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Season’s Greetings from Linden Lab!

Strawberry Linden


Season’s Greetings from Linden Lab.png

Season’s Greetings from all of us at Linden Lab! If you haven’t already, read the 2023 Second Life Year in Review, and connect with us on social media to stay up to date with all we have in store for 2024!

Meet some of our incredible teams that fuel the magic of our virtual world:

Land Operations Team.png

Season's Greetings from the Second Life Land Operations Team

We provide support for Mainland region and parcel maintenance, Auctions, Region Rentals, EDU/NP vetting and region setup, Mole team and Mole Project Management, and various other Land and account related issues. Meet and chat with some of us at the monthly Concierge and Land User Group! http://second.life/calendar

Second Life Land Operations Team (L-R): Guy Linden, Sequoia Linden, Wendi Linden, Madori Linden, Whitney Linden, Izzy Linden, Kit Linden, Corky Linden, and Derrick Linden. 


Server Team.jpg

Season’s Greetings from the Second Life Server Team 

We maintain Second Life's core server-side simulation machinery and its supporting services. We work on scripting, inventory, login, and more all while attempting to keep a fleet of thousands of simhosts happy. Come chat with us at the weekly Simulator/Server User Group! http://second.life/calendar

Second Life Server Team: Simon Linden, Franks Linden, Monty Linden, Leviathan Linden, Maestro Linden, Roxie Linden, Signal Linden, Caleb Linden, Log Linden, Rider Linden, Bridie Linden, and Bugsly Linden (not pictured)


Concierge Support Team.png

Season's Greetings from the Second Life Concierge Support Team 

We provide support for Private Islands, region performance, account issues, inventory, as well as Phone and Live Chat support for our Concierge and Premium Plus members (and Live Chat for our Premium members). Meet and chat with some of us at the monthly Concierge and Land User Group! http://second.life/calendar

Second Life Concierge Support Team: Alpha, Chioni, Hobbes, Kady, Kreide, Mint, Oatmeal, Raine, Spots, TJ, Vix


Web Team.jpg

Season's Greetings from the Second Life Web Team 

We develop and maintain the logged-in web experiences including Marketplace, search, dashboard, feeds, places, auctions, and Linden Home Store. Meet and chat with some of us at the monthly Web User Group! http://second.life/calendar

Pictured are (L-R top) Kali Linden, Juniper Linden, Natty Linden, (L-R second row) Phronimos Linden, Sntax Linden, and Garfield Linden. Not pictured are Shrike Linden and Guendoline Linden.


Tools and Payments Team.jpg

Season's Greetings from the Second Life Tools and Payments Team 

We develop and maintain Second Life’s internal tooling and payments platform including the accounts page, billing engine, Cashier, LindeX, and support for our amazing support staff!

Pictured are (L-R) Bacon Linden, Lettie Linden, Zoober Linden, Saeros Linden, Bender Linden, Caleb Linden, Nabet  Linden, JJ Linden, Mira Linden, Kermit Linden, Ruivomax Linden, Safi Linden


Quality Assurance Team.jpg

Season's Greetings from the Second Life Quality Assurance Team 

We provide test coverage to support all of the development work across all areas of Second Life.

Pictured are (L-R) Safi Linden, Bacon Linden, Caleb Linden, Beanie Linden, Atlas Linden, Maestro Linden, Kurt Linden, Lettie Linden, Shrike Linden, Spidey Linden, Grumpity Linden, Bugsly Linden, Dan Linden


Product and Design Team.jpg

Season's Greetings from the Second Life Product and Design Team

Within the Product and Design team, product managers guide the development of Second Life’s features, helping all the teams work together and communicate. Our team touches all parts of Second Life -- the mobile app, the Viewer, the server, the web sites, internal tools, and more. Designers envision and specify new features and enhancements -- recently, the new Destination Guide, signup page, and Land Store. Together we are always thinking about how to improve SL, advocate for Residents, and grow our world!

Pictured are (back row, L-R): Sparrow Linden, Kyle Linden, Pluto Linden, Steeltoe Linden, Bridie Linden, Grumpity Linden. In front (L-R): Sntax Linden, Kermit Linden.

* Grumpity is sorry about stepping on Bridie’s foot for so long. What a faux pas!


Tier 1 Support Team.jpg

Season's Greetings from the Second Life Tier 1 Support Team 

We provide support for billing and account related issues for residents including Phone support for our billing line! 

Pictured are (back row, L-R): Frosty, Hobbes, Lumos, Lilith, Luxx. In front (L-R): Proton, Wren, Aigis.


PIE Team.jpg

Season’s Greetings from the Second Life Production Infrastructure Engineering (PIE) Team 

We are the caretakers of the cloud infrastructure that underpins all of the Second Life applications and simulators. We also deal with monitoring and observability as well as the production databases.

Pictured L-R: Treetop Linden, Relayer Liden, Jerm Linden, Stray Linden. Not pictured: Raeven Linden


Viewer Team.jpg

Season’s Greetings from the Second Life Viewer Team 

We are the engineering team doing development for the Second Life viewer (plus some folks from Product, QA and other teams who we couldn’t do it without!)

Pictured L-R Caladbolg ProductEngine, Geenz Linden, Maxim ProductEngine, Callum Linden, Davep Linden, Brad Linden, Atlas Linden, Nat Linden, Kurt Linden, Kyle Linden, Cosmic Linden, Vir Linden, Dan Linden, Aech Linden

Not pictured: Marchcat ProductEngine


The Moles.jpg

Season's Greetings from the Linden Department of Public Works

The LDPW, affectionately known as 'The Moles,' stands as a dynamic and imaginative team dedicated to shaping the vibrant virtual landscape of Second Life on behalf of Linden Lab. Renowned for their creativity and versatility, The Moles embark on a diverse array of projects that enriches the world of Second Life’s tapestry. From the meticulously designed Linden Homes that offer residents unique living experiences and community, to the bustling Shop & Hop events that showcase a plethora of virtual merchants, and the captivating seasonal experiences that bring festive joy throughout the year, The Moles bring a touch of magic to every corner of Second Life. Their expertise extends to crafting engaging gaming experiences, ensuring that residents can immerse themselves in exciting virtual adventures. As the driving force behind an array of initiatives, The Moles contribute significantly to the ever-evolving and dynamic landscape of Second Life. Learn more at http://second.life/ldpw

The LDPW includes the following moles: Abnor, Adora, Alotta, Ancient, Anna, Binky, Brigantia, Chipper, Chronos, Cosmic, Dion, Donald, Dreaming, Dyna, Frost, Garden, Gloomy, Grumpy, Itsa, Jester, Justa, Lula, Lunar, Magic, Milli, Mini, Missy, Moonstruck, Mossy, Naughty, Norsk, Quartz, Paranor, Sergal, Silent, Sleepy, Sparkling, Spiffy, Squeaky, Star, Venus, Viola. 
And the Lindens who work closely in collaboration with them: Patch, Alexa, Sequoia, Izzy, Derrick

Happy Holidays! ❤️

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