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  1. aaa thank you SO much it worked!
  2. i posted this in the wrong category oops
  3. For some reason my neck appears white and I've tried multiple times to Apply the BOM to the legacy HUD, but the neck never fixes? Is it something i'm wearing?
  4. Ahh I got it! When I bake the model, does it usually take this long because mine is taking forever, and also you're saying that by baking after I can upload the mesh to SL like normal? Thank you so much for replying ❤️
  5. I've finally figure out how to upload my mesh properly with the right shape it was in blender, but it seems that something keeps going wrong in setting because when I upload the mesh turned out like this both times: Can someone take me through the steps to actually upload the mesh model correctly and have it turn out like this in second life?
  6. I'm so sorry to keep bothering you, but how do I add them? I'm like a fulltime newbie to this, I only know how to mesh, nothing else LOL
  7. Thank you! I applied all of them ( I had quite a few lol) And these are the results: https://gyazo.com/3168c0ecb3a057f354d55f3c40acbf60 This is the mesh in the highest graphic mode, why does it look like it has no texture because the original in blender has shine, etc.
  8. Thank you for replying! It is a single mesh I know that, but as fo the other two: How would I check the scaling? And also I'm using Blender 2.8 instead of 2.79 so I just export collada (dae.) the same way I would for 2.79 so I would hope that's not my problem
  9. I've had this problem with another mesh of mine but this time I really want to try and submit an item for easter! Sadly, my mesh on blender and second life are two completely different things and I'm so annoyed because I have no idea what i'm doing wrong! Here the mesh from blender: https://gyazo.com/160d2ca533e5b9bef508b74753b058cf And here is how it turns out on second life: https://gyazo.com/01db23b8f2541bc3be0625f162eeea57 Someone please help, I don't want this nice mesh I worked so hard on to go to waste
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