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  1. I let go a Vic - that may have been mine. Trying for something new today, but I've gotten Meadowbrook on the screen every time I've reloaded.
  2. A couple of other things - the big windows are wonderful but they do create challenges for placing kitchens. The best space I see for a bathroom is to divide the Lauderdale upstairs room that has the two entrances and use the smaller space in the back for a bathroom.
  3. Taking a more leisurely look today at the new homes... I notice that the higher deck on the back of the Tortuga would be a good area to place a Florida room or screened porch, which would increase the interior space on that home. The same could be added to the back of the first floor of the Santiago - and if it was only half of the space width-wise it would still have some deck space. And while lack of space/rooms may be not as much of an issue with the Lauderdale - it's got the two level deck on the back off the first floor similar to the Tortuga, so that's another good space for a Florida room or screened porch add-on.
  4. I'm glad they are going to do another big release...while they will end up having bugs, it keeps inventory available for a few weeks as users abandon homes from other themes and pick up ones in the new theme.
  5. The homes are nice...but surprisingly don't have many rooms (I think the one story ones only have three?)...I do like the exteriors, and would likely do the Lauderdale if I got one.
  6. OK...are there any other Linden homes called "Chesapeake"? Cause a store that sells Linden Home add-ons is at the Shop and Hop, and they have an addition for a home called "Chesapeake"...
  7. At least we're talking new floorpans. And, it seems like landscaping improves with each theme release, so there's that potential positive.
  8. I'm a little disappointed because it seems like they combined some style elements from the Traditionals and some from the Victorians and created a theme very similar to both. I was hoping for modern beach homes, like Malibu.
  9. Yes, Laurelrose, it happened to me about a month ago. And I was even in SL at the time, I had started building something within my home and then teleported to a shopping event for about 20 minutes. When I came back my home had been given to someone else! Thank goodness that doesn't happen very frequently. On another note, I really appreciate this thread. I was getting a little tired of Log Cabins and wanted to switch back to a Victorian. Since we can't keep track of new releases if (all) our premium account(s) already has/have a Linden Home, I was able to use the info posted here and get a new Victorian in Everstanding. It likely would have been hit and miss for several days if not for people on this board posting when regions are released. To the poster who is frustrated and thinks the only thing that shows up on the land page are old Linden Homes...please just give it a few hours if not a couple of days. And by "giving it a few hours" I don't even mean constantly refreshing, just occasionally coming back to the page and refreshing a few times. Try during the week, too, because it's rare that new regions are released on weekends. Realistically, you will find more Log Cabins and Victorians come available, (less frequently - campers, traditionals and houseboats in that order) and most at this point are ones that people have discarded. It doesn't mean there's something wrong with the location (most of the time). As far as realistic expectations, it is less likely that you will be assigned a lot on the water. But if you browse through this thread you can see that some people discard real treasures from time to time adjacent to water.
  10. Alchemy is not just for Macs, so if you are experiencing a lot of lag on a Windows machine with a decent processor, it's at least worth a try.
  11. Just my speculation based on the hot pink...but how about Malibu (the connection being Malibu Barbie and the hot pink Barbie boxes). Modern houses with big windows and lots of stone/concrete. Sort of an update on the old Linden Homes.
  12. Check out the SSP thread for some of that speculation...
  13. It's been my experience that some regions lag a lot more than others. There are a number of things that can contribute to the lag that are beyond an individual user's control (like the stuff other people rez in their homes and lots - recently I came across a home that where the person had set it up, on the inside, with a sci-fi theme, and there were particles, scanning/flashing lights (visible on the outside as well), lots of animations/scripts, etc). One thing you might want to look into is trying the Alchemy viewer latest version beta. I've been amazed at the improved performance. I'm using a MacBook Pro and haven't had really decent performance from either the SL viewer or Firestorm since the start of the pandemic. Alchemy has drastically improved my SL experience - at least double the frame rates and the ability to move around with higher quality graphics preferences enabled (really, the only place where I have to uncheck them is crowded events).
  14. I wonder if that might be row houses like those in many U.S. cities that have been around since the 19th century (thinking Boston, NYC, DC, Richmond...even San Francisco).
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