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  1. Haha, this happens to me more than I want to admit. Usually, it’s someone I’m dating and it’s a pretty lame feeling... figured they got bored of my terrible emoting and left :’)
  2. Hi, Rosie Palm here looking for some new friends as well! I like taking pictures, going to weird/interesting sims, and building. As many others have stated, many of my friends are in the wind and/or got partnered up, leaving me by my lonesome! I thought maybe I’d jump on the forums and see if I can find any people who also share these interests. I’m friendly, I try to be helpful with new avi questions or building, and I like doing all sorts of things on the grid (dancing, shopping, sight seeing, etc). My inworld name is chinesetakeout, so say hi sometime!
  3. You sound fun! I’d be down to be your friend
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