IDEA, AND WOULD LOVE BUSINESS PARTNERS WILLING TO COMMIT TO THIS. Hello guys, I'm looking for a few people to start a project with. I'm trying to implement a couple different aspects from second life. Collectible/Strategic Card Game/Breedables/Merchandise/Tournaments/Contests and more. Now this might be some wishful thinking, but; I need atleast 4 people with different skill sets or multiple skill sets. I have some to moderate skills in the requested skill sets. Scripter with multiple Languages including LSL Graphic Designer/Artist Builder Web Developer As for payment, there is none. This is a project and when its finished or atleast up and running; money will be split evenly by number of contributors. This is a huge project where we are going to have to break it down in segments. I would like to see this up and running by Christmas time, but obviously this is a huge project so even if we could get the Collectible Strategic Card Game running we'd be in great shape. Project Strategic Collectible Card Game and Breedables (?) Starter Deck (Two options White Box/Black Box: White - Common Base Price; Black - Double Price) (?) Card Expansion Packs - 54 card expansions (?) Common Card Packs - 5 Card Packs (?) Unique Card Packs - 8 Card Packs (?) Clothing Brand - based around the card/breedables (?) Card Game HUD and Game Table (?) Collectible Card Display Box/Case (?) Quarterly Tournaments/Contest - Arena style/convention style parcel where we would host the tournaments can be rented or one of the crew host it for Card Tournament and Breedable Contests I know were going to need a website and external database, and i'm willing to fund those myself, and i want everything to be an original not someone elses product jerry rigged to be our own. I want to be able to view online your current cards, decks, expansions, card packs, special cards, breedables with stats and etc. and more. I feel like this is adequate information about the idea of what i want. Honestly this could be a great long term investment of time and brainpower. Plus the friendships that will be built from this project isn't something to dismiss. No long and unnecessary application, if your interested in joining in on this awesome journey and you have at least one of the skills above please get in contact with me. Stefjin Resident
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