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  1. I wonder if they will double back and release "Squishy Pickle Beta" aka the land region they did development on, as a real region of homes. Would make some sense to do that if they wanted to push out a whole bunch more houses. And is that the region that begins around SSP4 in the "north"?
  2. Good point, Chad. I like the styling a little better on the other one, but both seem to work pretty well. Did you have to do any resizing? And are you going to add a refrigerator?
  3. I think some Mole just played a rather raunchy practical joke...
  4. A reminder of what we all DON'T miss about mainland. I hope that lowering your draw distance will remove the eyesores.
  5. I have finally found a kitchen that is modular enough to work in most of the Victorian homes (and would likely work well in the Traditional ones too). https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TDE-Modular-Kitchen/18061395 (FYI, the refrigerator and oven are sold separately, by the same vendor).There's two sizes each of upper and lower cabinets as well as spacers. Here I am starting to put in the Hardy. You can see I still have to align some of it, but wow, it really fits the space and feels like a real, planned out kitchen. Which is what my Linden Homes have been missing. I have this over on the side of the house that is one long room, thinking that I would use the front for a more formal dining area, but now I am unsure if I will do that (I could change the kitchen texture to darker wood so it is more formal). Option 2 is to put the dining room in the back on the side of the house that has two rooms downstairs (after all there is that passage in the back between both sides of the house), and have an informal family room in front of the kitchen, with the formal living room in front of the dining room. Option 3 is to move the kitchen to the other side of the house, mirroring its current layout, and put the duding room in the room in front, allowing for the current space to become a HUGE great room. What do you think?
  6. Alyona Su, where did that brass bed come from?
  7. Sylvia, thanks for the recommendation on the ground cover. Will try it. Didn't even think of searching for "ground cover" @ the Marketplace! Just put in an order for the ground cover ($L50) the four packages of LISP mesh drapes ($L100 total) and a couple of the Antique Artistry mesh kitchens ($L99 each). That's a lot of bang for the buck.
  8. Good catch on Antique Artistry. Wasn't extremely impressed with their upholstered furniture, but there seems to be some good detail in those kitchens, and period kitchens are not that common, let alone period MESH kitchens for $L99. And you could make those into contemporary kitchens done in a period style, just by adding a new stove and a modern refrigerator.
  9. Not strictly "in theme" but fancier than most modern styles...just discovered that LISP has 3LI mesh draperies in the Marketplace in four versions, very cheap @ $L25 and the colors go well with the Victorian palette. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?utf8=✓&search[category_id]=6&search[maturity_level]=GMA&search[keywords]=lisp+drapes
  10. Well, I've added grass to my sandy lot...I didn't consider that out of the covenant any more than any other landscaping, after all it's natural for there to be some grass in sandy soil...I did purchase one Marketplace grass item that ended up being a flat prim, but removed it pretty quickly as it didn't work with the Linden terrain. PS...I'd love to switch it out for some more "mowed" looking grass if I can find it.
  11. I love the antique bible, where did you find it?
  12. I can easily see myself abandoning my Victorian for something "new and improved" even with the oceanside location.
  13. One of the worst infractions I've seen has been the use of particles that haven't been limited to parcels...since they can wreck havoc, creating lag for other users. One several months ago was particularly bad, but I did talk to the owner and they did eventually fix it, as well as their music that wasn't limited to the parcel. Some of the falling snow people put up for Christmas decorations may have been similar in its impact. Another bad inaction was a user putting up a big landscape screen on the back of their property, in violation of height limits as well as theme.
  14. Very nice, Loretta. You have a lot of detail in there for being on a LI/prim budget.
  15. Just got back from "Bellisseria on Ice" (wearing the free hoodie) and am enjoying warming up by the cozy fireplace in my new Victorian home! And I'm pretty happy with the grass I've added to the sandy ground...it could be a little more "wintery" dry looking but overall I'm happy with the coverage...
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