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  1. What a difference in experiences. I am running 11.3 on a MacBook Air M1 and using Firestorm. On an ultra custom setting with high antialiasing (but Ambient Occlusion and Shadows turned off), which I m now using for still photos, I get 18 - 30 fps at my Bellisseria sky platform. I have bunch of custom settings I use, for example I do drop down quality and turn off the advanced lighting model at events. I am still seeing a massive improvement over my circa 2016 Intel MacBook Pro. Something weird that I have discovered today - I just bought a new dock that uses the DisplayLink
  2. This was Kazza's Inside Out House "Facilities" Kitchen that was part of the weekend sales. On the plus side - fits very nicely on the left side wall downstairs in the Lauderdale. On the minus side, the appliances don't open/close. There is a running water animation on the sink and some cooking animations.
  3. That was one of the few Trompe Loeil homes at events in the last year that I have elected NOT to purchase. The living space is very small (so its unlikely I'd chose to use it if I switched to mainland or a land rental). Obviously there is no kitchen, too.
  4. Since skyboxes are allowed, sometimes people get the Linden Home just for the land and focus on their skybox instead.
  5. Well, I took out the 220 again, with better results. I went through the stilt islands, west to log land, south down.the log land coast, around the southern tip, back up the eastern side, up to the houseboats on the east. At which point the lag became overwhelming and my boat misbehaved, running aground and leaving me unable to select it. That was a really long trip, and the first time I've skirted the coast of log land. It's challenging at times because there are some areas at the southern end of log land where the coastline is close to the edge of a region, and the next region out in the ocea
  6. Ironically, I picked up the Bandit 220, which is a more modern design, and tried it out yesterday, and it was nowhere near as smooth and easy to control as the 225. Not sure if that was due to the boat itself or other issues (network, etc.). I didn't even see the 225 at their in-world location, just on the marketplace. But they have a TON of boats and watercraft displayed at their in-world store and I may have just missed it. I think I'll try one of the recommendations from another store next.
  7. I prefer to be near water too, and tried out the Chalets, but ended up going back to a stilt. I do like the interior layouts of the Chalets, perhaps best of all the home types. I'm kinda "traditional first-life" so I want space for a bathroom, kitchen, etc.
  8. If you're considering Bandit, don't just go to the Marketplace, make a trip to their in-world store - they've only got a few models on their marketplace page. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dutch Harbor/104/186/22
  9. I saw the stilts on the edges of East Bellisseria tonight (aka Logland). As far as I know. none of them have been released yet. It's really beautiful on the coastline. So there's some more stilts to look forward to (but who am I kidding, we know who will dominate getting those homes).
  10. I just had my longest boat ride in Bellisseria this evening - over a half hour of winding around the islands and around the top of East Bellisseria to where the current development ends (it's beautiful up there, by the way, with stilts at the bottom of the mountains, and the high bridge, and "Bellisseria" spelled out in stones). Was thrown out of my boat at that point because the navigable water currently ends where the coastline has yet to be developed. At any rate, I've had vastly different experiences depending on which boat or watercraft I am using. The Bandit Boss 225 that I am using has
  11. Nope. In addition to the money, it's too much time and energy. A few scenarios I can envision for someone attempting a rental scheme. (all of these would violate TOS) 1) In-demand property. On the water, with a good view, with access to the ocean. Someone could pick up as many of these properties as they could find and then rent them out to others at a premium rate. 2) Fully furnished homes. Part of the cost of having a Linden Home in SL is the premium membership, but another part of the cost is acquiring virtual home furnishings. Someone could rent out properties that they had
  12. I have given this situation some more thought in the last few days. I have come to the conclusion that ultimately, it doesn't matter what those of us who aren't into the massive home accumulation think or feel. Linden Labs has elected not to restrict people from accumulating tons of alts and dominating new home regions. I think a mistake many of us have been making is believing, in lieu of any regulation, we can actually appeal to the people who are doing this. But there are challenges with trying to persuade people by appealing to them. Generally speaking, for an appeal based on logic
  13. Well, when I unlinked and deleted the toilet and the toilet paper, the steam stopped.
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