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  1. So I'm trying to understand what is the purpose of skyboxes, and what they actually are? For instance, I've purchased one and i rezzed a black box. When i tried to get inside nothing, could not get inside. So I figured I bought it wrong, purchased a doozy, what ever. So i buy another one, this time with good reviews. So now i rez it directly underneath me and it works. Now i cant get out. Windows dont actually work, wonky when i rez other objects with placement, and etc. So what are the purpose of skyboxes, what are the functionalities that I'm missing because I don
  2. I bought the Gianni Head and Body from Signature, and I'm trying to find a good head and body for my avatar. When I purchase the appliers from merchants and then go to apply them to my avatar my avatars head morphs into a different shape not anything close to the one i purchased. The body changes and the skin changes just fine, but the head just be doing the weirdest things ever. I also would like someone to show me where to shop, i search and i look but then i buy it and it never works with my avatar, not sure if im doing something wrong or if im buying incompatible items to go with it. Bu
  3. please move to help wanted, i misunderstood what "your avatar" meant.
  4. just read this after i posted. Sorry, if someone could move my post to help wanted id' appreciate it.
  5. so i did the original body thing for awhile now and i just switched to signature gianni body and head. i buy shapes and head shapes, and when i apply them my avatar looks like a demorphed smashed in skull. i like almost everything else about gianni, but i just cant seem to get the head to work. plus, i wanna get a hair style cause i haven't gotten one yet for him, but i want the face to work first. anyone got a hour or two to kill to help a fellow brother out?
  6. Hello all, I just recently purchased New Breedable Script 2019 w/PhP Server the other day, and i am having the hardest time figuring it out. I was hoping maybe someone can help guide me through it and learn the lsl behind it. I'm willing to pay for the assistance, I'm really looking to create my own breedable for myself and some friends to enjoy.
  7. My brain works a million miles faster than my finger! Lemme give some background details. That would probably help. I am a working my way towards being a creator. Nothing over the top at all just like memorabilia type clothing and gadgets and collectibles. My goal is to not have to sell the product myself to consumers and etc, but to the artist/dj/musician/actor/wrestler/celebrity/well know scripter/comedian/etc who during a presentation/set/tour/what ever wants to sell merch; Stores even. I really dont want to release my rights to my work. I have a hard time letting go of things, so i wa
  8. Looking for experts or any valid respondent to answer some questions that i have involving clothing sales and logistics type questions. Is there any RLish system to the clothing industry? Finished Product sold in quantity to store at L$20 a unit, and then store sells at their own price/or suggested price. Finished Product can be sold to other stores, same routine? Re-up when stock runs low. If so, what are some of the cons and pros compared to just a one off full mod sale of finished product? What system do you use? Would you like to see the opposite system utilized more often? Add any in
  9. Hmmmm... Gina on a Wednesday, Kimberly on a Saturday.... Seems shifty...
  10. Awesome JudeConnors, that was extremely eye awakening. Didn't realize that maybe the price was the issue not the request. Thank you for that. IRL, aye? Maybe you'd like to give me an estimate on what the project would cost? Maybe take it on yourself? Not ebenezer scrooge over here, wasn't trying to get one over. Would appreciate the expertise beyond belief.
  11. Thank you for that input definitely a valid response. I can agree, I know the general basics of scripting lsl htlm htp mysql but i def dont know the odds and the ends. I'm hoping that during the project i'll learn more. Also taking classes for lsl but its a slow class so wont be master lsl scripter for awhile. But i assure you I am committed to this project through and through and i'll be learning every aspect along the way even if i have to invest hours upon hours of research. This project is something i been wanting to do, and not just in second life. Second life just gave me the platfo
  12. Hello, I am looking for an experienced scripter/web developer/builder to get my business going. I'm looking for a time frame of 30 days id like to see the finished product. I need a breedable system that has access to the web with accounts that can view and edit almost everything. (i have a php breedable system if you want to build off of it) I need the website developed and designed and secure with breedable info, forums, products, helpdesk/support ticket system, player profiles, stats, etc Breedables Created/mapped/scripted/animated/designed Foods Mesh Potions
  13. Looking for someone to build a breedable for me. I have the scripts and the php just need someone to make the object needed for the scripts. 2 Breedable Objects 2 Food Objects 1 Nest Object 1 HiberPrim Object 2-5 Medium-Large Crates I'm willing to pay a fair L$ amount, or we can work out a percentage of sales on the starter kits per purchase of flat rate 5%. Details of what designs I am seeking will be provided when chosen for the position. If interested please or know someone that is interested please get in contact with me via sl. Please send previou
  14. I've got the instructions!!!!! The creator had sent them over! Yay! Now does anybody know a good php host?
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