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  1. The Stay at Home Club freebie was kind of in the back on the right. I was wandering around to look for it on the ground floor and started moving to the left. Thee are cages (so, I'd say, maybe BDSM). I didn't stick around long enough to explore in detail.
  2. So, my wish list would be headed by a small pool/hot tub combo, something that fits well in with the Log Cabin environment, with dark decking, stone, etc.
  3. I had been working on a "missing bathroom" add on for the Grand View too, but it didn't have those nice windows. Not a big fan of the stained glass door - would rather have it be plain frosted glass
  4. I was looking for a more organic/nature themed hot tub and rushed to see this, than realized that the second hot tub is part of the build and it does this: So it's got particles going on, I guess. Not for me (in addition to the whole adult thing going on with it and this store).
  5. Just added to the Stay at Home Club promotion: secondlife://SINABUROE/183/10/247
  6. Just enjoying the view from my front porch...
  7. So, I saw pretty much the worst thing I've seen so far regarding a Crazy Neighbor today, in one of the new Log Cabin regions, and there's no way that this one can be attributed to a misunderstanding of covenant. It concerns an image placed outside that is totally inappropriate for a Moderate sim. I had to wonder if it had been set up in an attempt to drive off the previous next door neighbor as the image (in the shape of a cardboard cutout) was facing the neighbors house and the fellows in the image were posed in a way to give the person next door "a good view." I think that's a pretty clear case for reporting immediately.
  8. So, the region that I had gotten a Log Home in was really laggy, and this morning I decided to try for another one. Two out of the three homes had the multiple home razzing bugs and had been previously abandoned due to it. And...now I'm locked out of getting a home for 24 hours. Just griping about it..I know, virtual world problems...maybe I'll take the time I would. have been in SL today and sew up some masks.
  9. I'm seeing some really great rustic brick fireplaces here...that I haven't yet been able to find. Anyone want to share some links?
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